Rigobert Says Tourism Under Threat From Climate Change

Minister of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has told a global forum that this country’s tourism and fisheries industries are under threat from climate change.

She was addressing the  United Nations Climate Change Conference 2019-COP 25 High-Level Segment  on Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

“Being so small and surrounded by water, we cannot help but be alarmed to know that with multi-meter sea level rise increases, there are greater risks to economic growth and some island nations may become economically unsustainable and uninhabitable,” Rigobert observed.

She made reference to the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (ICCP) reports.

“Islands know firsthand what the IPCC reports mean, when they say that tropical cyclones have become more intense, with more rainfall, and higher storm surges. Our tourism industry, our economic mainstay, is under threat, and similarly, the fisheries sector, given that coral bleaching is on the increase and marine species are shifting away from the tropics and towards the pole,” the Saint Lucia Minister observed.

She said that limiting temperatures to 1.5°C is still feasible with more ambitious action taken well before 2030.

“The the science is strong and clear. However, deliberate attempts to deny it and play the role of the proverbial ostrich, sticking our heads in the sand, is utterly unacceptable!” Rigobert declared.

She told the gathering that the Saint Lucia government is serious about climate action.

Rigobert recalled that in May 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers approved Saint Lucia’s  NDC Partnership Plan, becoming the first country to have a plan validated at that high level.

“We are also proud to be specifically referenced in a decision at COP 24 in Poland in 2018, having been among the 11 countries of the world at that time to have submitted our Cabinet-approved NAP to NAP Central,” the minister noted.

“So we are doing our part, despite our limitations and the negligibility of our emissions, but we need to be supported in our efforts; supported in the implementation of our NDCs, NAPs and associated sector plans,” Rigobert stated.



  1. How hypocritical! When Allen Chastanet wanted to destroy the mangroves to facilitate a Chinese CONvestor he didn’t think about the impact on climate change then, did he? Allen, let me rearrange your ignorance…Mangrove forests offer a unique and highly efficient approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Mangrove forests store up to five times more carbon than most other tropical forests around the world. Cutting down mangroves means releasing larger amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Allen is clueless on what impacts climate change just like he is clueless on every other thing. Yet, he wants to tell a qualified marine biologist that she is not qualified for a job that she is more than equipped to perform. Such is the quality of leaders we have in our country….definitely not too bright!

  2. They dont know a thing about climate change,they dont care about our heritage and historical sites,they just want to buldozer the whole place and sell it to foreigners or give it away.They built the race track,now lets hope all the rest of the investment materialices,and we dont suffer from the disasters of other islands have.Were all the investments just turned into smoke.Chinito no angels never forget this.

  3. Doctor Rigobert please tell us about the disaster of the dredging in the John Compton Dam,that will never happen.

  4. A person who is completely out of her depth attempting to have global impace while her government do not give a hoot about the impact their policies, or lack therof, on local environment. Total bull****!

  5. Gale is already making a heap of dollars on Garbage collection so she just pretending on climate change. Her new portfolio now is Education, innovation, gender relations and Garbage Collection. Only one that is near to her heart that is Garbage Collection.

  6. Gale leave climate change alone and focus on education which should be your main focus for now. Where did the laptops go??????????????????? I heard the first set of students who were deprived of a laptop saying they can’t wait to vote you out. My word Gale!!!! This is the park you built in the park for our children? Micoud deserve better. If you resign from politics you will do us a favor and yourself good.

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