Rigobert stresses importance of investing in girls

Dr. Gale Rigobert, Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, has underscored the importance of investing in girls.

“We recognize that in an effort to meet our sustainable development goals, no part of our population should be left behind that no demographic group should be seen to be disadvantaged.There are emerging concerns that perhaps we are not maximizing the giftedness of  girls – the potential of girls,” the Minister stated.

She spoke of the critical need to bring girls into focus as a key element of any government’s desire to realize sustainable development.

Rigobert said there is no denying that there is a changing dynamic.

The Minister asserted that the roles which were traditionally occupied by men are increasingly being occupied by young women.

She expressed the view that perhaps there needs to be a very purposeful focus on that evolution, and the emerging trend to ensure that girls from a very early are adequately equipped to give of their best to their societies.

“Whereas we have made tremendous progress the world over with respect to where girls find themselves in the social and economic spectrum, there is no denying that there is some progress to be made still,” the Micoud North MP explained.

She said some countries have clearly done better than others.

According to Rigobert, that can be a function of whether a country is multi-cultural or multi-religious, since there are other factors that come into play that inform the extent to which a girl is allowed to manifest her gifts.

The Minister made it clear that the discussion on investing in girls was not at the expense of boys.

She made the remarks in Suriname during a United Nations Devvelopment Programme (UNDP)  sponsored conference on investing in girls.