Thursday, December 12, 2019

Rigobert: US withdrawal from climate agreement ‘regrettable’

Saint Lucia’s Minister responsible for Sustainable Development, Doctor Gale Rigobert, following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, has described the move as ‘deeply regrettable.’

She  challenged the notion that climate change is a hoax.

“You ask the families who lost their loved ones on Christmas Eve three years ago whether it is a hoax. You ask farmers who suffer through extraordinary droughts :’Is climate change a hoax?’  You ask families on the African continent who go through months and months of famine: ‘Is climate change a hoax?’ “Rigobert told principals at a meeting today at the CSA Centre, Sans Souci.

She  also spoke of communities that have been washed away by floods.

“The world leaders, by ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement expressed their explicit commitment to curbing climate change,” Rigobert  later explained.

She said that the government of Saint Lucia reaffirms its strong commitment to full implementation of the Paris agreement.

According to the minister, climate change is a global challenge that requires a global response.

“This is the recognition that informed the spirit and content of the Paris Agreement,” Rigobert declared, adding that the momentum has been and will continue to be sustained especially by those who experience first hand the ‘horrific’ and sometimes deadly effects of climate change.

In announcing the US withdrawal from the climate agreement, President Donald Trump criticised the pact as harming his country’s economy.

The US is the world’s largest emitter of carbon, followed by China.

News of the US decision to quit the climate agreement comes as the world struggles to reduce carbon emissions to prevent global average temperatures from rising.

One hundred and ninety-five countries agreed to the climate pact in 2015, which was based on voluntary action and peer pressure to reduce carbon emissions.

Leaders in China, Europe and India have vowed to continue tackling global warming.



  1. Hey peeps, the truth must come forth. Why is there a Bilderberg meeting going on? Look up the meaning of HAARP and lets take t from there.

  2. The US is visibly not party to this wave of Climate talks because it does not really seem to care about the world or other countries unless natural resources are involved, upon which it can seize and make its own. Personally I do not see US as any example or “practitioner” of what it preaches about Climate particularly because of the behaviour of its very big companies. The last thing they have on their minds is sensitivity of the Climate. Also in the past 15-20 years many companies have emerged in the US with objects which are seen as trying to make enterprise out of “climate-change” fears now seen to be hoaxes. The list can also go on and on with instances where big US are carrying out anti-climate acts with no fear/expectation of being challenged or prosecuted. The presidential decision not to participate in talks only shows more openly that type of attitude.

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