‘Road Block’ Charged In Dance Hall Murder

Markin Marius alias ‘Road Block’ has been charged for murder in the recent fatal shooting at a dance hall in Bruceville, Vieux Fort, police have confirmed.

Marius was charged for causing the death of Lyndon George, 27, on Saturday November 30, 2019.

George is reported to have sustained a single gunshot to the head.

Marius was charged Tuesday for the offence and will be taken to court Wednesday, a law enforcement official told St Lucia Times.

The official disclosed that ‘Road Block’ is well known to the police, having been a suspect in a string of robberies in the past.

He was shot by cops in April 2013 and was wearing a Spiderman mask, the official stated.



    • No way! It’s a mind own mind, not Satan, not the system that lures him to commit crime. I have seen many young men with horrible tragedies in their life work hard and overcome them without resorting to a life od crime. It’s a choice and this young man clearly chose the wrong path. Stop making excuses for murderers.

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  2. Where is the gun he use to kill the Dj???
    Never give updates on the weapons used especially guns.
    Are you saying yall didnt question him about the gun?
    Find out where he got it and from whom.
    These are the things yall need to find out.
    And why did he kill him?.

  3. I eh know but the police always seem to make arrests in those murders. Chas and co. are trying to deal with the back log of cases. Just hope we don’t put any more lawyers in govt to stall the progress so far. We need to have trials for these guys as speedily as possible. Plz Mr. Officer next time shoot dem useless in their heads.

  4. The Firearm He use to Committ the offence was never Recovered .He Should be Charged for Murder .Posession of Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition

  5. go and get them..bring the murder rate down to zero. and give them a lethal injection too. we can get the dose from the states. or hang them in the gallows and invite the public. u lucian men get too damn murderous!!! time to deal with you all!

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