Saturday, February 29, 2020

Robbery Not Ruled Out As Motive In Vieux Fort Killing

Police suspect that robbery could have been the motive behind Saturday’s fatal shooting in Vieux Fort of a man they identified as Lawrence Marcellin.

A family member however identified the deceased as Lawrence Mathurin.

The deceased as he celebrated his last birthday

“Seems like a robbery attempt,” an official familiar with the case told St Lucia Times.

Investigators are reported to have recovered an undisclosed sum of money which was not found by the killer or killers.

According to information, the deceased did daily cash deposits for a business owner in Vieux Fort.

He was shot multiple times about 6.00 pm near S&S in Vieux Fort.

A heart wrenching video posted on social media shows a male individual on the ground  writhing in pain.

Photo posted on social media of emergency officials attending to wounded man on the ground

He seems to be making a valiant effort to raise himself up but fails as members of the public who have gathered around engage in animated conversation.

“He is going to die,” one male voice declares in Saint Lucian kweyol.

The deceased, whom police say was also known as ‘Short Man’, is said to have been 51 years old.



  1. This is sad. I knew this guy. If the information is true that he was making deposits for a business owner, was this the best means of doing it? On a bicycle? In this dangerous times and at 6 pm when the road is empty? This sounds like a death trap. Does that business owner have a vehicle which would have been a better option than having an unarmed individual on a bike delivering cash? Vert uncaring business owner. Very uncaring!

  2. Total abuse of the ignorant by the business owner who I am sure have access to a safer means of transporting money to the bank.

  3. Truth Being Told, you are so correct. Even Armored vehicles get robbed, much less a man on a bicycle. And persons had to know his routine. Criminals today take time to study person’s movements and what they do. It may even be persons that he knows; that may be a factor in killing him.

  4. Crime is escalating in Vieux Fort its like the only job you can get is working as a security guard for900 dollars a monthp

    • This crime is the manifestation of the total neglect of VFort and the youth. The young people to date are still depending on STEP instead of getting themselves registered at Monroe for training in the hospitality industry. The age group of the criminals are definitely less than 30. Figure it out. Their month had to depend on step to send these boys to school so you can imagine. No sustainable jobs.

      • So how fast is you Dubai coming ?? You don’t even know who did this you gone behind STEP and all that tral-la-la. ” Hospitality Industry” STEP advanced you mean; aren’t you tired of seeing our people become maids, butlers, gardeners, and bartenders aren’t we worthy than this slavery trajectory ?? Can’t your Extruded Product muster the ability to lower one manufactured blue collar entity to these shores to dot the landscape for a change to challenge our ability to build a middle class. I think he enjoys the status quo of fooling the people with the false effects of trickle down economics while sticking it to the working poor with increased debt and an exorbitant cost of living.

  5. While someone lays dying at the hands of a murderer ..the only thing these sick folk can do is post via social media. God help these folk

  6. R.I.P Lawrence. You did it as your means of survival but it was not the best way. I cautioned you a few times but God knows best. Condolences to the family.

  7. Time to start hanging these bastards. No ifs, buts or maybe’s.
    They steal, kill and destroy families.

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