Robbery victim fights back after knife attack

A robbery victim who was stabbed and robbed of a mobile telephone this afternoon, fought back, ran after his attacker and with the help of a friend, accosted the youth a short distance away from the scene of the attack.

The incident occurred in La Clery at about 5:30 pm this afternoon.

The victim, who sustained a minor knife wound to the upper arm, said that he was accosted near the roundabout by a knife wielding youth who robbed him of his mobile telephone, stabbing him in the arm in the process.

According to the victim, had he not taken evasive action he would have sustained serious knife wounds as the attacker kept slashing at him.

He explained that the attacker ran off with the mobile telephone and he pursued him after summoning a friend  nearby to help in the chase.

It appears that the attacker either dropped or threw away the knife as he was being pursued, only to be cornered a short distance away where he was dealt several blows by his victim.

The scene occurred in full view of a number of motorists.

The victim said he demanded that the attacker hand over the stolen mobile telephone, but he kept denying that he had it in his possession.

The victim, who said he is from Vieux Fort and was coming from work when the incident happened, disclosed that when he searched the attacker’s bag, the mobile telephone was found inside.

The police officer on the scene pulled out a pair of handcuffs, put it on the alleged attacker and went away with him.

The victim declared that the young criminal had picked on the wrong man.




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