Rose Hill Man Praises God After Near Miss With Falling Coconut Tree

Andrew St Romain declares that ‘God is a good God’ after part of  a coconut tree fell near his house on Rose Hill.

“God saved me from that coconut tree falling on my house,” St Romain old St Lucia Times.

The Roe Hill resident expressed the view that had the tree fallen on his house, he would have been a dead man.

St Romain looks towards area where coconut tree fell

“It would have mashed me up in my bedroom, but God make it fall right there,” he stated.

St Romain recalled that he was asleep at his home about 10.00 p.m on Sunday when he heard a noise.

He told St Lucia Times that when he came out, he saw that part of the coconut tree near his home had fallen.

“Only a pipe at the back got burst because that piece fell and break the pipe at the back,” he explained.

Ironically, he pointed out that there is another coconut tree near the house that has to be cut down before it falls as well.

But St Romain noted that that he faces another situation where soil near his balcony is being eroded.

St Romain points to area of drainage issue on his property

He said a contract had been given to build a drain.

“But they never end the drain in the ravine; they end it on the land just after my balcony so all water from the top of the hill damaging the property – so right now all that soil going down to the river,” St Romain lamented.

He said he and his wife, who live in the house, need support from the authorities to build a retaining wall.



  1. Hope you keep the Faith; keep on praising the living God in everything that you do! and you will continue to see the glory of Your God!

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