Thursday, September 29, 2022

Rosella King Defends Her Husband, Calls Him A ‘True Patriot’

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Rosella King, the wife of Castries North MP, Stephenson King, has revealed that her husband was ‘hurting inside’ while serving in the cabinet of the United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

Mr. King, a former UWP leader and former Prime Minister, recently announced that he would not participate in the July 26 general elections under the banner of the party he served for many years, but as an independent candidate.

“Over the past five or so years, I really saw what he was going through. I saw a man who was suffering inside in silence. I saw a man who was publicly being disrespected. I saw a man who was hurting and I think he had to do what he did to free himself from the clutches of some of the persons in the party,” Mrs. King said of her husband.

Mrs. King indicated that her decision to comment publicly ahead of the general elections, was prompted by allegations being levelled at her husband.

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As reported by Hot 7 Television, she asserted that people have been paid to smear her husband’s name.

“The first one was when some person under some fake pseudonym started calling my husband child molester and adulterer and I was like ‘Wow, where are these things coming from?'”

According to Mrs. King, when the individual was traced, the person turned out to be an arsonist.

“Somebody who has done so much and people know who he is,” she declared, adding that she could not understand how individuals could be ‘contracted’ to spew lies and dirt on someone who is ‘none of the above’.

Mrs. King, in the face of  suggestions that her husband had made some secret deal with the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) which is not fielding a candidate  against her husband in Castries North said her spouse is making an independent run.

“My husband divorced himself from the United Workers Party, he came out publicly to say to Philip Pierre and the SLP that he is not a member of the SLP. My husband is doing this as a true patriot to the people of Saint Lucia,” she declared.

Mrs. King said she knows that Stephenson King, who has been speaking out against actions of his former cabinet colleagues,  tried his best within the ruling party and sought to have meetings with its leadership, but was always sidelined.

“Nobody wanted to listen to him – he was the lone voice in cabinet,” Rosella King observed.

Nevertheless, she expressed the view that her husband has proven to be a man of the people and said she has no doubt that he will be victorious in the general elections and will be at his side throughout it all.

Headline photo courtesy Hot 7 Television

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