‘Rovergate’: Chastanet Says Customs Comptroller Must Be Permitted To Speak

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Press Release:– A recent statement by the former Comptroller of Customs has raised even more questions and made some damning allegations regarding the withdrawal of a criminal case against former High Commissioner Ernest Hilaire, otherwise known as “Rovergate”.

The charges stem from the importation of a Range Rover Sport into Saint Lucia, with Customs requesting long overdue documentation to perfect the entry.
In early December 2021, the nation learned that the case was suddenly halted with no explanation and shockingly the Prime Minister was present at the case dismissal.
I have already written officially to the present Acting Comptroller of Customs Mr. Sherman Emmanuel to explain the reasons for the case withdrawal.
Now, in a statement dated 20th January 2022, the former Comptroller Mr. Peter D. Chiquot explained that he has endured “maligning, threats and unabated abuse” all the while unable to defend his name due to the Staff Orders and rules of the public service.
Mr. Chiquot, who is facing a lawsuit by Ernest Hilaire, indicated that he has officially written to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance for the necessary clearance to address this matter publicly and to use the documents and information in his possession.
The shocking twist to all of this is the decision on whether Mr. Chiquot will be allowed to speak is expected to involve the present Attorney General Mr Leslie Mondesir who had previously represented Ernest Hilaire in the same case.
Mr. Chiquot further revealed that correspondence sent to the Attorney General from him has not elicited a response.
The decision made on whether Mr. Chiquot is allowed to speak will have implications for all public officers and we need to watch this very closely.
Here you have a public officer who seems to be receiving zero to little support from the Government’s legal arm, the Attorney General, who is duty bound to represent public officers. Public Servants who are doing their jobs such as Mr Chiquot must not be intimidated.
He has gone through the proper channels to get permission to speak and there should be no reason for him to be prevented from doing so in a matter that has become of immense interest to the public. He must be given permission to speak and provide clarity.
If the former Comptroller is denied the opportunity to speak freely, this will reveal even more about the Ernest Hilaire case.
If what was done was all above board and there is no cover up, then there should be no issue with allowing Mr Chiquot to reveal the facts. The public deserves to know and Mr Chiquot deserves the opportunity to state why he believes the public has been misled with misinformation about the laws, operations and policies of the Customs and Excise Department.
In his statement, Mr. Chiquot also asked some pertinent questions of the Attorney General, the present Comptroller and the Director of Public Prosecution that need to be answered.
There are some who want this case to simply go away but it is clear we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. We will keep demanding answers regardless of who it makes uncomfortable because no one is above the law and Hilaire must be held accountable.
The way this case was withdrawn has caused many to question our institutions and justice. This is from an administration who while in opposition tried to make corruption a major issue without any evidence. Now, we are seeing the evidence in plain sight and the case against this present administration is mounting.
In his statement, Mr Chiquot ended by stating: “I am also asking the rest of the hard-working public servants to stand up against corruption in the service to ensure equality and fairness for each and every citizen of St. Lucia. The media must ensure that they probe the stakeholders involved so as to bring out the truth to all, because they deserve to know the truth.”
I am also calling on all public servants to monitor this situation and further demand that their Unions provide the necessary support to a public officer who has been subjected to attacks simply for performing his duties and upholding the rule of law.
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Here in St.Lucia politicians get away with murder and this is not right. The people are blinded by these politicians. Just because we support a certain party we never see any fault in them whether they are right or wrong. It is time that St.Lucians open their eyes and suppport what is right. Stop allowing these men and women in power to take us for a joy ride. It’s about time our politicians go to prison for lying and stealing whether they are blue, yellow, black, or white!

  2. Yes, the former Comptroller should be given an opportunity to speak. I also believe his predecessor who was moved to a different Ministry where she had no qualifications whatsoever should also be given an oportunity to talk to tell us why she felt there was no reason to take the vehicle. I’m starting to get the feeling that Mr. Chastanet is using this to further a vendetta against Helaire and he’s going to be on the losing end of this one.

  3. BTW while we’re about enquires, ”who gave the order to let the Murderer out of prison in Barbboneau?”

  4. Ras biko I was with you until said you we dont care about the range rover…accountability is accountability we cannot choose what to turn a blind eye to. If you allow a child to come home with a pencil that is not theirs today tomorrow its gonna be a phone and next a car…there should be no biasness…we seem to have a culture of biasness in st Lucia

  5. If there is nothing to hide, bring out the evidence and put this case to rest so we can move on. Simple. Not for any party. At first I thought this case was a bit of much ado about nothing, but why is the man being muzzled? Sorry, but it causes me to raise my eyebrows. Bring out the truth so the people who do not see through neither red or yellow tainted glasses can decide.

  6. I am 1000% behind this move. Take him down like the “woof-woof” he is. No one should be able to get away with that outright corruption of the public service. the man has brought disrepute to his positions over and over. Anyone remembers the lawsuits put in his bark side by cricketers? U all know the man can never ever go to Jamaica? You all eh know half of it. Chastanet must be in posession of letters on this man. Put him behind bars for the fraud. If he controlling Pip, that is Pip problem. He should not allow that man to drag him down . I not seeing party, I am about country. This man has been involved in a lot of under-handed things. It’s pay back time beach!!

  7. Hilaire is obviously caught robbing the joint. As for Chastenet, the guy is a bad money manager. I wouldn’t even let him manage the coins I keep in the jar in my kitchen.
    Poor St Lisi, caught between a rock and a hard place.

  8. Can we please put loyalty to party aside and do what is best for our country. When Slp were in power they were accusing uwp . We listened and if they had proof we would have welcomed it. What is wron in chas asking questions and accusing. Hellaire have always been talking about he has his documents to prove his case. Well bring it out so the public can see and determine whether it is chas or Hilliard lying. I have always been a strong Slp supporter but as of now I hold no loyalty to this party. If I want to vote I will vote for the man or woman I believe will help shape my constituency and st. Lucia. I will never vote again because I am loyal to Slp. The most loyal person to them are the ones they will kick out first. Let us come together in prayer and work for the betterment of stlucia and not for loyalty to any party. I voted Slp and that was my greatest mistake when I had already said I am not getting involve in election. The prime minister is mite now. Alba I can understand your pain and the betrayal you feel but trust in God’s because nothing happens before it’s time. Let’s come out with the truth about this rover issue and then move on with the business of this country. As far as I see nothing is being done except putting their friends and family I. Jobs. It’s only 6 months and I am already tired of this party. Please gods put a hand.

  9. SLP is showing signs of corruption. If there is more questions to be answered and questions are being asked regardless of which party, the public deserves an answer. After all if it was the other way around SLP would demand answers. Helaire intented to sue state, Chastanet and Chiquot. It is showing that there is a coverup and unless Philip Pierre or the appropriate powers clarify what Mr Chastanet is saying I will never believe in this SLP party. Justice is for one group. This is the reason why Ernest Hilaire desperately wanted to be power so he can get his case thrown out. This is why his lawyers now were given positions. SLP government is showing to be more corrupt than UWP.
    Helaire should have never run this seat and should have step down and give someone else to run.

  10. I am tired of this Rovergate nonsense. The nation is facing many critical challenges at this time. Time and resources should not be wasted on the nuance of ownership of a vehicle. The conversation should be on issues that directly impact the lives of St.Lucians.

  11. The parties……..the buddy who tried to buy the vehicle who will be rewarded soon; will get his post in London……..the returning HC Commissioner who is now deputy PM and buddy of the person in charge of the Civil Service. The ex lawyers who have both been rewarded one is AG and other other chairman of the Tourism Authority.
    The victims ……Chicot, the staff in the London HC who were victimised and harrased by Chas and the police he came to London with, some even fired. Ex staff who were harassed by Chas and police back in St. Lucia. Innocent bystanders doing their jobs. Sad.

  12. Chas you are absolutely correct, but tell us about the 100 000 dollars given to CHTTI. Who will talk. Juke Bois for once tell us about CHTTI.

  13. I think that the debate on accountability in government, is just what we need to bring some semblance of it in the public service. We should bring all the truth to light including the allegations of corruption by the previous government. It is about time that the class system be abolished. Let’s be fair to all.

  14. Chas keep at them! That is the level of victimization that a helair led administration is known for and it is only 6 months. I fear what will happen in the next 4 1/2 years. I say helair led because the PM is PM in name only, weak and has no say! Moomoo! Starting back in London this petty boy has been known for victimizing people, insulting them and doing things his way, with his dumb self. He did what he wanted and ran that office like a dictator not involving or consulting the staff. He criticizes Chas but he behaved like a massa in London! He and his buddy in crime who was not even an employee of the high commission or GOSL were knee deep in their conniving deeds. The buddy who tried to buy the vehicle in his name? Yes, him. This petty boy was facilitated in his disrespect for his boss alva and allowed to bypass him and go straight to the top to facilitate the appointment of a diplomat that we would not have known about if the diplomat divorce scandal hadn’t broken. No one else knew about these appointments which were 2 actually…….the diplomat and the one who was paid by said diplomat…….yes the same buddy who tried to buy the vehicle. Fast forward to rover gate. People are questioned; police sent to London and staff harassed and victimized by Chas. Staff fired! Those here are harassed and victimised by police and Chas. Many innocent people fallen victim to this man’s wickedness and the ingrate moves on to claim a huge salary at tax payers expense while the innocent ones who were victimised because of him are long forgotten. Except his buddy, yes the one who tried to buy the vehicle in his name. He has gotten his reward. Tanto tanto

  15. The parties involved in that saga are all very good friends with a lot of money. They are just watching the public make a movie while they are the ones getting paid. So interesting.

  16. For St. Lucia thank you for speaking sense. Those partisan morons need to understand that every ounce of corruption is a burden on the tax payers. The country is laden with debt because of fraud and mismanagement by both sides. We have to pay for it whether it be those crook from UWP or those tiff from SLP. WE HAVE TO PAY. Let all of them be investigated.

  17. wow i like how this is unravelling now you see of course right now this is not just a case of importing a vehicle but is now also the credibility of the government and unions to help the public officers and uphold the law so if he is not allowed to speak then all you public servants should watch your jobs because you now have no one to defend you if the need rises when something happens. Ha the fire just getting hot i hope when he speaks this is not another exposure just like the jufalli matter cause if so its not a good look for “Heliar”

  18. Chas take them to court because if they have any evidence of corruption towards you…I would want the same.. I’m for country not party…all what was said about the man now he’s firing back y’all uh ra raa the truth hurts and pjp please explain this 7.3million because some idiot’s still don’t understand or they just being bias

  19. Hunter please be quiet. You don’t know what you talking about. The man is accused of not paying the duty on the vehicle. That’s the issue

  20. As a supporter of UWP are wicked old man .You will stop at nothing to make your opponent loose his vehicle knowing full well he paid for it , irrespective of the minor issues. I deal with customs on a yearly basic and they can be the most kind and vindictive department to deal with.

  21. Pajoia, St. Judes , HIA airport project , 7 million vax gate .the chef Harry lands , the Key Largo round about .Concrete and (Steal) projects, DSH.Can you enlighten us with transparency and accountability as to how these things happen under your watch.

    There is sufficient documentation to prove that Hilaire use his dry earn cash to purchase Rover gate . Whatever, other issue was there in the matter should have been sorted between customs and client .

  22. Tell Chas get a life the young people wants to know what happened to the millions he collected on their behalf..What are the kick backs and who received them???????

  23. Chastanet, lord of the lies, ia a corrupt, self-serving, money-grubbing, power-hyngry crook. It’s all to do about nothing. Chastanet is manufacturing a feckless narrative. People are interested in the $ 7.3 million you gave to your cohort, Rebel Investment. $24 million to Sandals as tax abatement. $34 million to Lockaby for bugus consultation. A total of $65.3 million of tax payers money just evaporated. We need accountability for those funds and not about a stupid Ranger Rover. Chastanet, tell us about the kickback you got from Cabot Holdings for the sweetheart deal you have them for the property at Cap Estate? Tell us more about the kickback you got from OJO Lab for the nefarious dealmaking? Tell us about the Faustian bargain you made with Invest St. Lucia and their cohort, the so-called Chinese investor? These are pertinent questions we the St. Lucian people want you to answer. We don’t give a rat’s ass about a Range Rover.

  24. There should never be one Law for some, and a different Law for others. Chas I think you got him hooked, reel him/them in. Lets try that case again, also open a case on who let that Drug lord out of the Barbonneau jail, how much was paid, who paid and who collected. Bring light into the dark back room deals. ‘Is pJp still Prime Minister?’ why is he so quiet?( St. Lucia needs prayer and lots of it, lord have mercy)

  25. Yawwwwn ! Here we go again with this LOOOSER YELLOW FOOL once again. When will he get it that The Saint Lucian Peopl are just tired of your ass….Hello you Clowns that bow to your White Massa God tell him we are tired of you and you will NEVER BE PM AGAIN. This is the part that cracks me up as well as say’s it all ” THE MEDIA MUST ENSURE THAT THEY P.R.O.B.E. THE STATE HOLDERS INVOLVED SO AS TO BRING OUT THE TRUTH TO ALL”. Well you Yellow Fools you know your selves it’s almost Fourth Night if you want that monthly STPIEND yo better get cracking with THE BIG LIE to keep me relevant.

  26. And here we go…As long as SLP is in power the truth might never come out now, what if Emmanuel gets paid to tell a different story money rules everything in government

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