‘Rovergate’: Pierre Thinks It’s Time To Move On

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has indicated that it is time to move on regarding the Dr. Ernest Hilaire Range Rover matter, an issue which the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has dubbed ‘Rovergate.’

In a recent statement, former Prime Minister and now opposition leader Allen Chastanet said some want the case to go away.

But Chastanet vowed that the opposition would keep demanding answers regardless of who it makes uncomfortable because no one is above the law, and Hilaire must be held accountable.

On Monday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre addressed the matter when a reporter raised a question.

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“We have so many important things to do. We are in the process of preparing the budget – we are just getting the budget together. We are dealing with certain issues. We are dealing with what was left behind by the opposition leader when he was minister of finance, the high debt etc.,” Pierre, who is also responsible for finance, stated.

“So I don’t really have any time to listen to what he says particularly when I know what is being said has no truth and it is just coming from people who have not understood that the democratic process is over,” the Castries East MP asserted.

It obviously referred to the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) resounding victory at the July 26, 2021, general elections.

Pierre called on all Saint Lucians to work together to benefit the country.

“The matter relating to Ernest Hilaire has been dealt with by the courts,” he observed.

“It started at the courts. It went to mediation. Mediation sent it back to the courts and as far as I am concerned in spite of all the misconceptions and what’s going on about my involvement – in fact, I never went to court for the hearing. That wasn’t true. I went after, but that doesn’t matter,” the PM told reporters.

“What I am saying is I think it is time for us to move on. The matter has been decided. We have some very serious issues to deal with. We are talking about going to the CCJ where these issues have to be spoken about. So I don’t want to get involved in this back and forth, in these dealings by a set of men and women who have not understood that democracy has taken place,” Pierre declared.


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  1. After almost a whole day and my comment is not posted. SLT needs to close if they are stifling people’s views.

  2. This SLP government is just a bunch of hypocrites. Regardless of social status or position, the law applies to everyone – if you commit a crime, you have to face your consequences. Please ignore all previous comments I made – just realized I was fooled by SLP.

  3. Pierre what you’re saying here is it is okay for politicians to disobey the law and steal from the people of the country. And once you party is in power they will brush this blatant disregard for law. And you wonder why this country is in such a mess and doomed to collapse?

  4. Despite the court process, I strongly believe in the interest of transparency and accountability that the matter should be addressed by the minister. It is obvious that there was an attempt at deception and this happens when someone attempts to gain an unfair advantage in conducting a transaction, regardless of how small and, these issues need addressing. If we want people to believe that you are a government that’s stands on principle we should be able to deal with the questions surrounding this once and for all. It’s unfair to ask people to move on when there is no closure. Given the reputation of the person involved this is even more disturbing and honestly it reeks of cover up! As someone who voted for this government I am disappointed and expected better of you mister p.m.

  5. Move on! It’s put the party first. Go to hell those of you who expected differently. The little man’s sketel would rust at custom or auction to the insider bidder. Move on! Pay day is coming soon. We love you PIP. MOVE ON!

  6. That so called pm is sickening lucians I’m shame people like you pjp will bring the malayway and st lucia to her knees shame corrupt cabinet

  7. “The Most Honorable PJP stated so eloquently…. “So I don’t really have any time to listen to what The Yellow Johncrow says particularly when I know what is beign said has no truth and it is just coming from people who have not understood that the democratic process is over….as stated by my bredrin The Most Honoable Lucian Highgrade….it’s the agony of defeat “. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  8. I am deeply offended by this remark. ” Low IQ voters.” Just shows how much respect you have for the people of this country. Apparently your high IQ didn’t get you what you wanted. Come next elections the “Low IQ” people will have you high IQ people begging and ready to wipe their rear end for a vote.

    Lucian watch your bread

  9. I’m so disgusted with this government. They sicken me… pip time will tell. Keep playing with god.
    Question: what was the reason for not attending court when chas was in power.
    But as soon as he won he won the elections he showed up for court. The god I serve is alive and well and he will judge you.

  10. Dont expect anything different from this clown ………… we are in deep dodoo. The end result of too many low IQ voters.

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