Friday, September 30, 2022

‘Rovergate’: UWP Insists Justice Must Be Served

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Press Release:-  The United Workers Party dismisses claims by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre that it is time to move on from Rovergate which has rocked St. Lucia and involving former St. Lucia High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Ernest Hilaire.

It was Philip J. Pierre and the Saint Lucia Labour Party which campaigned on transparency
and accountability during the lead up to the last general elections in 2021.

It cannot be inconvenient to the SLP to maintain those principles because it involves one of their own.

It is nothing short of inappropriate for Philip J. Pierre to insist that the people of St. Lucia
ignore the serious implications which the actions in Rovergate have for our country.
This case has not been resolved in the courts as Pierre wants the people to believe; rather it has been withdrawn.

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The United Workers Party would like to ask Philip J. Pierre to answer two very pertinent

1. Who authorized the Range Rover to be registered in the name of Saint Lucia?

2. Who authorized, and by what mechanism, was the Range Rover transferred out of
the name of the State to Ernest Hilaire?

The attendance of Philip J Pierre as prime minister of Saint Lucia and Speaker of the
House of Parliament, Claudius Francis, in the courthouse during the case are of grave
concern further compounded by Pierre’s statement to the press that he was there to “ensure that justice was served.”

It is actions like this which undermine the confidence of the People and cause them to fear
political interference in having the CCJ as our final court of appeal.

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre must also understand that the SLP win at the last general
elections does not absolve wrongdoings by any of its members.

The United Workers Party calls for justice to be served.

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  1. If it was a little man I would then support it, but then again the little man never gets it so good. It’s the helair clan who’s gets these treatments. Tanto tanto

  2. Ha ha HA HA! The fact that the bogus “rovergate” was thrown out really burning The a$$0le Chas. I LOVE IT!

  3. My lucians are y’all blind can’t y’all see through helairs bullshit…a minister bursting a hit and we accepting that crime will never stop.

  4. You waste of time people at SLNT. Nothing you will say on Hilaire forking volaire will get reported! and you people get to call your forking selves a news source???

  5. Rover gate … it is a prime example of our legal system both UWP and SLP. This nonsense will never stop regardless who is in power its a shame we have human doing such nastiness in modernized world

  6. Prime minister, you need to heed the peoples’ cries. Many are desirous of hearing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, from your minister. Don’t disregard this as flambeau rhetoric, we the supporters want to know; we need to know. We entrusted you with our country on your premise of transparency and accountability and we will hold you to that. Clear the air on this once and for all.

  7. Some of you hacks just cannot handle the truth of this situation. No matter what colour you support, this is not something to be swept under the rug or “move on” from. This is a top official, not just suspected, but caught red handed in a corrupt act.

  8. Why would the PM, and Speaker of the House of Parliament show up to a court case involving one of their own cabinet members, unless they were summoned to be there? Can we say corruption and intimidation in the highest form. The irony of the SLP running on routing out corruption is not lost on us. They are the ultimate party of lies, deceit and corruption.

  9. The presence of the highly pro SLP political Speaker of the House, and the Prime Ministers presence in a Court setting, is highly intimidating to the Judge who did not hesitate to dismiss this case without first airing the full facts. No wonder now, PjP is asking that we should move on. If these little tactics are allowed to carry on, now that Jufalli is deputy, what do we expect if (God forbid) he becomes Prime Minister.

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