Royal Caribbean Cruise Line To Pay Family Of Deceased Passenger $3.38M

New York Daily News:- The family of a cruise passenger who died on board was awarded $3.38 million on Thursday.

Richard Puchalski, a passenger on the Explorer of the Seas in July 2016, died days after following a visit to the ship’s infirmary with medical concerns, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Puchalski, who was celebrating his birthday on board with his family, went to the infirmary on the ship complaining of shortness of breath.

The ship’s doctor, Dr. Amanda Saunders, reportedly found “a septal infarction, age undetermined,” and after giving Puchalski medication, sent him back to his cabin, as reported by the Miami Herald.

A half-hour later, Puchalski collapsed in his cabin and after “significant delay” was transferred to a hospital in Juneau, Alaska in late afternoon.

Four days later, Puchalski died.

Court records show the cruise line, Royal Caribbean, made errors that led to Puchalski’s death.

The cruise line was found by a jury to be 70 percent at fault for $34,000 in medical expenses and $4.8 million in pain and suffering.

Royal Caribbean Cruises was ordered to pay $3.38 million to Puchalski’s family, although they said they plan to appeal the decision.


  1. Total BS. Like one hour would have made a difference. He would have had to wait for the ambulance etc anyways

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