Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Royal Couple Told Of Antigua & Barbuda’s Wish To Be Republic

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Antigua and Barbuda should “one day become a republic”, its prime minister has told the Earl and Countess of Wessex during their Caribbean tour.

Gaston Browne said during a meeting with the royal couple, who are touring the region to mark the Platinum Jubilee, it was the country’s wish to remove the Queen as head of state.

However Mr Browne acknowledged such a move is “not on the cards” currently.

He also called for “reparatory justice” to compensate for slavery.

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The earl and countess met Mr Browne and his cabinet at a meeting on Monday during the third leg of their Caribbean tour.

Mr Browne told the couple: “We continue to have the Queen as our head of state, even though I should say we aspire at some point to become a republic.

“But that is not currently on the cards so she will remain as head of state for some time to follow.

“We’re not trying to embarrass you, we’re just trying to build awareness.”

The prime minister also called on the earl and countess to use their “diplomatic influence” to help the country receive “reparatory justice”.

Mr Brown said: “Our civilisation should understand the atrocities that took place during colonialism and slavery and the fact that we have to bring balance by having open discussions…

“You can even use your, let’s say, diplomatic influence to build bridges in achieving the reparatory justice that we seek here in the Caribbean.

“Because the reality is we have been left and bereft of important institutions such as universities and good medicinal facilities.”

The meeting comes after the royal couple were met by protests during their visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines on Saturday, where banners were held aloft saying “compensation now” and “Britain your debt is outstanding”.

Antigua and Barbuda were colonised by Britain in the 17th century, before being granted independence in 1981.

In an open letter to the couple, the Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission asked “why is it so hard for you to sincerely apologise for your nation’s role in slavery?”

Explaining their call for reparations, it added that in the Caribbean “many still live in deep persistent poverty and social despair” and it asked for a “constructive strategy” with Britain and European countries to address economic development gaps in the region.

The impact of slavery also dominated coverage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour to Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas in March.

Source: BBC News

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  1. So you too, welcome to the Club, who the hell cares; this wet dream by a bunch of old men is catching steam in a hurry. One person recently made it clear, and she is strong and can support her Country, can you boast like she can? but of course we have our local hot heads who wouldn’t pass for some cheap publicity. Stop playing games with a people hoping for a better tomorrow, what is really required now – A WORKABLE MODERN HOSPITAL IN v/fORT. Make friends with the people who can really help you, stop the racism, the only ones who can help are far outside this Country. Better health care before modern Condos. God help us.

  2. …in Earnest we are tired of your ass. Gaston Brown Big Up ! You spoke your mind, and you sent home the message that Black people will no longer circum to Massa in the 21st Century. Every other Isle stood up and gave these people a piece of their mind except Tibetan St Lucian’s The Absolute Shame of It. The Testicular Fortitude of the British Monarchy in this day and age, what are they thinking we are still in the 1930’s ?? For those who still entertain this prolific mindset of supporting this continued Massa Conundrum in 2022 what are you thinking ?? I am at awww that there are people right here in St Lucia that would/gladly support the continued mental enslavement of our people. Troubling !!

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