RSLPF: Dennery Incident Should Not Be Viewed As Fatal ‘Police’ Shooting

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Saint Lucia Police say an incident in Belmont, Dennery on Saturday in which a senior cop fatally shot a man should not be viewed as a police killing.

“I don’t think we should look at this incident as a police shooting. It could have happened to anybody. The person involved just happened to be a police officer. It was not a case where he responded to a particular incident and then he had an engagement with a perpetrator. It was a case where he was in his private home, sleeping in his bed when he went to investigate a noise, so this should not be associated with a police killing,” ACP George Nicholas told a news conference on Monday.

Nicholas asserted that there seems to be a notion that police are either reluctant or unwilling to react or use force when necessary.

“Obviously that is not the case. So if people are of the view that the police are reluctant, obviously they need to think again. We are not reluctant. We sometimes exercise restraint but obviously there’s a limit to every restraint. So we will react and react appropriately when faced with situations that warrant our reaction,” he stated.

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Police say on Saturday about 1:05 am, a homeowner in Belmont awoke to some noise in his yard, went to investigate, and accosted a trespasser.

Monday’s news conference heard there was an altercation between the two individuals, during which time the trespasser was shot, and the homeowner also received some injuries requiring medical attention.

“The trespasser was conveyed to a medical institution and according to officials from that medical institution he refused to receive medical care. He subsequently succumbed. The homeowner happened to be a senior police officer and an investigation has been launched,” Nicholas disclosed.

He said a post mortem examination is due on Wednesday this week.

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  1. A few weeks ago when the Marchand home owner defended his property. The response from the police did not sound so supportive . They mentioned vigilante justice. They should use the same meter stick for all instances like these. When these people invade your property it’s usually your blood or your soul

  2. That was the most asinine statement ever made, we like to think the police reluctant? Do we not watch the news? Partial reporting or investigations…Police wife shot at home, no answers, All y’all operations and senseless killing of mentally ill people over the years? We know very well y’all not reluctant, and why shoot to kill? Asshole is not even the appropriate name for you….you know your business with the individual in question! God help us all!

  3. I hope the same liniency will be given the Marchand incident where the thief invaded the man’s privacy. Not only police officers have the right to defend against invaders and thieves!!!

  4. I hope the same liniency will be given the Marchand incident where the thief invaded the man’s privacy. Not only police officers have the right to defend against invaders and thieves!!!

  5. St. Lucian officers need to be quiet as times. What happened to the matter being investigated as they usually state for all other cases? You all were not there but already speaking on behalf of the officer.

    Let the process take it’s course.

  6. This police shooting was justified. But I can’t say the same for the ones in Choiseul and the Dennery Valley last year, both at the hands of senior law enforcement officers. Why haven’t we heard the results of the investigations. Being kept quiet as usual.

    • I am positive if he had chop three persons to Death his Sister wouldn’t say a word to the Media .A police involved in the Incident She’s ao Brave Mentioning the Police Officer’s name. If was so called Bad Boys She would not Utter one word .Its alledged that He has a Mental problem why She didnt take him to the Wellness Facality .

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