Thursday, August 18, 2022

RSLPF Establishes Gang Investigations Unit

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Over the last two decades the illegal activities of criminal gangs have had a devastating impact on the country’s social and economic infrastructure.

Consequently, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in accordance with its Standing Orders has established a Gang Investigations Unit, with the main purpose of restricting the influence of criminal gangs and stopping their illicit activities.

This is as a result of consultations with key stake holders on the ongoing violent gang conflict currently affecting the entire nation.

The Gang Investigation Unit, will provide the necessary support and impetus for initiating enforcement of the Anti-Gang Act along with the associated legislations, for the suppression of widespread and serious out-breaks of violent crime and illicit activities perpetrated by criminal gangs.

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force looks forward to working with all community members in its effort at suppressing gang related crime.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Armed police response after 2020 shooting in Leslie Land Castries. 

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. We look for justice ⚖️, but find none ;
    for delivrence, but it is far away.
    For our offenses are many in your sight,and our sins testify against us.
    Our offenses are ever with us,and we acknowledge our iniquities : rebellion and treachery against the LORD, turning our backs on our God,fomenting oppression and révolte,uttering lies our hearts 🖤 have conceived.
    So justice is driven back,and righteousness (Jesus) stands at a distance ; truth has stumble in the streets,honesty cannot enter.
    Truth is nowhere to be found,and whoever shuns 😈 evil becomes a prey.

    The LORD looked and was displeased and there was no justice ⚖️.
    He saw that there was one,he was appalled that there was no one to interverne ;
    ‼️So his own arm work salvation for him him,and his own righteousness sustained him.
    He put on righteousness at his breastplate,and the helmet of Salvation on his head ;he put on the garments of Vengeance and wrap himself in a…Zeal as in a cloak.
    According to what have done,
    so I will repay
    wrath to his enemies
    and retribution to his foes ;
    he will repay the (islands their
    From the west,men will fear the name of the LORD,
    and from the rising of the 🌞sun,they will revere his glory.
    For he will come like a pente-up flood that the breath of the LORD drives along

    “The Redeemer will come to 🇱🇨,to those who repent of their sins !!!

  2. The weakness in our police force today was the blunder of the slp in 1997. This was the year they came in and rundown the police force when they took to national tv and radio to tell police don’t touch my boys. Then in 2011 they came again and destroyed it even father with the impact report up to a day like today nobody knows what was sain in the impact report. So anything they say about the police force will not be a suprise to me. SLP has made our nation security a none security.

  3. And just what are they going to do? They’ve been so weak for so long that the gangs don’t even think twice about having gun battles with them. The police in St Lucia are viewed as jokes and thus new “punchline” takes the cake. Who is signing up for this duty? No one. Within 6 weeks this new task force will be bought by the criminals. SLRPF is cheap. Just send a little cash their way and they do whatever you want.

  4. Top of what? Didn’t you see the humor in the comments made by criminologist?Anyway you may be too daft or too political. I have a right to laugh you fool.
    May be you are part of the ‘Gang ‘ he referred to. Ha ha ha .. where there is smoke there is fire🤐🤐

  5. Criminologist….you are so funny. I can’t stop laughing. On a more serious note: why do we have to ridicule and make a mockery of everything which is being done or instituted?
    … come on people we can do better than this .They need our support because crime affects all of us… direct or indirectly. Thank you

  6. @Citizen, I am happy sniffing what I am sniffing but won’t be sniffing your ******** and I’ll let it be at that.

    You seem to be another one of those to make assumptions about others. Please, don’t do that. No one is claiming to have the answer to anything because there’s never 1 answer or 1 way of doing/approaching things.

    What you should realise is everyone has a right to an opinion and of course some will agree and some won’t. The best thing that can be done shutting your ASS and not criticising someone else’s opinion, but state your own.

  7. I welcome a unit to focus on gang culture but calling it a Gang Investigations Unit shows lack of creativity by the authorities..or is the Gang Investigations Unit a place holder till a more appropriate name is found…? How about calling it one of these.

    Internal Matters Bureau…IMB
    Internal Security Bureau…ISB
    National Security Bureau…NSB
    Crime Operations….C-Ops

    Etc etc etc….

    Atleast be creative with naming of the organisation

  8. Steups … pure BS in this country.

    More and more we can see why this country is in deep ****.

    Might as well tell them the names of the police in that unit and where they live too so that the gang leaders can get the heads up.

    I am pretty sure it makes sense to keep such a unit covert.

  9. Sounds good but I want to see how far the unit will get. My first question – do we really have gangs in St. Lucia? Or do we have groups of individuals operating together. How established are those groups. Do they have clear established structures. What constitutes a gang and would this definition fit our St. Lucia setting.

    I have one question though. Why is the RSLPF breaking up into soooo many small units and teams. Wouldn’t that not render them ineffective, making them too weak to effectively tackle the crime situation. Just asking. Isn’t that the reason mostly all RSLPF departments are understaffed? Again – just asking. Or is that a gimmick to promote more incompetent degreed officers? Good luck with that.

  10. Well John Snow if they don’t put the info out there to the public you all say the government is doing nothing to combat crime. You just can’t win with some of you.

    • @MC, have you ever seen me state that the Government, past and present is not or didn’t do anything to combat crime? Get your facts right!!

      The past and present Government are all the f**king same, it’s just a matter of different colours. Unlike some, I don’t give two sh*ts about government or political parties.

  11. @criminologist there will be a special prosecutor to investigate the past government but i think most Lucians will agree with me It’s not the past government terrorizing the community of Vieux Fort. And most probably it’s because of the mentality like yours that the current government is not in a hurry to try to solve the crimes on the island.

  12. Are these Jokers for real? (A Gang Investigation Unit) and they putting it out there for everyone to be aware of including the so called Gangs.

    What a F**king Joke? Why don’t they tell the Gang members where, when, why, what and who will be investigated or doing the investigation?

    Not everything needs to be said to the public but that doesn’t matter because the corrupt officers, politicians and anyone else will tell their Gang friends that they are being investigated.

    • I totally agree with you. “A gang investigation Unit”?. Does that mean this present police force doesn’t have a “profiling team”. So we allow gangs to be formed then investigate them? Lots of words. FLASING MIRROWS!

    • @John snow, stop snorting snow. So what’s wrong if a gang investigation unit is published?

      Some of you people think you know the answer put you all in charge you can’t perform a thing.

      Be quiet and let the authorities do their job.

  13. How about an anonymous phone line or email address so that people that are scared but want to offer information can do so.


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