Wednesday, August 10, 2022

RSLPF Gets Vote Of Confidence From Visiting Security Expert

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Security and Human Rights Expert Dr. Edwin Witt Powell believes that in due course, people will be satisfied with the way the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is handling some of the most current issues.

Powell spoke Tuesday night during an appearance on Police Insight, aired by Choice Television.

Saint Lucia is in the midst of what Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre had described as an ‘alarming’ crime wave, with frequent reports of shootings occurring, and he had committed to providing the police with needed resources.

At the same time, Pierre, responsible for National Security, has disclosed plans to introduce ‘draconian’ legislation against gun crime.

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“I would just ask the public to be patient,” Dr. Powell, a frequent visitor to Saint Lucia who has provided training to the RSLPF, told Police Insight.

He disclosed that he had spent ‘countless hours’ in conversation with Police Commissioner Milton Desir, who is adamant that crime will stop under his leadership of the RSLPF.

“He simply told me that I am a police officer – that’s who I am. Those are the colours that I wear and I intend to make sure that the citizens of Saint Lucia are safe. To the extent possible that he could bring change to the RSLPF that he would grab each and every officer by the boot straps and help them up,” Powell stated.

He explained that he had seen the Commissioner’s pain in the last few days.

“He is suffering along with a lot of people and he is essentially putting ingredients together to really bake a cake for the criminal elements here in this country. I won’t get into how it’s going to be done. But know that the Commissioner is really in tune to what’s going on and really about making change,” the Security and Human Rights expert noted.

Powell said he understands why people believe nothing is being done about crime.

However, he asserted that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“Policing is methodical. You just cant jump up and start running down the street and pointing fingers,” Powell declared.

He told Police Insight it takes time to build a case, present it to prosecutors and obtain a conviction.

Headline photo: Dr. Edwin Powell

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  1. No policing department is perfect on the planet but at the same time the police here in st. lucia cannot use the same criminals who are committing crimes to carry out the police dirty agenda. The head man was once in the junior position so he knows code. The threat against police was just a ticking time bomb but sooner it will get worst… look it

  2. The assessment of the RSLPF should be coming from an independent body . Did not expect you to say anything different.

  3. The police need more training, they don’t just need a fleet of new pickup vans; they need policing equipment such as tasers, and things like pepper spray to subdue criminals in order to effect an arrest; radars to stop traffic offenders, and some morale-lifting policies and rewards. Most of all there is need for dorms or living quarters so that officers could lend some backup in times of crisis, rather than having rush to catch a bus to their distant homes on afternoons.
    There needs to be a shock-and-awe strategy to show the brazen criminals that they are not afraid of them but that they mean business.

    • If you don’t have the right attitude toward something no amount of training, equipment or money will make you good at it. We don’t exactly have Rhodes scholars signing up to be police. They need to increase salaries to attract the right kind of disciplined people to the job.

  4. You might have a point, but it’s simple… get rid of the crooked politicians-judges-lawyers-civil servants-police-criminals, then we might stand a chance for the true island patriots to make a change. All ya’ll bomboclaat involved in all sorts of crap in this small island state we claim is independent.

    • @BLACK COTTON, firstly, are you a Saint Lucian? Reason is that word, (B********t) isn’t Saint Lucian and that’s where our downfall as a failed state arises. We like to embrace other people’s culture more than our own. Their music, food, way of talking, way of life, etc.) All our TV programs are from other countries, majority of the music played are from other countries, clothing, and so on. So tell me, what do the expect to happen in Saint Lucia when all people see and hear is violence.

      I have to however, agree with you on getting rid of the CORRUPTED INNER CIRCLE(s)- Politicians, Lawyers, Police to include Marine Police, Customs, Government officials, Judges, Civilians seating at the high tables because they also influence a lot of criminal activities on island.

      We as the not so criminal minded must also do our part in restoring Saint Lucia to what she used to be or close to it at least.

      • Yes Sir, indeed i am a st.lucian . the name “black cotton” is a symbol for unrewarded struggle. I agree we are all mentally corrupted with western society’s ways.. or whom i like to call “Americunts”. Our biggest challenge is to “re-learn” everything from scratch! Many of us don’t know where we come from, so we don’t know what we’re fighting for.

    • Yup. That will solve the issues. Corruption kills countries. It’s ingrained in every corner of this country.

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