RSLPF Issues Statement On Fatal Police Shooting Of Teenager

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Press Release:- About 10:00 p.m. on Friday, January 28, 2022, sixteen year old Ajani Charlery was fatally wounded during a police operation, along Cemetery Road in Vieux Fort.

Officers, acting on information relating to the location of a seventeen year old suspect in a report of Burglary, where a substantial number of items were stolen from a business in Vieux Fort, initiated patrols in the town.

The seventeen year old who was previously in police custody and escaped, was soon identified by officers, accompanied by three other males. Officers approached the four males who ran away, however, officers were able to quickly detain three of the males.

The final male who attempted to evade arrest was shot during the process of apprehending him. He was immediately transported by officers, to the nearest hospital for care, where he was later pronounced dead by a medical practitioner.

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Investigations have commenced into the circumstances surrounding the death and an imitation firearm was recovered by the investigative team. Management of the Southern Division and Royal Saint Lucia Police Force have reached out to the officers, as well as the family of the deceased, to offer necessary support.

A more comprehensive statement will be issued in due course, within legal parameters.

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  1. @CONCERNED….nobody is excusing lawlessness so of these retrad are making excuse for wrong doing of the police as if to say the police CAN’T DO NO WRONG just because “they are the police” their moral compass is always positive….they are paid to police they are not paid to be EXECUTIONER. He was a troubled young man WE GOT THAT…did his life deserve to be taken like that no , their are rules of laws. These police are so dunce it’s unreal, most of them can’t even write a proper report. The public his just outraged by the statement they themselves put out. .

  2. Both sides, I think you are missing the point. While I agree with your statements, I don’t think that they relate to the circumstances surrounding this shooting incident. The facts from the police statement are that a young man who was a suspect in police custody for a burglary offense escaped and was in the company of four men when the police approached the group. All four ran, three of whom were detained by the police. The fourth, the deceased, was fatally shot in attempting to apprehend him. Now tell me what about the police version of events justifies the shooting of the young man. First, he was attempting to flee, second he was unarmed. That bullshit of the imitation firearm is pure bull and any retard would know that and third, he was only a suspect in a burglary- a suspect who according to the law is innocent until proven guilty and who knows, maybe he was actually innocent for being delinquent does not automatically make one guilty of all crimes. So why kill him in an attempt to ask him whether he committed the crime. Does that make sense to you. Actually it sounds comical. Is burglary that serious of an crime that it warrants the police taking a life in an attempt to question the perpetrator?

    As a society, we have to be very careful as to the leeway given to the police in the execution of their duties. They should always act within the law. It is a fact that the police will kill those scumbags from time to time. But such action must be justified with little to no doubt. Ask Allie, the drunk from View Fort what he witnessed and surprisingly his version of events differs significantly from that of the police. I think that the police who we need, love and appreciate for their good work went rogue in this situation and should be made to account for no one, absolutely no one should be above the law.

  3. Criminals in Uniform – No investigative techniques. As police they do not know how to ask questions to get answers. Is that what is considered lack of training for the officers who are suppose to serve and Protect. Instead they chase and Kill – Asking for a Friend.

  4. It’s about time St. Lucians decide what they wan from the police. If it assistqacne with solving crime or compassion on criminals. When a criminal goes into a place to rob and shoots and kills innocent customers/cashiers/passerbay you’ll have everything to say about the police not solving the crime quickly enough, However when they are effective and a criminal gets caught in the gun fire, whether he diesd or not all you’ll ignorant St. Lucians cries about police voilence. KNOW WHAT YOU’LL WANT FROM THE POLICE!!

    I would like to commend the RSLFP for handling this situation in such a swift manner dispite the death of the young man. Criminals know when they commet crimes, it could end up with their death if caught; they do it anyway. DON’T BLAME THE POLICE FORCE. COMPLIMENT THEM AS ENCOURAGEMENT TO DO BETTER. SMH

  5. If he was fleeing. That means his back was turned. You shooting him in the back. He was running the opposite direction. This is manslaughter. I know you were just doing your job officer but the law is the law.

  6. HEAD TOP I am with you on that…hats off to Law Enforcement. Bravo…keep it up and clean up the trash in our society.

  7. I can’t comprehend much from the police statement or SLT story. This is going out into the world and it is so disjointed and error filled. What a shame for our two laureates. Well all I can say the Pitbull is back in Parliament and Dr Anthony warned his party not to get involved with Criminals but they didn’t listen.

  8. If you don’t want to die like this or want your family to die same way please tell them don’t join a gang .Street life is a sweet life but a short life ,hospital cemetery or jail. that is the benefit of being a gang banger. I know because I was one of these youth who was given a second chance at life

  9. Gun crime is a serious problem in St. Lucia. Despite this, the police shouldn’t become trigger happy. I’m not saying this was the case here. However, were the lives of the police officers in any imminent danger? Was the victim running away and not approaching the officers with a gun of fake firearm pointed at them?

    The public deserves more details about what exactly transpired just before the fatal shooting. If the officers’ lives weren’t in immediate danger then they should be held accountable.

    Those of you in this forum who are rejoicing over the death of a teenager, not knowing the full details of the circumstances that led to his demise, are nothing more than scumbads and beasts.

    Profound sympathy to the family of the victim.

  10. Kakal you should be happy now that a life has been taken. The way you guys went about abusing your authority in the town was a cause for concern and we knew that it was just a matter of time before you guys had blood on your hands. Is that the only type of enforcement the RSLPF is capable of? Shame on you RSLPF!! Shame on you.

    This statement alone tells me that the RSLPF knows that the officers were not justified in their actions. A statement in such detail should never have been released at this time. The press release has raised more questions than it provided answers: how did the young man escape? Was he an immediate threat to the community? Did he escape through police negligence? Was he armed with an imitation firearm at all – that by itself sounds like a coverup story. This young man was only suspected of committing a crime and may have been completely innocent. Having said that, when police patrols are headed by persons who believe that they are above the law and lead young and inexperienced officers who are trying to make a name for themselves, disaster like this will e always round the corner.

  11. A Godless and Lawless society; this is only the tip of the Iceberg; I fear the worse to come. The work/labour market is trying up, so where is the safety Net? Concerning work and labour, take a page from the situation in Cuba or Venezuela; Go ask the Cubans, how have they been dealing with their problems since the trade embargo. St. Lucia with less than 200,000 citizens, cannot feed its people, yet crime of a magnitude comparatively is insane. While we seek an answer, on this Sunday Morning, think of a miracle from above;”Out of the depth I cry unto thee, Lord, Lord hear my prayer for St.Lucia”.

  12. Many have been advocating for a more lethal and effective police force, which is just not possible with the lack of training and the pool of qualified individuals available.
    What happened is not a surprise and will happen again. The professionalism of these guys are lacking. Not necessarily their fault since this is the hands they were dealt. One needs to understand that once that trigger is squeezed there is no recall. This is exactly the reason for having the right training to better understand when this needs to happen. They are being pushed by a public who wants instant gratification on crime which results in heartbreaking instances like this. Feel bad for both the officer(s) who were involved and the young man whose life was prematurely terminated. The responsibility for what transpired should be on all of us. Hope we take a step back and rethink how we want to deal with crime for the next one might just be someone very close to you.

  13. The loss of a human life no matter the circumstance should not, or ever should be a “feel good story” that is disgusting.

  14. You decide to run with the unsavories of society therefore, you pay the price. And I know the family knew who he was liming with and what the “no good” that he was up to. That’s my take on that.

  15. The persons who Got injured when the So called Gang Members were Firing all over the place in Bruce Ville why you don’t ask them to approach the Gun men for Compensation .

  16. The Rslpf Don’t have to Issue a Comprehensive Report as to Whether He pointed a Firearm àt them .There will an Investigation .He was in police Custody and Escape so.I am positive he have been involved in Several Serious Crimes .If was my Son I would have Buried him on Saturday .F****** anytime is police Shooting Persons who Anti police always have Nsgative Reports

  17. I don’t like thieves or potential menaces to society, but this is one case where the family will have to be compensated by the state!

  18. This one is very puzzling!…if this kid was fleeing!what proof does the police have before hand the shooting incident that he was carrying a fake firearm?…it is a police protocol that if a suspect is fleeing and doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat,he should not be gundown by police,even worse he was only a 16yo kid where st.Lucia is very small and there’s not much places he can hide forever….my own analysis tells me that the police deliberately gun down this kid because he escape custody and wasn’t about to give in,so the police decide to take him out then fabricate the story of fake firearm because definitely they know breaking and entering and fleeing from police doesn’t warrant one being killed by dem…ask for SLT whilst you busy editing and deleting comments you should brief your articles before hand to not appear ridiculous about the one kid being 16&17 in the same article…I more feel this kid is actually 16 and they exaggerating on 17 to make the police feel more justifiable.

  19. I agree with the first two comments. How did this teen escape lawful custody. How are they detained. What process is involved in apprehending an alleged fellon. I am not condoning his criminal activity, however there is a root cause in the way the police go in pursuit of apprehending persons. Sadly this youth took the wrong road in how he met his demise. Sadly there are very few good police officers left and because of the bad ones not executing their duties in a professional manner make them look bad.

  20. This is not a good enough statement of justification for the use of deadly force. Was the teen pointing the gun at officers ?? THEY DID NOT SAY THAT Was the teen in position of said weapon ?? THEY DID NOT SAY THAT. They saw four youth they ran away, but you were able to catch the teen who had escaped previously custody………ok so what happened while he was apprehended ???? Was there a struggle, was a weapon pulled at the officers what ? what ? what ? What made that officer fired his weapon ? These are questions the police needs to make clear. The Police in St Lucia has been involved in too much crap over the years that have been swept under the rug. No accountability no oversight.

  21. It is clear from this report that the victim did not pose a threat to the lives, safety and security of the offices. He was running away trying to escape arrest. Evading arrest is not a justification to shoot.

  22. Thank you officers for cleaning up the streets and making st.lucia safer for honest productive citizens. To those who want to complain when the officers do their jobs, how about to be better parents and raise your children to not become criminals. Women, how about you stop entertaining losers and allowing them to impregnate you? I look forward to seeing more feel good stories like this one.

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