RSLPF Launches Probe Into Voice Note Warning Of Potential Uprisings

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has launched an investigation into a WhatsApp voice note warning of potential violent uprisings and telling the police to ‘get ready.

“Tell the administration of the SLP, all those that carrying news because I know you-all inside of there. Tell them get the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force ready, okay. Because you all, I and everybody else know, on the streets have more weapons than the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force have, ” a male individual asserts.

He warns that if the ministers cannot keep Saint Lucia on the right track, ensure people have work to do, food in their pantries and money in their pockets to take care of their families, ‘you-all about to get a rude awakening'”.

Referencing the record number of homicides Saint Lucia has so far experienced, the note stated, ‘You all ain’t see noting yet’.

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The man declared that people had been tired and fed-up dating back to the John Compton administration but had ‘a little something trickling in so we could hold it down.’

“But right now we ain’t seeing nothing going on,” he stated, adding that it is now time for action.

“And the only action I seeing that them man going to take them man go take heed on is criminal activities. Unless we don’t start burning couple things in Saint Lucia, burning vehicles, threatening some of them ministers,” he said no one would take heed.

During his nearly five-minute-long rant, the man explained that he had tried to keep agitated young men calm, but could not give them money to feed their families as he used to do under the previous administration.

“I used to bring them to work, bring them a little daily bread. Right now I cannot do it,” the man disclosed, adding that he had to switch between multiple jobs to get himself on his feet properly.

“We are aware of the voice note, and we are investigating. We are preparing a response plan,” a senior police officer told St Lucia Times.

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  1. BAD BOY GRADE U just a wana be gangster,whoever u are my brother somebody must drink your blood at night and u better have a strong faith im God you must gind yourself very cold under your warm sheets believe me. Support his fire…. and find your heat

  2. Even before the pandemic prices were going up on certain items now with the pandemic they will use it as an excuse for the price hikes. An like they said in a recent article the rich got richer starting last year early in the pandemic and they don’t taxes and the rich ministers here don’t pay taxes either

  3. The US will never come here to restore any Law and Order. Just look at how they treated Haiti after they told the Citizens to come over to the US. We have nothing here that America wants, why will they deploy any Troops to help save the same black race they would like exterminated and extinct.

  4. Some people really need to read more, Prices are rising GLOBALLY due to the pandemic. The cost of shipping goods has risen exponentially, this cost is then past on to consumers which is natural in a Capitalist market. Saint Lucia has a huge import bill so of course we will affected greatly.

  5. Some of you read but have no overstanding. Who is asking for violence? St Lucia has nothing to burn or loot or anything. I feel the frustration of my people. I hear their cries every day. When I look at the mindset of these civil servants all I see are men and women who talk the talk but can’t walk the talk. They seem to only understand one language and that’s violence.

    The police can’t do sh!t to anyone. That’s not the 1960’s. I didn’t hear threats,I heard a young man stating the obvious. St Lucia is a weak country because of our canal minds. Our young men are either sold to the streets or to lgblahblahblah community. Our young women are competing to become TikTok stars and Instagram models. The nuclear family is lost,the it takes a village to raise a child mentality is no more and we have turned our backs on creation and the Creator. Too many lucefarians in this country.

    Sometimes you have to grab the bull by its horns to make your point.

    WAR IS COMING!!!! Are you prepared?

    The yesterday we know is no more. ‘THEY’ have taken that away from us but I’ll die first before I allow them to take away my tomorrow. So sit there and wait on y’all night in shining armor to save y’all but as for me,I prepared to do what any creature in a jungle does. It’s ither I become the hunter or the hunted.

    Y’all had better choose which side of history you’re on.

  6. The Lucian government declared warn on Lucians when they decided to push this Vax agenda and digital ID scheme on us. Destroying our country and ruining businesses for WHAT. Lucians have ever right to be upset.

  7. Bruh that is exactly what the RSLPF want here. A war so they could have a perfect reason to shoot em up. All the price hikes are deliberate to keep us frustated to the point we step up and face the government. Its not just about trying to make ends meet with what you have but getting justice for our country I just don’t know how that protest would be done safer

  8. Poule Foo, shut your a$$8. You cannot do anything. You just an idiot. In any case you are of no consequence, so who would come loot you. What you have? Sh^t? Why don’t you just get lost. Your fingers might not have rheumatism, and that’s a big might not because what they have is worse than that very likely in addition. Poule foo go o hell. And X-Rambally you sound just like poule foo, so if you not him, then just do exactly what I recommended for him/her and get lost.

  9. The person air his frustration people was working slp uwp slp come in and send every one home..I know 4 people that was in the construction company all send home same home..that’s pure crap people have to send a strong message to the government..and you seeing they busy putting their friends in 4 months pjp has traveled 6 times putting the people first Philip cares

  10. Bare F#ckry mate talking in that voice note your own boys killing u mal wat come and loot and burn my property and the mix Modaa C&nts that agreeing with that fool yall must feel it RSLP waiting for yall to give them an excuse to act and execute yall scum.

  11. Come loot me. My trigger finger eh have rheumatism. Make sure you call Rambally or Crick before you pull your little stunt. Ask them to pick you up at a particular time.

  12. Ohh St. lucia. so when Miguel Fevrier threatened someone who owed him, Zachary Hippolyte said on his show that they can’t do anything unless a report is made by the individual. Was any report made as this voice note came out. Laws apply only to some in sweet St. Lucia. That is why people are becoming more frustrated.

  13. Sha@e mate talking der , too many coward st Lucian’s down here you alone going jail bro. The ministers mist be laughing at mate ee , dem man have all kinds of demons riding on

  14. This administration stopped a lot of construction works. These works helped especially the men to help feed their families. We are approaching the holidays and many barely are surviving.
    Chastanet saw the best way was in construction in this dreadful times but many were criticizing the move by saying people do not eat roads yet they cannot put people in jobs. They only deprive them and continue to create high profile jobs for friends families and members. This government only care about getting back at the former administration and are not putting the people first as the want us to believe.

  15. The crisis in this country is escalating by the min. My fellow Jamacian and Guyanese friends are laughing, they say – dem ain know notin about harship, dem believe dem lil dalla have value so look it now.. i go even cook the yardi for my christmas and eat calaloo soup… them lucians like to mind people business too much. Boy i laugh!!!

  16. Many of those characters you see idling around the place, simply don’t want to get their hands dirty. They are lazy. Last weekend, I met a young guy (early twenties) who earns money from three sources. All legitimate. My reaction was wtf, amazing. Personally, I have hired workers who never showed up. When next I meet them, they cry, “boss, tings really hard.”
    At about 8 years old, I was collecting bottles to sell. Never begged. We were dead broke living in THE worst slum in Castries. I learned early that you have to make your own luck. I am sympathetic, but I am not willing to be a sucker for some of these clowns

  17. @Optimism…I agree 100%. I’m in the same boat and it is very hard and like you, I will not allow myself to get to a level where negativity overtakes. Forever hopeful and optimistic.

  18. Apparently one has money to buy bullets but not bread……Give anybody a few Rudeboys and look ignorance. The jobs they offering you don’t want……you want quick money for light work. “Jonny my boy mama send you to school to learn how to read and write”…….

  19. @ Just Asking Apparently he was on an SLP group chat giving them message for the SLP Ministers. Under UWP everyone (Red or Yellow) got work.

  20. I understand that people are frustrated. Not being able to feed your family and being diminished to a life of destitution is indeed worrisome and burdensome. This being said, no one has the right to incite violence. Let us look for coping mechanisms to remain positive beings.

    I am currently unemployed and at the mercy of generous family members. I’m taking time to improve myself, including: taking up new hobbies, reading restlessly- knowledge is POWER. I also find myself doing odd jobs to have a little money. I agree that this is not sustainable but I am OPTIMISTIC things will get better.

    My continued prayers are with the populace.

  21. They refuse to enact a minimum wage to stop the expliotation of private sector workers… How can we progress as a people when you have 80 percent of the private sector workers earning 3 to 5 dollars an hour…

  22. Right now, our economy heavily relies on tourism…and people calling for violence to scare off the lil one two tourists we get? ok… Remember Saint Lucia isn’t like Martinique or Guadeloupe… we are NOT a colony…we have no parent country like France to fall back on for provisions etc. if shxt hits the fan and if shxt does hit the fan here be prepared to get things y’all didn’t want too because y’all know a particular country (whose citizens frequent here) like to drop their troops in other countries to “restore law order”…but then again we don’t have oil…but then again too we have a deep sea harbour, strategic forts and for show – lovely pitons.

  23. Don’t condone violence but I emphasize with the person in this voice note citing “have bullets but no bread”.

    @ g.w I share your sentiments also. In the wake of all this economic hardship, prices going up and the unreasonable, unjustified discrimination against those who don’t want to take or need the experimental vaccine, our leaders will inadvertently cause an uprising of some sought which in my opinion might be needed to get our priorities straight.

  24. boy i find that someone took that long to say something like this i dont condone violence but what he is saying is truth cause take a look at what is happening in the french territories and also in brussels cause at the end of the day people can only take so much and if they not getting the attention they want is violence they will resort to which is really bad.

    cost of living has gone up again and no raise in salary, Cruise ships coming on the warf but only the big tour companies that are allowed to make tours and the little taxi man just there even if the ministry of health made him covid 19 certified and has his sticker on the vehicle to prove it . people want to discriminate who gets to make a dollar to survive if you dont take a vacine and the list goes on

    Now this voice note i dont believe this person is making a threat to the police or the current administration at all, what i get from what they are saying is if things continue this way there just might be an uprising and as of right now people in charge especially in the The Medical and Dental Council of Saint Lucia need to watch what they report to the heads of government cause these are scary times. but to the person who made that voice note i think you should be careful when you say the streets have more guns than the police cause the last man that said this made it as a threat and he got killed.

  25. I love it. Keep them on their feet and toes. The only language politicians understand is violence. Big up yourself the voice behind the note. Police don’t investigate they only intimidate.

    WAR IS COMING!!!!!!!


  26. LOL so you was getting contracts from the previous government and now it stop you want the country to burn down to the ground?

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