RSLPF: No Confirmation Yet Of Identity Of Body Found At Lower Morne Road

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) citing ‘due process’ has revealed that there’s no confirmation yet of the identity of the partially decomposed body of a female found last month at Lower Morne Road, Castries.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Head of the Major Crime Unit Superintendent Luke De Freitas disclosed that samples went to the forensic laboratory for analysis.

And he said the police are awaiting results.

But De Freitas explained that the police could not put a timeline on when they will receive the results.

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“We fully understand that the family is grieving over this incident. However, we are following due process in this matter and we cannot, without confirmation, place an identity to the body at this point,” he stated.

The partially decomposed body was discovered on July 24.

A Belair family believes it’s their missing relative, Sasha Polius.

Sasha Polius

A family member said they last saw the twenty-three year old on Sunday, July 17, when she disclosed that she was off to a barbecue.

The family made a report to the police after she did not return and numerous attempts to contact her failed.


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  1. Dr Stephenson King is retired,so the new one is not expert in post mortem ? But it was Iong ago I read on Guinana’s journal stating, with the help of 🇱🇨 St-Lucia’s florenic lab test,they were able to identify the murderer or criminals.
    Why not letting the familles to see the body, may be that can help !
    O LORD, reveal what is hidden in the darkness

  2. Yeah. My hair last hair dresser’s husband was a police officer. They moved to another country a few years ago. She once told me her husband said they will never build a forensic lab in St. Lucia, because all the evidence will point to _____. You know. Some officers actually have a conscience and leave for other professions or new lives elsewhere. Drain the swamp.

  3. @g.w. i was thinking the same thing…so long the girl has not come home then what do they think??? awa wiii for our system in slu…..out of all the murders i have read abt in slu this is the first i see they taking so long to identify a body…….what magic they do on the girl body deh??? awa wiii….

  4. No wonder we will always be treated as a ‘shit hole’country according to trump because we act and speak so laid back. We never demand and show that we are serious. “It is when people like Marcus speak people would’ve hear” I according to the music group Culture. Well now it is when someone like Mia Mortley speak, people could hear.
    It is like whenever we need overseas intervention the authorities here act like scared cat. They cannot talk they are powerless and always seem to blame others not themselves. Camdu books blame USA. Forensics, not us, it is the US. Can’t you at least try to get a timeline officer? Lab tests blame Carpha, crime not enough enforcement, no vehicles, justice system. The problem is simple. They are not doing their jobs efficiently but always expect to get a salary. If people were often getting fired in this public service things would be much better but people take their jobs for granted.

  5. I feel terribly sorry for the grieving family of this Sasha girl. RSLPF is a relllll joke- I am not saying they have to perform like what we see on TV but awah ee!

  6. These police people are something else. in saltibus two sisters got murdered. they said they had the perpetrator for one in custody. but rumours are the second sister got harmed when the same boy was in custody. so something does not make sense here. these were quiet, simple people growing up and living in the same community all their life.. so does the police have the right person? were those sisters harmed by two different people including the one in custody? or was it one person on his crime spree who targeted them both and is walking free still? no one deserves this. God is not sleeping. better believe it.

  7. if up to now sasha has not come home then obviously it is this girl but i know things have to be done in the right manner but since the day this went to the lab where is the labin the USA?

  8. It is insufficient to say that samples went to the Forensic Laboratory for analysis without identifying the Lab whether is here in Saint Lucia or overseas and not having a time frame as to the result. There seems to be no urgency in solving theses murders in this country and as as a result more people are being killed. It is now time that the government forms a Special Police Detective Agency similar to the FBI or Scotland yard whose sole responsibility is to investigate serious crimes including white collar crime, firearms and ammunition and fraud throughout the island. The agency should be headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police who will report to the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security. The Agency should be made up of Secondary school leavers and persons who are trained investigators. Those persons recruited for the job should be sent to the FBI
    Academy and Scotland Yard for Detective Training and the regional islands for inhouse training. We cannot have people being murdered and cases remain unsolved because of inadequate trained detectives/ investigators. One of the reason for this state of affair is because our Police Officers Officers give priority to working Special Duty at Dance Halls, escorting vehicles belonging to private companies as cash escorts and boat rides thereby not performing their actual duties with the zeal, enthusiasm and motivation that is needed to see the successful investigations and detection of those serious crimes.


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