RSLPF Pays Tribute To Murdered Officer: ‘This Will Not Break Us!’

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has paid tribute to Constable Nathan Timaitre who succumbed after he and another officer were ambushed Saturday night was they engaged in ‘off duty related duties’.
According to reports, the two men were in civilian clothing while engaging in a cash escort when Timaitre was fatally shot and his partner was wounded.
On its official Facebook page, the RSLPF posted the following:
The sun rose in the sky today but set on the life of a promising young man who served with distinction.
Police Constable 863 Nathan Timaitre, was senselessly murdered last evening whilst performing off duty police related duties.
He died as he lived, in the service of others. Constable Timaitre was known for his great compassion for others, always willing to go the extra mile to assist anyone in need.
An avid singer, he participated in Calypso Headquarters under the sobriquet “Counsellor “, a term he was affectionately called, during his tenure at the Vulnerable Persons Team, for the care and attention he showed to victims of sexual assaults.
Constable Timaitre moved on to serve at units such as the Drug Unit and Criminal Investigations Department, where he showed no difference in his level of commitment.
Constable Timaitre, usually had the honour of being the right marker of the RSLPF’s drill squads, as he towered over most. He led his platoons with ease and most recently pulled off a spectacular display at this year’s Independence Day celebrations.
His giant like appearance was in no way an indication of his personality, as despite his daunting appearance he was the most gentle of souls. His foreboding stature made many quake as he entered a room, until a smile broke across his face and he uttered his famous greetings.
His passing has shattered hearts and his legacy will live on through our shared memories.
Special Police Constable Isaac Calvin alias King was also seriously injured in the incident and we pray for his recovery.
To the families and friends of Constable Timaitre, we extend our sincerest condolences. Words will not bring peace in this moment, but in time, we pray that the impact of his life and the sacrifice he made will ease the void created by his cessation of life.
The Executive, colleagues at the Criminal Investigations Department, former colleagues and all members of the RSLPF, this will not break us! We are formidable and our resilience, though tested, will not waver.
To those who thought this would divide us, think again. Sleep in perfect peace Timaitre !
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. i did not know him to well but have seen him and he is a true gentle giant honestly speaking these guys put their life on the line and they dont get the most respect or salary they deserve.

  2. Long live the Memory of Kimberly De Leon and Shakadan Daniel…… Nobody is above the system of Accountability….

  3. Get down on those CRIMINALS with Full FORCE of the law…. It’s time for our beautiful island to be a safe place again…

  4. My condolences to the family of Constable Timaitre. Pray that they are able to cope in this very difficult time. Special Police Constable Isaac Calvin, pray that he makes a full recovery.
    These men, and others are daily put in additional harm’s way by inept politicians. I shudder, as I read the comments coming from the heads of the two major political parties. One guy was in power for five years, and did nothing to address a very serious gun problem. The other is in power for half a year and has not address the problem head-on. Criminals are still getting bail for unlawful gun possessions. Fines are still handed out for judgement. No wonder many St. Lucian’s view those principals as clowns. Both sides are guilty of poor management.

    It takes a real tragedy for politicians to act on potentially dangerous situations. Example, there are bridges without rails on several parts of the island (yes, you seeing right). They have been so for many years. They have not been repaired because, “nuttin eh happen yet.” Such is the feeble mental state of some persons who are in decision-making capacities. How many more people must die before we have zero tolerance?

    • Seems like he was true patriot and hero! Now….related to the headline and what media sensationalises….he was a civilian at the time of this sad event so his police officer status should not be the basis for preferential treatment in the court system vs other innocent gun crime victims like Kimbeley De Leon. A police officer killed in the line of duty is a whole totally different twisted extremely serious ting! Hope I am clear!! Still at the end of the day a life is lost and this is never a good thing…get those bastards who did this plz.

    • they doing it cause its extra money to the little salary they aquire. Honestly these guys need a raise

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