Friday, September 30, 2022

RSLPF Probes Double Homicide At La Toc, Gun Violence In Gros Islet

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has launched an investigation into a double homicide at La Toc, Castries, and a shooting incident at Gros Islet.

Details surrounding the incidents are sketchy, but law enforcement officials have confirmed that a man and a woman succumbed to gunshot wounds Wednesday morning at La Toc.

In addition to the La Toc double homicide, police disclosed that two men in their twenties sustained gunshot wounds Tuesday about 11:30 pm in Gros Islet.

There are also reports of shots fired in Soufriere Tuesday afternoon.

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There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. U got my vote concerned citizen…. No Wasco water flow sent in over a week in cap estate smph bc Wasco has a pressure problem smph can you please, please focus on Wasco pressure into and out of Castries! Smph

  2. While the cats away, the rats will play. Beside the P.M. the next top Ministers are away winning and drinking, eating with the tops of the greatest on Earth, the Country is going to hell, who cares, they’re having fun so dont bother them. This is a Lawless and Godless generation, its not going to get better soon. The curse of the Spirit of death is abound. there is, has always been, only one way out. St. John 15.5 Jesus said:-‘Without me you can do nothing’. People of St. Lucia, your heavenly father is awaiting your call. Form Prayer groups, get together at least once a week or moor, pray your hearts out to the Almighty Father in the name of the Lord Jesus, you will be rewarded. Amen.

    • Ppl have their own minds . I hate to hear ppl say it’s the Minister’s fault things are going bad. Does the prime minister take a gun and put into the People’s hand?Is he the one who actually make people get covid or go to the bars face-to-face with no mask everything people blaming the government and this is just bulshit! Stop blaming the government for everything that happens everyone is in charge of the own lives and their decisions .

  3. I dont understand all this fake outrage from the government and people of St Lucia. Monkey see. Monkey do. the criminals just start. KICK LABOUR OUT OF GOVT!!!

  4. @ Concerned Citizen; the only way I would be convinced is if you declare to Hanging murderers, I’ve always said – You kill – You hang – ( may God be your guide )
    P.S. S.t.on.line. where is my previous post, its day time?

  5. I accept the fact that the police 👮‍♂️ cannot be everywhere at the same time but what I cannot accept is the fact the police does not have a regular presence or police 👮‍♂️ patrol especially in the so called HOt Spots of St. lucia.
    It is a proven fact that regular and effective police patrols be it on foot, horse back, motorcycle, motor vehicles etc. is a serious deterrent to crime.

  6. It is ironic that after 5 plus years of inaction and police recycling we expect the SLP administration to recover and restore so level of calm in 6 plus months.

    I wish we could carry out a pole to see how many people who have called police control to report gun shots being fired and absolutely no response and follow up by police.

  7. It is ironic that after 5 plus years of inaction and police recycling we expect the SLP administration to recover and restore so level of calm in 6 plus months.

    I wish we could carry out a pole to see how many people who have called police control to report gun shots being fired and absolutely no response and follow up by police.

  8. I have decided that I will be running as a candidate in the next general election. I will be running as an independent. If I am successful. I hope to take on the position of national security minister.

    with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and experiece in fighting crime as police office who served in Canada. I am more than competent to take on this role.

    Under my leadership expect the following:

    -Madatory access of phone records from suspected criminals. (so telephone companies will have to comply)
    -Madatory DNA for all those who have commited crimes and who are guilty of crimes.
    -A revamping of the judical systems (a few judges and magistrates will be fired for lack of fair sentencing)
    -Revamping of the police departent (firing all currupt police officer, and possible jail time for thoes assisting criminals)
    -The prisons and their officers will also be revamped and giving jail time as well for assisting criminals.
    -Sentencing guidelines for criminal offences
    -A national database for suspects, that includes (mug shots, finger prints, address, DOB, etc)

    I will annocence my name and more about my qualification as the elections draw near. I am not affiliated with none of this political parties.

    I am just coming in to clean house and get things done.

    PS: Your next security minister

    • Yeah right. I will support you after your background checks come in. Lucians need to be sure your sponsor is not any Canadian serial murderer who like to have cops in high positions because he think he will get off that way. Make sure that superstar is first on in your database.

      • I am a regular visitor to my island, I will be relocating within the year, and I will be running to make a difference.

        Rest-assured my background is sparkling clean.

        Besides, what do you have to lose? You getting competience and experience in one and I have a plan.

        Keep an open mind. More is to come.

  9. I will say it again the police cannot be everywhere all the time. I bet if you all were in a foreign country and they shoot your neighbour you would have nothing to say.
    Politics again SMH

  10. Mister PM come on! This is bad. We need a national security unit / crime prevention unit! The police’s job is to solve crime, not prevent it. Stop telling the police to take pride in what they do. How can they when you don’t provide the support they need? We need a national security unit where CRIME PREVENTION is the main focus. Address this now and stop the globetrotting of ministers across the world just to annoy the opposition. Stop the pettiness and get to work.

  11. I’ll never forget a woman posting a status “if you not a gunman you cannot touch this hole”

    Next month she hospital crying violence against women and blaming men. I find it funny how y’all want to blame men and love “gunman”. Don’t you see the irony?

    A man studying to get his degree you screaming in his face and shoving your statistics down his throat.

    A man who is the reason why you can’t walk alone at night, r*ping minors, responsible for doing our people the most wickedness, murdering women who have zero involvement in the crime….. the list goes on and you saying you only want these kind of men and glorify their behavior.

  12. Where are the crime fighters. Two of them are in Dubai eating and drinking. Not a word from a lost PM. Fatso is lost and Vegggggie is MIA ???

  13. We had a minister of National Security who did nothing for 5yrs and a PM who never spoke about gun violence until a week ago since he was kicked out of office, but you have some Clowns who believe during that Raine of terror were the glory days…it was those same fools bitching daily about crime under uwp

  14. The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom! When man doesn’t fear God, the devil will be in control. The people of St. Lucia needs to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father or else it will be more devastating for St.Lucia. “REPENT ST LUCIA” turn away from your wicked ways and come back to God.


  16. Where’s The National Security Minister? What is he or she doing to address this CRIME PANDEMIC that we are dealing with? Why isn’t any addresses coming from the Office of this Minister? No PRESS CONFERENCE or anything. If he or she knew they couldn’t handle the Portfolio or Office then they shouldn’t have accepted it from the get go or resigned after proving their failure to address the situation. SLP HACKS PLEASE ASK THE MINISTER to handle his/her duties instead of running down the people who are speaking the truth against the NONSENSE that’s going on.

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