Thursday, August 18, 2022

RSLPF Probes Second Faux A Chaud Homicide

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is investigating the discovery of a body at Faux A Chaud, Castries with apparent gunshot wounds less than twenty-four hours after a man was shot dead in the same community.

According to law enforcement officials, around 7:40 pm on Sunday, CID personnel went to the area where they found the unresponsive body of a man at his residence with apparent gunshot injuries.

Police identified the deceased as Carlton La Corbiniere, 39.

Hours earlier, around 11:00 am, a medical practitioner had pronounced another man, Solomon Joseph, dead.

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Reports indicated that Joseph was standing by the road on Sunday morning when an assailant shot him several times.

A suspect was in police custody in connection with that homicide.

There are no further details at present.


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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. It seems Solomon is raga child for Him to kill people urll have to stop dat n leave di man name outt of urll shate chops not because is he dats di mob urll can just pin somebody murder on him cum out from behind DAT keyboard let me handle u face to face cause it seems like is u DAT give raga DA gun n bring him n do the shooting u DAT I NOT GOOD DARE

  2. Urll lucians like to call people name in urll thing u dat i not good here u never see di man shoot people but u quick to post dats why crime eh go stop Cause not because DAT happen for urll to say is ragga give his ass a break u DAT I not good here it seems u jealous of ragga ass a man DAT trying his best to stay outta trouble but yet still urll sending it his way smfh

  3. u mean to tell me you shot the young man cause yall suspected he was liming with opps? And the man always on his on heights
    Gasa ragga u finish seems you had rage from Solomon death🤣🤣🤣

  4. Oh Lord my God, what has happened to St. Lucia? the good name of my Island has become the cesspool of death by violence, murder in one day in one area on a Sunday sends a wrong message, i.e. stay away and stay clear; this kind of life is not natural, I really don’t know what any police force can do to stop that.
    I read once where the prominent wife of a former prime minister organized a conference of international witches in St. Lucia. Of all places, why St. Lucia? we all know what Witches are all about – evil, that’s it; once it is loosed crazy things happen. St. Lucia needs the antidote to evil, the ‘Spirit of good over evil’ the Holy Spirit of Christ in daily prayer will do it. Amen.

  5. Well, seems it’s the slaughtering season, and the local murderers are not leaving all the senseless killings to Putin and his thugs! But make no mistake, there’s a day of reckoning coming! And all will have to give an account of their evil deeds!


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