Wednesday, October 5, 2022

RSLPF Probing Report That Cop Invaded Dennery Home, Stabbed Man Multiple Times

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The Royal Saint Police Force (RSLPF) has confirmed that officers are investigating a report that an off-duty traffic police officer entered a Dennery home on Saturday and stabbed a man multiple times.

Dorcas Emmanuel, the victim’s mother, told St Lucia Times that the attack occurred early morning.

According to Emmanuel, her son and his girlfriend were asleep at the time.

Dorcas Emanuel

She said the attacker climbed through a window and stabbed his victim to the chest and arms.

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“I could say thank God that he was blocking the stab wounds with his arm. If not I could say I would not have a son today,” the distraught woman said.

“My son knows the individual. While the individual was stabbing him he kept calling out the person’s name,” Emanuel told St Lucia Times.

And she explained that the only issue she could think of between her son and the attacker, whom she identified as a traffic police officer, was that her son was seeing the individual’s ex-girlfriend.

After attacking her son, the mother said the assailant  went to unlock the house door and escape after dropping the weapon on the floor.

” I woke up Saint Lucia to a bloody house. I woke up to my son calling my name telling me ‘Somebody is inside. Come!’ Only to know that the Somebody is Somebody we all know,” she stated.

Emmanuel disclosed that they made a report to the police, who are investigating the matter.

In addition, she said the family had retained the services of an attorney.

“Parents, families are going through pain just because of others who are condoning the violence being inflicted on other people,” Emmanuel lamented.

In this regard, she recalled Saturday night’s fatal shooting of off-duty police constable Nathan Timaitre and the wounding of his colleague as they engaged in a cash escort at Bocage, Castries.

“I am appealing for it to stop, because the officer who lost his life, his family is feeling the pain just as I am feeling because every night I have to deal with the crying of my son calling my name to come to his rescue,” the mother told St Lucia Times.

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  1. This is so sad. We allow the devil to take possession of our souls. We allow ourselves to be carried away like feathers in the wind.
    Give God our minds, body and soul. Stop allowing satan to trick us. Use the brains God has blessed us with.

  2. If found guilty this cop need to be charged, fired and do time for breaking the law. No one is above the law and you cannot be representing law enforcement by doing criminal acts.


    You all police better start dealing with criminal activity seriously. See what happen to your collegue last week? You better start cleaning your house.

  3. The perpetrator needs psycholigical help. He has a problem for allowing a woman to cause him to act in such a way. The victim should leave the woman and find someone else.

  4. Once you have a Dennery woman is horns you getting. They like to horn dey men with man with money. If de man working night like police or worse if he working cruise ship is horn dem man getting from Dennery girls. Money does fool them. Now da man know de girl have a man you think she horn with you she won’t horn you too. Couyon

      • You must be from Dennery to, you know how de ting goes deh. Must be give ur share of horns to lol…

  5. now url sure thats how the story goes??? people i am not supporting this but the officer fever thing is in the air….. lets not be quick to judge…..

  6. De Gros pwell make the officer mad, it could have been worse. There are other fishes in the sea.

  7. That’s the man fiance u referring to not his ex. And at the time you guys say that happen, the man was all the way by his side.

  8. boy a gros pwell not nothing easy . now sometimes the victim was giving the attacker jokes that he take his woman from him and that just triggered something to make him go mental and do this craziness. Now you do that stupidnes maybe for a woman and now you lose your job and you might take jail and she will be out there taking her business.

    • @G.W, so true. Why risk all of that for a woman?

      It this is factual then he is a fool, hence why she left him in the first place. You’re losing everything over PU**Y? Once you can buy anything especially that, then it’s not worth killing for or going to jail because he’ll still be enjoy her and someone will be enjoying you in the cell.

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