Thursday, September 29, 2022

RSLPF Recovers Six Vehicles Believed Stolen And Stripped Of Parts

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), acting on information, went to the area of the Barre de L’ Isle where they recovered six vehicles they believe criminals stole and stripped of their parts.

Investigators told St Lucia Times that all the vehicles had been stripped bare.

The investigators suspect that thieves managed to start the vehicles, drive them to the location and strip them.

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Officers hired a crane truck to take away the vehicles and currently seek the owners to identify the stolen items.

Auto theft has become a severe problem with thieves at times making off with vehicles or parts from right under the noses of their owners, although in some instances the vehicles had complex alarm systems.

The brazen criminals have struck at all hours of the day and night and in locations where motorists thought it would be safe to park their vehicles, including near their homes monitored by CCTV cameras.

In one incident earlier this month, a vehicle owner parked his car on Trinity Church Road, Castries, and returned about 4:30 pm to find that the radiator hose and compressor were missing.



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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. What makes this car graveyard any different than the “bare car” carcasses strewn all over the St. Lucia road sides? Everywhere you go you see these rusting pieces of crap abandoned beside the road. Are they stolen and stripped as well? We all make a beautiful island look like “$hit” with our garbage. We will forever be third world.

  2. Freemason – is on a drive as if the minister of labor will listen these dumb goats we have elected. This shouldn’t be news because gossip already broadcast it. Trinidad auto parts are being fuel with this nature of business – stolen vehicles and what we are experiencing is just the tip of the ice burg. When you need a bird you must have cage for it so if you needed a vehicle then you must have yard space or garage for it, parking it on the side of the road is just a recipe for fun drive away… aka grand theft auto st. lucia…

  3. @Dwight is right. We prefer to sensationalize events rather than staying low, investigate thoroughly and solve problems the way real investigators do!! Now that the police blow the cover, the criminals will have to strip the cars elsewhere!

  4. Freemason stop making excuses for these criminals with your crap about minimum wage. Do you really think all these crimes being committed are by people who don’t earn a minimum wage? Come on now. Stop that nonsense. If you and your family were the victims of these crimes you would not be blaming it on minimum wage. Lass parlay marjee! People commit crime because they have decided to, not because of the excuses that you are making.

  5. @Dwight unless they know the person’s involved who may be one of their own… Like you it doesn’t make sense to me!!

  6. Re. Articles.. The police department should not be the one to insure our investment for us.” Please insure your financial investment and let the insurance companies investigate the problems.. Police are for policing.. The Moto is to serve and protect…I am not a lawyer neither nor a police officer..
    They need Us to help them… Please let us help them to solve crimes..I am not a criminal either..I share!

  7. The system need to Enact a minimum wage so the people would and work the odd job than to steal if am man is earning 3:50 cent an hour he still needs another Income to provide for his Family… So it is the system that is responsible for the crime in st lucia do not go looking for me as I am only a social scientist

  8. Can never understand that and the news. Am I the only one that would not have announce that and have someone surveille the property. Because it looks like a ground for them stripping vehicles. They must come back, and whoever you get there, have them or hold them accountable for every single vehicle you found there. It is a ring operation. I don’t see why everything have to make news until you fully investigate and hold someone accountable. Now them man will be out there, stealing vehicles again and find a new location…Chupz pure nonsense.

  9. These Thugs Sell most of the Stolen parts Locally and there are a few Body work Garage who purchase these Stolen parts. These Garage Owners are worst than the thieves .Knowing that the Vehicles are stolen and purchasing the parts from these Thieves.To make Matters worst most of the Stolen Vehicles are Third Party which means that the owner will never get Compensated from the Motor Vehicle Insurance .St.Lhcians wake up set up the Neighbourhood Watch and Deal with these thieves. Professionally no one saw nor hear anything thats how it Must be

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