Thursday, August 18, 2022

RSS Troops Expected In Saint Lucia In July To Assist In Fight Against Crime

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, expressing concern about the current crime situation in Saint Lucia, has disclosed that troops from the Regional Security System (RSS) will be here.

“We are bringing RSS troops into Saint Lucia to assist the members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. They should be here sometime in July,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, told a news conference on Thursday.

The Castries East MP’s remarks followed his recent trip to Barbados for talks with RSS officials and came amid a surge in gun violence in Saint Lucia.

“We are very concerned and we understand the people of Saint Lucia have to be concerned. We have nothing against people expressing their concern and even their outrage about the crime situation. I too, I am outraged and this is why we are working with the members of the police service to see what we can do to alleviate that situation,” Pierre told reporters.

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He expressed condolences to the relatives of those who have died due to violent crime.

And at the same time, Pierre spoke of the need to address the ‘deeper’ reasons for crime.

“It’s not something that you can just deal with on the surface. You know what’s happening the crime situation is concerning and the government is concerned and within the resources that are available to us we are trying our best. But the situation is not good and I would be the first person to tell you it needs to change,” he stated.

“Our safety as a people cannot be compromised, but with the best will in the world, we have to be able to back it up with resources. We’re trying, and I am in the process of signing an agreement that would give the police 40 new vehicles,’ Pierre, also responsible for Finance, noted.

“The training vote that was stopped by the last government has been reinstated this year with $200,000. It could be more but that’s what we have now,” the PM told the news conference.

Pierre also spoke about the government’s ‘swift justice’ programme and $2 million in the budget to reduce the backlog of court cases, especially murder cases.

And in terms of accommodation for the police, he stated that construction started on the Gros Islet police station.

At the same time, he revealed that it would cost over $2 million to repair the Vieux Fort police headquarters.

“In the budget this year there’s money to repair police stations. We are looking into the possibility of drones for the police service. We are trying and we are starting by, as I said, bringing in the RSS and we are seeing how we can increase the numbers in the force,” Pierre told reporters.

He also said the government is seeking to boost the morale of members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

Pierre disclosed that he has met with the Police Welfare Association, discussing plans to stop or limit some of the problems.

“We are trying,” Pierre explained.

Headline stock photo: Saint Lucia police at crime scene in Castries.

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  1. “A cursed on him who is lax in doing the LORD’S work !
    A curse on him who keeps his 🗡️sword from bloodshed !
    Concering 🇱🇨
    This is what the LORD Almighty says :
    “Is there no longer wisdom ?
    His counsel perished from the prudent ? Has their wisdom decayed ?
    Woe to them ! For their day has come.
    The destroyer will come against every town four every four corners.
    The time for them to be punished.
    The LORD will cary out his purpose, his decrees against the people of the land.
    They are worthless,the objects of mockery,gods who are destroying the faith of some-
    They are like threshing floors,at the time is it trample ; the time to harvest them 🔥 will soon come.
    ❗When their Judgement ⚖️ comes, they will perish 🔥.
    ‼️He who is the portion of Jacob is not like these, for he is the Maker of all things,including the tribe of his inheritance-
    the LORD Almighty is is name “Jeovah Jira”, Everlasting God.

  2. ‘All of you all comments except God is love remind me of the story: The old man and the donkey .
    We can never please anybody.

  3. Our country will s too corrupt to govern itself. Hence the reason we need foreign intervention. All the naysayers are losers of the last election.

    • Lol really. Who made our country even more corrupt now to need some foriegners for help? Isn’t that an embarassment for a party that claims “better days are coming”. What the RSS really need to do is investigate the RSPLF and even the government, see who is getting the country even more corrupt!

    • I agree that our island is very corrupt. But enlighten me on how you think the foreign troops are going to help stop it? In case you were referring to members of the RSLPF being corrupt, tell me which institution in Saint Lucia isn’t. A corrupt society is sure to breed corrupt children. The officers came from our homes, were socialized by us. So if they are corrupt, what does that say about the rest of us. So when you point fingers check how many are pointing back at you. And remember, the easiest thing to do is to make allegations however, the most difficult thing to do is to prove them.

  4. Everyone is complaining that the government isn’t doing anything about crime. The government is putting measures in place and taking action and these same people are crying wolf.

    Every day I read comments chastising the police force and their tactics and or ability…yet when outside help is Sort to curb the crime problem people still have an issue.

    I guess it’s not about crime management but rather it’s just about blindly attacking the government.

    Some of you really want things to remain the same.

  5. Pierre said “We are trying” All that campaigning was ‘to try’. You are letting the country down by saying these three words. Is it trial and error that is going on in this administration? This is not what many want to hear. People voted for change of action to see results.

  6. I wonder how K the Devil A feels about the RSLPF’s inability to control the crime problem to the extent that Pierre now has to turn to the RSS for assistance. KDA never considered the negative impact on the RSLPF when he decided to destroy it for personal gain ten years ago.

    It’s no obvious that the police force is at its weakest and has been in that state for the last ten years – thanks to KDA. To those people criticizing the RSLPF for not doing enough, would you have pushed any harder seeing how you colleagues were treated? Ten years on and some of them are still tied up with IMPACS. Would you have risked it all for country. The answer is surely no. I wouldn’t have either. So now that the locals are too timid to act, the state has no choice but to look elsewhere, all because KDA and the Labour Party destroyed the RSLPF.

    It’s RSS today and tomorrow it’s a new commissioner from Trinidad. We sent two dogs over and the rumor is that the government will contract one instead- only this time to run the force and search it for inefficiencies. Labour destroyed the RSLPF to the extent that they now have to turn to a country with an even bigger crime problem to find a suitable person to head the RSLPF- imagine that. But if that rumor were true would that solve the crime problem- No. the Labour Party has imported cops before and at the end they left an even bigger mess. Now what then. This is a question for KDA since he single handedly destroyed the RSLPF. What a colossal mess this country is in. We are now heading to ORC number two, only this time by RSS troops. Our officers will clean up after them. In that way – no more sanctions on our police officers. They will not be betrayed a second time.

  7. We can try bringing in these foreigners to help.they maybe able to help some cause nothing beats a trial. My suggestion is that we start at the school level in order to help curb and stop our young people from joining these gangs. Why not have one a quarterly basis a day designated for all schools to have resource persons at school having talks with our children. I meant different resource persons like policemen. Lawyers.
    Businessmen,religious leaders, reformed trouble youth/ persons etc. we can have the students gather together like when they are having assembly and have the different resource persons talk to them. Also I don’t mean have these talks once and that’s it but I mean let it be a continuous thing on a quarterly basis. We have school children who need to hear those talks on a continuous basis. I say the school because honestly the behavior of school students can tell early those that are heading in the gang direction. It tells of background they are coming from or being exposed too. We need to continuously teach them the danger involve in going in this direction. Help need to start from there and not when there is no turning back for them. Sometimes it is clear that we as parents have failed them. Let’s all come together and work towards curbing it at an early stage and not when it has escalate and too late. Peace and love.

    • Excellent ideas! Its going to take someone to organize and execute great ideas (and ultimately likely a small group). Wisdom and well thought out ideas do nothing unless they are acted upon and implemented into reality. Could you be one to start the movement? You obviously understand some of the problem, and have a clear sense of what can help change things in the future. Could you also be the instrument of this change?

  8. RSS, Drones, what else? the Band keeps playing while the Ship is sinking. I don’t know who or where the Rss Force are coming from; I don’t trust anyone from the English speaking Islands, its better to bring in some real bad ass cops from Martinique and Guadalupe they understand our Kreyol and I’m sure they speak english; they are the ones I trust over any other. I was told that the hiding places of these bad guys and where and at whom they hide their Guns is not entirely unknown to a section of the police force, and a high ranking member of the Government knows too well of their doings, but PJP is too intimidated to do anything. Why only St. Lucia? we don’t hear of such in the other smaller Islands. Let’s hope this comes out O.K. otherwise heads will roll politically.(with God mindedness, none of that would be necessary; trust in the Almighty for deliverance from evil)

  9. The RSS should try to identify the snitches in our police force . Root them out once and for all. We need a patriotic and dedicated police force. Keep trying PIP and you will eventually succeed. Jah guide.

    • Yes, offer rewards for proof of collaboration with criminal behavior and protection against retaliation, regardless of what level the corruption is exposed.

  10. We don’t need you to try Pierre..we want to to act. And act in a manner that gives results….the police don’t just need new vehicles, they need a new approach…. intelligence led policing to find out how guns are entering the country, who the gang members are and the who is the head of the snake…and go after the criminals….for too long you clueless hacks have been sitting on your laurels and hoping crime subsides…stop your prevarications and act…stop blaming lack of finance and resources for your failings… The cause of this crime scourge is the family unit… breakdown of family integrity….you need to start with the family….I am honestly pissed…you guys have destroyed the country… clueless hacks.

    • Definitely! They need to up their intelligence game, and follow through with action and prosecution that packs a punch. Beside quality of life being affected, tourism is our life-line. There’s so much on the the line for our little gem of an island. Something needs to be done competently, and with urgency.

  11. Shame! Shame! Shame! Sad day in the history books of St.Lucia. Why would a Government who claims to “Put the People first” make a decision to invite foreign troops to execute our troubled youths? How much is it costing St.Lucia to feed one of the Soldiers from the RSS? Can you not apply more pressure on the RSLPF and have them do the job they are trained and paid to do? Why not use the funds used to support RSS to help identify troubled youths and offer Social Programs? Do you realize that you are going to start a Regional struggle amongst your own people of the region after the first fatal RSS shooting?
    Are you aware you are allowing old Chad easy political points, he will use the blood bath against you and win the next election? PJP please reconsider. I’m sure you won’t invite a stranger to your home to help enforce basic norms and values. You will go down as the worst PM after the first RSS Killing and Ernest, RF and the rest will laugh at you. Son reconsider. To all the so called bad man, put down the guns. Allow your gang leaders to perish on their own. Fly High my G on FB will not bring you back!!! I’m not sure who is advertising our PM but this decision to execute you’ll troubled youths is insane. Remember St.Lucia was controlled by two Barons, namely Boney and Garbo. After their deaths we saw an increase in violent crimes as new gangs spring out from all over the island. The government needs to enact legislation going after the assets of gang leaders and that shit in VF with stop. I hope the RSS clean up the RSLPF too…sad day in the history books. I writing this without even reading over, because I’m not happy with this decision one bit.

    • I do not always side with Lucian “ugh” Highgrade … but I am in total agreement with his comments. TOTAL!! The RSS will NOT solve our troubles. The RSLPF needs a shake up/down.

  12. Mix it up, shake it up…..bring in local dogs, trained by Gregory K9 Defense training unit by aquatic center. Do the same to Customs!

    • Pierre you have failed miserably…a total failure. When you have to bring RSS into the country to sort out your mismanagement of the crime situation…again you clueless ministers keep treating the symptoms not cause…. The cause is the total breakdown of family life in St Lucia, the cause is young men not finding jobs, the cause is young people not achieving educational goals, the cause is government not stepping in when the young starts to exhibit behaviour leading to a life of criminality…the cause is people who don’t have a clue what they are doing in leading the country..the cause is, guns entering a country surrounded by water and not sufficient surveillance of our water and air ports…the cause is corrupt officials in various departments, the cause is not dealing with young men who see gang culture as the default culture…the cause Pierre is you guys recklessly play politics with the lives of Saint Lucians….I am outraged at what St Lucia has become…dirty streets, run down communities looking like ghettos while you guys live in plush residential areas not giving a flying f**k what’s happening in the most disadvantaged areas of At Lucia…. clueless bunch of idiots. When will you listen to the people?

  13. The headlines should more correctly read: Troops for the RSS will be here to assist with Carnival.
    But wait a minute! Troops? AA. If the TROOPS act, will there be another IMPACS?


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