Ruling Delayed In Change Of Venue For Amber Guyger Trial

The judge in the upcoming Amber Guyger murder trial is not ready to grant a change of venue and may not do so at all, it has been reported.

According to CBS DFW,  Judge  Tammy Kemp ruled Monday that a decision on the defense’s request for a change of venue won’t come until it’s determined whether  a jury can be selected in Dallas County.

Lawyers representing Guyger have cited “prejudicial” and “inflammatory” media coverage as reasons to move the trial to another county, following the leaking of her 911 call on the night she shot Saint Lucian Botham Jean dead.

They are reported to have cited some 300 news articles in connection with their argument.

The unarmed Jean was killed in his own apartment.

Guyger, who was an off duty Dallas cop at the time has claimed that she mistook his apartment for hers.

She was subsequently fired from her job and indicted for murder as a result of the September 2018 incident.

The former Dallas Police officer will go on trial next month.


    • you maybe right “Just Saying” in saying ” I can see an unsatisfying ending !” That change of location isn’t unusual … my concern is what she is charged with… she’s been indicated for murder ( as in murder 1) that means KILLING SOMEONE WITH PREMEDITATION ..I ask base on what we know or think we know ,, DO you believe the prosecution can prove “BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT ” that Amber is guilty.. she is guilty of killing him yes but is it murder ( as per the law ) or is it manslaughter ? Chances are Amber will be acquitted ( I hope not ) of the murder charges and maybe found guilty of a lesser charge


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