Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Russia TV Anti-War Protester Has Been Found

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A lawyer for the Russian television editor who held up an anti-war sign during a live broadcast on Monday confirmed to CNN that they have found Marina Ovsynnikova and she is in Moscow court.

A photo showing Ovsynnikova and one of her lawyers, Anton Gashinsky, was published on Telegram.

Marina Ovsynnikova with lawyer Anton Gashinsky in a picture taken from Telegram on March 15. (Telegram)

According to CNN, Dmitry Zakhvatov and other lawyers had been trying to locate the Channel One editor since her protest on Monday.

The BBC reported that Ovsynnikova was detained after she ran on to the set on Monday holding an anti-war sign.

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The news outlet said the sign, clearly visible for a few seconds, read: “No war, stop the war, don’t believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here.”

Al Jazeera reported that human rights organisations had warned Russia against punishing Ovsynnikova.

It said the Kremlin on Tuesday described Ovsyannikova’s actions as “hooliganism”.

“As far as this woman is concerned, this is hooliganism,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters, praising Channel One for what he called its quality, objective and timely programming.

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  1. What ever means necessary. Gwan Putin it’s Russian Property take it back don’t make NATO come in your back yard, the real Ukrainians speak Russian and they want you to invade that’s why they live on the outskirts and in the hills and you just bypass them. Russia never occupy any Black People Country. The US and the world thinks Russia is soft, when they have not even used a third of their army on this war…not even their reserves they called up. All their sophisticated war machines they don’t even touch any of it yet and the US knows it, is like they send SSU to do a job.

  2. Ever since Iran bombed a US base in Iraq, without response, the world has confirmed that the US is nothing but a toothless ~250-year-old tiger. There has never really been any confidence is the US dollar; the rest of the world had been cowered into obeisance to it by the over-arching threat of US military action; the US has over 800 military bases around the globe.

    After witnessing the US humiliation of having to slink away from Afghanistan in the middle of the night, the world woke up, and after analyzing the real performance of the US military in the 20th century, the answer was stark: The only victory of the US military in the 20th century was against Grenada!

    Fast forward to today: News of the World

    Even ordinary US citizens are being trolled by the spectre of Putin:

  3. The desperation smells even more than I thought!

    Nobody can refute the facts as I have laid them out; hence, the ad hominem responses!

    Anyone going to post their grocery bills, gasoline bills, or Lucelec bills for us see?

  4. @Nudge, pack up your stuff and go back to China so you can enjoy the social credits you have earned.

    Russia is arresting its people for protesting against the war and shutting down any media that can be used to show their people what is going on outside of their country. Sounds like oppression to me.

    • The social credit is right on your doorstep and you want to talk about China. ECCB Dcash, Digigov, Vaccine Passport. Soon you will wonder what happen to the freedoms you once enjoyed. Fix your country.

  5. that woman lie, there is a war going on i have friends that have family in ukraine . choops nonsense talking about dont believe the propaganda

    • G.w please read to understand…she is trying to let people in Russia know that there is a war. Thats the problem we have in Saint Lucia…we fail to understand quite alot, hence the system is failing us and we dont understand who is helping and who is not! God help us all in this half literate country.

      • Lol Like really ? she is trying to let people in Russia Know that there is a war? dont you think the people in Russia already know and see that there is a war going on? seriously?
        “No war, stop the war, don’t believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here.” as far as i am concerned this is what the sign she held after it was translated said and the end words were “don’t believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here” if you take your time to read it properly those last statements she wrote and clearly the order in which it was placed clearly shows (unless that was not the intention) that she is trying to say that they are lying about the war and that we should not believe there is any war so basically it is understood the way she wrote it and yes may God Help your Grandfather in his literacy problems

    • Both of you are wrong. When she says, ” they are lying to you”, she is referring to the broadcasting or news station. She isn’t saying there isn’t a war, she is saying that they are spreading biased information about it and propaganda. Basically like FOX in the US pushing the ‘Great Lie’. Russian news media is pushing a lot of propaganda to make the war seem justified. She was tired of seeing the lies…

  6. I love the smell of desperate helplessness in the morning!

    The US & NATO have suffered some serious butt-hurt in Ukraine, with their Nazi stormtroopers getting stomped daily by Russian forces & their “foreign legion” mercenaries incinerated at the Yavoriv International Peacekeeping and Security Centre, this past weekend. Their economic sanctions against Russia have boomeranged devastatingly by speeding up the demise of the petrodollar.

    What’s left in their arsenal? Highlighting the protest of a talking head in Russia? Please!

    I don’t see how that will be of any concern to citizens of the western world who’ve seen their food and energy bills doubled in a month; just so arms manufacturers can make exorbitant profits, in much the same way that Big Pharma was able to do over the last 2 years of the scamdemic!

    • What a good little russian troll you are. Your lies are consistent with the hurt you are receiving.

    • Also, the desperation has intensified, now that Saudi Arabia has agreed to sell its oil to China (note carefully) in yuan, not US dollars. That’s an earth-shaking event!

    • @Nudge, there’s only one “butt-hurt” going on here. And that Butt is yours! Your butt is hurt because it had to stretch enough for you to shove your head up your a$$.

      • Can you confirm if Walli, the Canadian sniper, survived the attack on the Yavoriv International Peacekeeping and Security Centre, this past weekend. Rumors are circulating that he was the reason for the attack using 30+ Kaliber missiles. It’s already been confirmed that up to 300 members of the “international legion” of mercenaries have died before they could test their bravado against the Russian forces.

    • They are desperate. You see in the past they have dominated the information space with their propaganda(lies).. the lies about Iraq WMDs, Assad gassing his people, Gadhafi killing his own people.. to name a few. They are having an increasingly difficult time convincing people so they resort to censorship and stunts like that of this woman.

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