Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Russia, Ukraine Report Progress In Peace Talks

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Ukraine and Russia have reported making significant progress in their ongoing peace talks over the weekend.

Ukrainian negotiator Mykhailo Podolyak believes the two sides will get results in days.

But he clarified that Ukraine would not concede in principle on any positions.

“Russia now understands this. Russia is already beginning to talk constructively,” Podolyak declared in a recorded statement.

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Russian state media meanwhile reported that Russian negotiator Leonid Slutsky said: “progress may grow in the coming days.”

He also cited the possibility of both sides signing documents.

However, neither side indicated what the scope of any agreement might be.

Their public comments came almost simultaneously on day 18 of the war which began when Russian forces invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what the Kremlin termed a special military operation.


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  1. Noted that the attached photo to this article is from the first meeting in Belarus 2 weeks ago. There have been 2 other meetings since then, between which, 2 members of the original Ukrainian delegation have been executed for voicing positions contrary to those of the neo-Nazis. A 4th meeting was planned for today; don’t know if it took place, since the Ukrainians, NATO & US are still suffering from the shock of Russia’s levelling of the 25 square kilometer training & staging facility at the Yavoriv International Peacekeeping and Security Centre (you can’t make up a name like this) with 30+ Kaliber missiles, in the early hours of Sunday morning. As a result, upwards of 180 western mercenaries & NATO trainers were sent to meet their maker, along with the weapons sent in from NATO countries. NATO officials are moaning that their expendables were killed even while they snored & dreamt.

    The article only cites comments from the Ukrainian side, not the Russian side. Russia has been hearing the same thing from Ukraine over the last 8 years, and they have lost all patience…hence, the invasion now, to force Ukraine to implement the requirements of the agreement signed 8 years ago.

  2. Russia will win this war plane and simple. Not even a 3rd of the Russian Army is unleashed yet. Make the US make on baby step and get involved and then you will see a real war. Putin have nothing to loose at this point except his life if he fails. The only thing the west is winning is the propoganda war and public opinion.

    • They jailed pro-Russian politicians. They shut down pro-Russian media stations. They burned alive pro-Russian protesters. And the kicked, they’ve killed 13,000+ Ukrainians seeking closer ties with Russia from 2014. BTW 1/3 of Ukrainians are Russian speakers. So it’s a family thing.

  3. Comments seen today:
    “Not many here remember [or, even know of] Russia’s experience with the Chechen wars from 1999 to 2009, which was the final end of the insurgency phase. The Chechen capital, Grozny, was razed to the ground in the initial conflict and the whole country was a complete mess. Chechen terrorists were supported by the CIA, just like they support Ukrainian Nazis, now – with the same objective, which was to destroy Russia.

    Subsequently, with the installation of Akhmad Kadyrov, who was replaced by his son Ramzan after he was assassinated in 2004 [any guesses who did it?], Russia helped Chechnya to completely rebuild itself to the point where Chechen soldiers now comprise the [main] Nazi elimination force in the Ukraine invasion.

    Putin has personal experience of how to re-structure a whole country by eliminating terrorist elements. All those who don’t understand what he is doing only have to look to Chechnya to see the results of the beta version of Putin’s methods. My belief is that he will do it better this time.

    Ukraine’s problem is that it is a resource-rich country, where all of the “income streams” are being pillaged by a variety of home-grown oligarchs [#1 being Zelensky’s benefactor, cum extortionist, Ihor Kolomoyskyy, he of the triple citizenship (Israeli-Ukranian-Cypriot)], with the willing assistance of US politicians [the sons of Biden, Pelosi, Romney & Kerry, to name a few] and the CIA. Remove that layer of scum from the picture and install some more effective people who are more prepared to share [Ukraine’s commonwealth], and the fortunes of the average Ukrainian can only improve.

    Here’s just a small example which struck me: The price of gasoline in cities now under Russian control has halved. Assistance is being offered to farmers to get this year’s crop planted.

    Putin is going to win this with plain common sense and create a country which will be a great ally to Russia just as Chechnya is now”.

  4. Russia is bluffing, they just buying time to replenish and plan the next move. Putin has lied at ever step of the way.

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