Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Russian Forces Invade Ukraine

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Russian forces have launched a military assault on neighbouring Ukraine, crossing its borders and bombing military targets near big cities.

In a pre-dawn TV statement Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia did not plan to occupy Ukraine and demanded that its military lay down their arms.

Moments later, attacks were reported on Ukrainian military targets.

Ukraine said that “Putin has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine”.

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Russia’s military breached the border in a number of places, in the north, south and east, including from Belarus, an long-time Russian ally.

At least seven people are known to have been killed, including civilians, but a Ukrainian presidential adviser said that more than 40 soldiers had died and dozens more were wounded.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that martial law was now being imposed across all of Ukraine, and then severed all diplomatic relations with Russia.

“No panic. We’re strong. We’re ready for anything. We’ll defeat everyone, because we are Ukraine,” he said in a video statement. Ahead of Russia’s attack he had made a last-ditch attempt to avert a conflict, warning that Russia could start “a major war in Europe” and urging Russian citizens to oppose it.

Warning sirens blared across the capital, which has a population of almost three million.

Traffic queued to leave the city during the night and crowds sought shelter in Kyiv’s underground metro stations. Several neighbouring countries have begun preparations to take in a large number of refugees.

“We don’t understand what we should do now,” one woman called Svetlana told the BBC. “We’re now going to a place where we can be safe and we hope we can leave safely. We have family in Mariupol and now they’re very nervous.”

One man was killed when Russian forces shelled the town of Chuhuiv, outside the major city of Kharkiv.

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  1. Everybody and their theatrics …some glorifying these mad men who want to instill their own world order. I am more concern what the fall out if this war expands what would be the fallout from a third World War. Most people here has never live thru a world war, so they have no idea the impact that will be felt. Their will be some Anarchist who would use the opportunity to attack the PM (they know themselves) for the anarchy St Lucia would endured , as if to say we are a nation with resources to gamble, all we have is two mountains sticking out of the ocean. If this spills beyond Ukraine ST Lucia and the wider Caribbean would be in some serious trouble , especially with the region just pulling themselves out of a Pandemic Frying Pan right into Word War 3 Fire….mama God help us.

  2. All the lucian fellas that killing each other send them Ukraine to bust there gun legal. Let’s see how much of them will came back praising the name of the lord

  3. Well war was upon to happen one way or another since covid is lowing down numbers of civilians, Russia is a no joke army They have the most ridiculous training. We have no idea when it will be saint lucia turn, no matter if we are a small country we can ‘ve taken over very easily

    • @The Crow February 24, 2022 At 3:58 pm
      Your link to Mearsheimer’s lecture beat mine…seems all my comments with links are now being censored.

      Someone is very concerned that truth is not revealed!

      • And here’s someone who makes my point, above, using different words:

        “This Russian Shock and Awe is meant as a message. Beware.

        The breadth of the operation, executed with precision (so far – this is when to be wary of false flags) planned with meticulous forethought, and deadly serious in its objectives, is going to make the puppet-masters think twice about risking their own necks with the advanced tech of Russian weaponry. Immersed in profiteering the US built $1,000 toilet seats, and boondoggle weapons’ systems that can’t shoot straight, while the Russians, understanding the enemy, pursued a serious purpose of survival and exponentially advanced its warfare capabilities past a lumbering empire living on past glory, borrowed money and senile thinking.

        The problem really is when one listens to Putin/Lavrov versus Biden/Blinken, the disparity of intelligence is so apparent, versus the equal and opposite arrogance, that one has to fear the Americans are so stupid, and such blunderers yet hold such power, that a tragedy much greater than the one already unfolded is only a huff and a puff away.”

      • The main weakness in Mearsheimer’s argument is his focus on Ukraine as the main reason for the problems in Europe; this is completely wrong!

        The problem is that Europe is still occupied by the US military. This is how the US protects the interests of the oligarchy by forcibly preserving a capitalist system which fails (deliberately), on average every 7-10 years, so that 99% of the population are focused on their travails, and 1% can transfer more and more wealth onto themselves. Mearsheimer pretends that it is all about spreading democracy (which is nothing more than a device to keep the 99% fighting amongst themselves for the scraps which fall off the table when the 1% gorge themselves during their bacchanalian wealth grabs). Asia is not much different: Japan & S. Korea are still under US occupation, so they dare not cross the US. Australia is naught but a yipping poodle to the US.

        Apart from that, he is right: The US is the cause of all the ills in the world, today. More and more, both Russia and China are showing the world that the US is both economically and militarily weak; and they are trying to offer it as soft a crash as possible, so that it does not send the world to a nuclear winter, while in its death throes as an empire.

  4. Live webcams from Kiev, Ukraine.

    Seems like a normal late night to me.

    If there had been an attack from US & NATO forces, instead, I’m quite sure there would have been blackouts, and citizens hiding in out bunkers, because they would not want to be collateral victims of western deliberate targeting of regular citizens. Russia is only targeting military command & control, not Ukaranians!

  5. Some of the people commenting here have clearly drank the Russian Kool-Aid! And that’s just fine with Putin and his pack of lying, coldblooded thugs!

  6. Oh Yes, the nonsense has arrived. Saint Lucians who know everything about Russian geopolitics over thousands of miles away. Putin wants to unite the old USSR nations regardless of the consequences and collateral damage, he has said this in the past. NATO only started to expand towards Russia after the 2014 annexation of Crimea. People who live in the most free part of the world are the most delusional, why don’t you pack your stuff and move to China or Russia.

    • @Oh Really! Are you crazy? Where did you get that nonsense from? Do some more research and hope your eyes will open. I will say no more.

      • @Crow, no Crow do your research. NATO was formed right after World War 2. Most European countries joined NATO at that point. The second time a group of countries join NATO was in 2004, 7 countries join NATO after the second Chechen War which was because of Russia. So do your own research. NATO expands because of Russian aggression. But if you think Putin is right to invade Ukraine a country who do not want to be part of Russia then you are delusional.

    • Now, I see you have been blinded. NATO has been moving eastward around the end of the Clinton administration. In addition, there is also the expansion of “The EU” eastward. All of this to the benefit of the West. Do you remember Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic around 1999? They were incorporated into NATO. From since then the “West” has been supporting/funding/overthrowing all to become pro West/pro American. Who would want that at their front lawn? Certainly not the US. During the Cold War, Russia wanted to plant missiles in Cuba and the US almost plunged the world into a nuclear war because of that. When the US posed sanctions on Venezuela, the Russians and Iranians sent support. The Americans again said NO WAY. This is my backyard. And no, Putin is NO angel but NATO/The West should have given consideration to the Russia’s concern. That is my point. If they had (even a little bit), I don’t think we would have gotten to this point.

  7. Here’s what the western presstitute media will never show the world, what a real statesman is like. This was Putin’s address to Russia and the world, earlier today, Moscow time:

    Obviously, this will be an eye-opener for the western world’s population, who have grown up on the pablum fed to them by the clowns that have “democratized” them.

  8. @Poule Foo. You are so right. At least NATO could have thrown Putin a “bone” regarding Russia’s security concerns. But no! They (NATO) wants to deploy missiles in Russia’s backyard. Who would stand for that? Certainly not “The Big Bully”.

  9. TRUTH BE TOLD’s comment got converted to lies before it was posted here, or else he is willfully ignorant of the TRUTH.

    Ever since the collapse of USSR in early 1990s, the outlaw US empire felt emboldened to coerce the people of the world to submit to their will for the enrichment of the oligarchy, mostly through successful color revolutions, which subverted the democratic wishes of the people. Millions of innocent civilians were killed in the brutal wars against any country which resisted: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria.

    In Ukraine, the neo-Nazis, backed by the US and $US5billion, overthrew the democratically-elected government in 2014, because they rejected the lies of NATO for continued economic cooperation with Russia.

    By 2015, Russia had had enough! They completely reversed the US plans to overthrow Assad in Syria.

    History books will say the American Empire reached its highest point in 2020. Here’s what happened:
    – A color revolution in Hong Kong petered out.
    – Recognizing Guaido as president of Venezuela did not work out.
    – An intent to make Navalny the Russian Guaido did not work out either.
    – Afghanistan – never really conquered – was lost.
    – With Afghanistan gone, the US lost easy access to the Chinese region of Xinjiang.
    – Russian intervention reversed the conquest of Syria.
    – A color revolution in Byelorussia did not work out.
    – A color revolution in Kazahkstan was suppressed.
    – Russian pushback against US expansion in East Europe stopped entry of Ukraine in NATO.

    Here’s a story that makes sense of Russia’s response to the geopolitical machinations of the outlaw US empire (Russia has always been portrayed as a bear):

    “Whenever I am strolling through the woods and happen upon a slumbering bear I ask myself if I have a good reason to poke said bear? Is there a benefit to me to poking the bear? And, most importantly, what are the consequences to me from poking said bear? It turns out the cost/benefit to poking said bear is mostly cost and no benefit. And so I walk along my merry way.

    It would seem others tend to not be so thoughtful and deliberate in their actions. And so they wind up having to figure out their response while on the run from the bear. It turns out at that point you can no longer negotiate with the bear. Then it becomes which of my friends; running with me, I will trip into the way of the on-coming bear, so my treacherous ass has a chance to escape….”

  10. Would the United States allow Chinese or Russian forces on the Mexican border? You guess right. Furthermore those western countries had invaded Russia earlier in the 20th century. They occupied Murmansk and Archangel. Those western countries are not innocent bystanders.

    Ps. Those “good” countries have a long record of invasions of weak countries.

  11. You don’t ignore the concerns of a madman with an army. For years Putin warned. He was ignored. The US supported that coup that led to this situation. Ukraine president is no peach. He placed opposition leader under house arrest. He turned off water to Russian regions. He bombed them daily. And treated them as second class citizens. This is on them.

  12. When thugs such as Putin and Xi Jinping are allowed to do as they please — while “good” people of “good” nations choose to cowardly and selfishly look the other way, the generation today will reap what the generation of yesteryear reaped when Hitler reigned as the thug of that time! No two ways about that reality.

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