Rwanda President Wraps Up Barbados Visit Citing ‘Huge’ African Interest In The Caribbean

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Rwanda President Paul Kagame has ended a visit to Barbados, citing the African continent’s interest in connecting with the Caribbean.

“I just confirmed that there’s huge interest in the people of my country, our region, the continent, connecting not only with Barbados but the whole of the Caribbean,” Kagame told a joint news conference with Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

“Just check on social media. You will see a lot of comments about my visit here. Before coming here I passed through Jamaica and the comments from not only my country but from the continent speak to that,” he observed.

The Rwanda leader declared that it’s never too late to connect, make friends, and create partnerships.

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He recalled that Prime Minister Mottley had spoken regarding what needed to be done.

“If we connect directly, if there’s transportation serving both the continent and the Caribbean and Barbados in particular and visa waivers so that we make it easy for people to travel and do business and visit, this will be huge. It has a huge potential, and that’s what we are working to achieve and make this a reality,” Kagame told reporters.

The Barbados Foreign Minister and Rwanda’s Minister of Finance and Economic Planning signed a cooperation agreement during the visit.

While on the island, President Kagame met with various officials and held private talks with Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, among other activities.

Headline photo: President Kagame arrives in Barbados on Friday, April 15 for official visit. 

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  1. So some of ya’ll never heard of slaves becoming slave masters themselves? Selling their own people to europeans and whipping them to.

  2. This story of Kagame’s visit to Barbados has 3 distinct goals:
    1. Black-wash the real history of the Rwandan dictator’s involvement in Hutu massacres & his fake economic successes using wealth stolen from the Congolese.

    2. Attempt by the Clinton Crime Family (aka Clinton Foundation) to regain their position at the apex of power-brokers for dictators around the globe; a position which has been taken over by Tony Blair’s organizations, as well as those of Bill Gates & Warren Buffett.

    3. The very Bajan scheme of Mia’s to siphon off funds from all parties above, with which to support her de facto dictatorship of the new republic of Barbados.

    One would be wise to study the history of Kagame’s rise to prominence in Rwanda, as well as the involvement of the parties named above, in the image-laundering services performed on his behalf. A series of “Black Agenda Report” articles is a good place to start your journey of discovery:

    The comments which precede mine, are a risible attempt to divert the focus of concern from the 3 points I raise, above.

  3. @OfkingsNqueens – I believe I said it was about money and not about shared ethnicity, which you then espoused yourself. Perhaps a thorough reading, might help prevent contradictory statements. In any case the initial comments were in response to the earlier messages about who was complicit in the slave trade and BTW I am apolitical when it comes to St Lucia’s Government. Also agree with @justsaying about Rwanda being paid to take refugees being a NON progressive ‘policy/system’ by UK. It failed miserably when the Australian Government paid third world countries to accept refugees who were trying to gain refuge in Australia.

  4. @Ines Trevena your comment reminds me of the labour party… pretending to be a brotherhood for the blacks and poor. In realiy it has nothing to do with shared ethnicity or poverty… all about money, power and exploitation of the illiterate poor.
    Plus alignment with those who would sell out for a pay day.

    But I digress, Kagame is doing great things in Rwanda. Progressive thinker and leader. Has turned around the economy there. Hard to see the areas of mutual cooperation and benefit right now but by all means if they exist, let’s do business.

    • Including using his country as a penal colony for refugees deported from the UK? So progressive.

  5. “Enlightened” (NOT!) If you read the first very accurate description properly, then you would understand that the writer refers to the Atlantic Slave Trade, and in which African forebears DID participate. It would not have happened without their complicity with Arab slave traders. Europeans, especially the British, took this existing trade exponentially to another (terrible) level. People of the Caribbean through their forbearance have created a different and unique culture with elements of their African heritage, and a blend of many other things. Be proud of that and while international trade may transpire with African nations, don’t think for a minute that it is based on a shared ethnicity. It is about money and politics. Not all black people are brothers. This is about trade not race

  6. No thank you. Most of us have no interest because unlike Mia Mortley we are intelligent enough to understand that the slave trade could have never existed to the extent that it did without Africans themselves selling their own people. Who do you think went into the jungles to capture the slaves? who rounded them up across the villages to be sold? It was black men mostly doing the deal. now look at Africa now! Boy you better go toof! we aint interested, you think the black woman in me forgot the betrayal? Nah, that DNA has been pretty clear from day one regarding how it all went down on the scale that it did! Tell Mia read a history book beyond those that they sell in the Caribbean. dem old African sell-outs still selling out! Not here you all coming!

    • Who are you to speak for “us”? Speak for yourself please. You sound so ignorant and backward!

      • @not educated at all. You are stupid beyond measure. Indentured servants my foot! We had that in the Caribbean. It was the indians 100 years ago. I agree with chat there is no way that that the black man curse did not participate in the slave trade. Impossible. And if u believe otherwise and blame the white man for everything then u are a lost I’ll educated fool. Africans themselves will tell u what their forefathers told them about selling their own and pinpoint rich African families that made money from selling africans just like the white man did. U fools need a wake up call including the one that declare speak for yourself to chat to me back. This one speaks for me too. I feel same way!

    • Stop posting LIES!… Africans didn’t have slaves. They had ENDENTURED SERVANTS. EDUCATE yourself and look up the difference! Don’t believe the LIES of white supremacy.

    • In any crime of such magnitude, there must be co-conspirators. The only reason politicians continue to escape is because of their conspirators in the judiciary, law enforcement and on the streets. Without conspirators, no crime can persist. Anyone who thinks there were no African conspirators is a fool. Even if they weren’t any conspirators no one noticed millions of their citizens go missing over the course of hundreds of years? One thing black people good for is minded people business, they would know. That would otherwise mean they just sat back and allow small group of white devils into their lands to kidnap their people. No one tried to defend their villages? You negroes are remarkably stupid if you think your kin didn’t sell you out.

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