Saint Lucia Announces 70 Seconds Of Reflection For The Queen

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On Monday, September 19th, 2022 all residents of and visitors to Saint Lucia involved in all sectors (public and private) and social and economic endeavors, are invited to pause for a national seventy (70) seconds of reflection on the life and legacy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Church bells and sirens from fire stations around the island will sound for one (1) minute and ten (10) seconds starting at 9:59 am to herald the commencement of the seventy (70) seconds of reflection at 10:00 a.m.

The national seventy (70) seconds of reflection will coincide with the day of the State Funeral and mark the end of the national ten (10) days of mourning since The Demise of Her Majesty.

The Government and the People of Saint Lucia will be represented at Her Majesty’s State Funeral and Committal Service in London by the Acting Governor-General, His Excellency Mr. Cyril Errol M. Charles, the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Dr. Ernest Hilaire, and Ambassador Anthony Severin, High Commissioner of Saint Lucia in London.

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SOURCE: Office Of The Prime Minister/ SLT

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  1. Such were the trade of export Africains by the Royal Africans trade holders,held in griefs and became famous ❗
    How the mighty have fallen, from the blood of the the slaves !!
    The weapons have perish !”
    The field of blood no longer rubbed with slaves, who clothes in Scarlet finery,who adorned their garments with gold !.
    Now may have neither dew or rain,nor slaves that yields offering of gold.
    Who join with others who live as enemies of the cross of Christ.
    Which their destiny is destruction, their stomach is their gods,and their glory is in their shame, their mind is on earthly things.
    All knees shall bow,and every tongue shall confess….

  2. WHAT A DISGRACEFUL DAY !! Not even Jesus Christ of Nazerath had that kind of send off DRAM DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. I am at awww, the media made it seem like this woman was God; Oh we buried God today my my my my. i am quite sure when she stand before her maker for all her crimes I am sure God will ask …who made you Queen ?? Queen to whom ?? You bow before me; no man/woman is greater , I am God.

  3. How in God’s green earth did this dodgy deputy pm end up there? Really? We really have some characters representing us on the world scene under this labour government. Awa wee……even the disgraceful facebook bully …….the vilest of them all got a slot to represent overseas. Good grief I am ashamed to be Lucian!

  4. Bull crap not even a holiday we got. This is a remarkable day in our history and all they saw fitting was to give us some mins of silence? Smfh

  5. For what uh? Choops tan. How is me uh.

    The woman who had a hand in the continuation of black slavery. I can find better reasons for my moments of silence

  6. Philip J Pierre is not sophisticated enough to attend such a ceremony. He is only confident and comfortable when he is in town hall meetings where he is sure to meet illiterates to ridicule and make fun of other opposition supporters to cause drama.

  7. PJP is so stupid. You are allowing Ernest Hilaire to represent you at such a prestigious event of global significance (regardless of our personal thoughts of the queen). You would have been rubbing shoulders with virtually all the leaders of the world. Who knows what networking opportunities could have arisen out of this. Chastanet would have definitely taken up the opportunity. Plus this would have been one of the “once in a lifetime” moments to look back upon after you have left office.

    What people are saying might be true, Hilaire is really the PM.

    Maybe PJP is living up to his name of the “little black boy from Marchand” who does not think that he is worthy to attend a royal funeral so he sends his high color/ yellowish deputy who likes likes to rub shoulders with white people and foreigners, just like Chastanet and Fedee.

    Btw, who is our GG again (being sarcastic)? Dame Pearlette Louisy would have a better choice to attend the funeral service because she is the longest serving GG who is still alive.

    • PJP is the weakest link, just happy to finish out his political career having held the position in name only as prime Minister. He knows all too well that they never wanted him, but couldn’t go into election mode with the character called He LIAR at the helm so he was placed there as a proxy. Pip is grateful to the point that he even appointed those who wanted to oust him to top level positions because he had to beg pretty please please let me be PM….I’ll do whatever you want. SELL OUT! Everyone knows that EH runs this government….what else can explain the failed governance, the arrogance, the positioning of friends and family members, the positioning of inner circle selected misfits – unqualified and inexperienced persons in big positions based on who they lie with….the positioning of the most disgraceful, vile facebook bully and all such reprobates? This is only the work of a vindictive he liar who used other people to get where he is and now stabbed them fully in the back. But, he will never be PM that is for certain because labour can never win an election in St Lucia again. This time they more than proved themselves to be what people always knew…arrogant, greedy, users of the poor and downright dishonest. I regret supporting them.

  8. @Student Nurse. The administration in the Nursing Department at SALCC need to be removed in the interest of students and country. There are just too many complaints from Students. The faculty complaint by leaving the department. History has shown that under this current Nursing Department administration the most staff has tendered in resignations.

  9. On september 9th was there seconds of silence for the victims of the st judes fire?? I dunno just asking… or even st judes for that matter…
    But 10 days later its a moment of silence eh…

  10. But why is it always ernest hiliare..isnt he tourism minister?? I would imagine alva baptiste for foreign affairs should represent??
    “I suspect ernest run tings in that govt, so all the others moomoo” ( in ernest hiliare voice and tone).

  11. @ Student Nurse: for a while now I have been hearing your cries; why can’t someone listen? when I met my dear wife, she was a Nurse mainly in the Geriatric Ward. My first sons’ wife is a nurse. They all say its a hard job, well paid and somebody has to do it. It would be nice to have some lovely Nurses to work at that proposed brand new Hospital in V/Fort, but some underlying resentment politically, stupidness, small mindedness, backwardness is retarding progress in the South. Lord we need a miracle, cause them to move. Amen.

  12. The deputy prime minister who was imposed on the people who don’t want him. So what is the purpose of Alva in foreign affairs when Ernest is the one who pushes himself when it comes to these official assignments? Ernest sent Pip and Alva both sans qwens to NY to have meeting with labour people while he socialises with the elite. Sadly he must stand out like a sore thumb because no amount of dress suits and posh ties can erase the shady character that he is.

  13. I fully support that initiative. In addition, I believe we should have 70 hours of silence for the mental trauma student nurses are experiencing at the department of nursing at SALCC.


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