Saint Lucia Announces New Home Quarantine Restrictions

Saint Lucia has announced new COVID-19 home quarantine restrictions amidst several reports of non-compliance.

“Over the last few months, people who have been granted home quarantine have not been adhering to the protocols,” Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George disclosed in a statement Wednesday.

She announced that anyone found in breach of home quarantine will be immediately taken to government quarantine to complete the time.

According to the Chief Medical Officer, under the Quarantine Act, police officers have the duty to enforce compliance.

She disclosed that they may  arrest without a warrant any person they have reasonable cause to believe to have  committed any offence.

Belmar-George revealed that the names of all persons in home quarantine  are forwarded to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to assist with compliance.

“The public is asked to cooperate and encourage family members and friends who have returned from overseas  and are presently in quarantine to remain at home for the 14 day duration,” she stated.

The CMO called on members of the public to alert the nearest police station or the Ministry of Health about anyone who breaches home quarantine guidelines.

Saint Lucia received its first international flight on Thursday, July 9, 2020, since the border closure in March  2020.

Belmar -George explained that quarantine centres have been set up here using various hotels to facilitate the large numbers of returning nationals and any non -nationals that may arrive of concern.

She noted that this has proved to be an important measure in containing COVID-19 on island.

But Belmar-George warned that failure to adhere to quarantine regulations can have serious implications for disease containment.

She said the main policy for passengers returning to Saint Lucia outside of the Caribbean Bubble is Institutional Quarantine.

After assessments, some passengers qualify for home quarantine if they meet certain conditions and their home meets the criteria, Belmar-George explained.

She pointed out that According to the Quarantine Act, the Quarantine Authority is the Chief Medical Officer.

“The Quarantine Authority has the power to decide and govern quarantine facilities and indicate the persons or things that are detained for observation or isolation,” Belmar-George stated.

She said when any place is in use for isolation purposes, a person may not enter or leave except with the general or specific permission of the Quarantine Authority.        .



    • Because it seems St Lucia is yours. And reports from whom? The Lucians that can twist a story to suit them? Where is the proof?

  1. what about those persons, or friends or relatives of officials, who are allowed to enter the country and quarantine at home even if they don’t qualify for home quarantine.

  2. Yall need to quarantine everyone at institutions and have them bear the cost. Make exceptions girl students, medical and similar. Stop wasting tax payers money.

  3. de ban kabwits
    stay at yall damn home
    damn it, even animals and little children have more sense than yall heard headed people

  4. As a returning national, I am ashamed of their behaviour and their ignorance. They give you home quarantine for 14 days, it means u stay at your house away from other family members too in an effort to protect them. No one expect to see you in town for two weeks or going to neighbours or friends and beating your mouths. Our ignorance will harm us in this place. I did my quarantine, explain to my family I need to stay away from them for two weeks to monitor myself. I took my meals away from them, used facilities after others left, or before, cleaned with bleach ect.. ask for my utensils to be kept separate ect.. ect.. what is so hard for these ignorant lucians to understand.

  5. They should leave them where they were calling the PM All sorts of name especially the Brooklyn people… Unfortunately Peter going to pay for Paul…you all think you’ll above the law shame on some lucians behavior is so disrespectful I’m done

  6. That comment u write deh making sense? There are nationals who went to the US for a few days and got caught up because of Covid-19 like myself, so how can u say left to u they wouldn’t come back… is st. Lucia urs? Take a damn seat choops

    • Yes it’s mine….I went for a few days where yuh went to ?? Kings County !! So before yuh board the dam aircraft you never heard Rome is burning……stick your Covid a** right there NO WE NO MISSING YOU !

  7. That’s true I know two Lucian that’s at their home for quarantine and their are not going by the rules why big people have to behave so for our own lives and safety ignorant set of people and making things bad for other people god help us in st Lucia

  8. We stranded in the usa.we need to come home , we cannot get a test for 7 days. We have been call and report to them and refuse to do anything about it.bring us home and take us to quarantine. We are st lucian. we not American. We will never for get that.i will remind they election day.

  9. Lucian Highgrade, it seem like you hurt because somebody in your family left you to go abroad and that still burning you to this day. You sheep need to wake up! St. Lucia is in a state of martial law and you fools think you are safe. There is zero justification for the over reaction of the government to COVID. The numbers do not support what is going on in St. Lucia. Educate yourselves. You are the ones suffering while those in power grab more power and your rights are eroded. People abroad are just as St Lucian as you are. Our dollars circulate through the local economy more than tourism dollars. The majority of the tourism dollars leave the country as soon as it gets there to make the foreign shareholders more wealthy. WAKE UP IDIOTS! When UWP is done with you, you will see your state. Doh ask me to money gram shit, don’t ask me to bring barrel, doh ask me to bring this or that. Ungrateful jackass. All of us abroad will remember the treatment from our own people.

    • Well said the watcher! Little do they realize they are one in shit street. Never knew my people to be so ignorant. They under marshal law but they clapping hoo-ray.

  10. If you guys were not showing preferential treatment all this would not happen. The people in home quarantine are y’all bouiji friends who y’all find are to posh to put in starfish or bel jou. Others are government ministers friends.Y’all ain’t arresting no body. You CMO just talking because people are on to y’all. Nonsense.

  11. I have never seen or heard such ignorance! Covid is a world wide pandemic! No body ask for it. Why some people think the have a right to cage people who are not sick. According to the Bible quarantine is for sick people. Not those we suppose or assume to be sick. Man was not made to be caged so they will always violate because it’s not in their nature to be caged. If biblical principles are upheld every one will win. Seek Godly counsel and wisdom.

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