Friday, September 30, 2022

Saint Lucia Announces Plans For Vaxxed Mas’

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Press Release:-  After several consultations between stakeholders and the Government; Department of Creative Industries & Culture and the Department of Health, the Cabinet of Ministers has decided that the country will host Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 dubbed ‘The Vaxxed Mas’.

The hosting of Carnival 2022 is subject to the full approval of the Ministry of Health, according to established health protocols.

The name suggests everyone participating in Carnival 2022, including, revellers, patrons, support staff and service providers must be fully vaccinated. The aim is to create a bubble
to ensure the safety of the general public and all carnival patrons.

Saint Lucia Carnival is one of the Country’s biggest cultural displays and has had a significant cultural and economic impact. Saint Lucia Carnival has grown to become one of the biggest carnivals in the region and by all indications was set to continue on an upward trend until the onset of Covid-19.

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Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and
Information stated, “As a carnival enthusiast who has been a part of carnival for the past 15 plus years, it is critical that we continue to build on the hard work that was started by persons who have brought carnival to where it is now. We must also ensure that we preserve the public health of Saint Lucia while creating economic activity for our people to benefit from. Carnival is also a major part of our Tourism product which sees thousands of visitors coming to our shores to enjoy our island and its wonderful experiences. Those in the Creative Industries use the Carnival season as one of their avenues to showcase their talents so we must continue to provide that platform to do so. It is even more important now after the almost two-year hiatus.”

Carnival 2022 will not take place in its traditional form but all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the true spirit of Saint Lucia carnival is preserved.

Strict guidelines and protocols will be implemented and the authorities will ensure strict adherence in an effort to safeguard the health and wellness of all participants.

The guidelines will be announced in due course following further working consultations between the Ministry of Health and stakeholders.

Let’s get vaccinated and let’s enjoy the the ‘Mas’!

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Aa but what stupidness is this I’m reading !!!!!! Well I guess we have established that St. Lucia is no longer a real
    Place! and that’s it!

  2. St Lucia, get ready for the 5th and 6th wave. Idiots in government. Yes, yes, follow the science🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Its simple government is there to control mass keep them ignorant with their science and nothing about spirituality. They enjoy their best life with foriegners and we argue with other over material items

  4. Will have carnival in my backyard along with all my relatives. Will definitely not take part in Vaxxed Mas. The ministers , doctors and slp supporters will attend.

  5. Look at who is the Minister for tourism and you all will understand how this place has become the house of crazies and crazy ideas! thats the best you all can come up with at this time? a few days of bacchannal that will not address the food and employment problems in the country? this is to show you how low the one heading this place is. and mate is eager to be PM! a lot of countries look like it will shut down again for omicron and all he can say is; lets have a vaxxed mass. how about what you SLP people will do to improve the sorry state of the banana industry, to develop manufacturing beyond what we have? what nonsense is this stupid hilarity man doing in government?

  6. Tired of this damn he liar led government. Everything this man does is to benefit his friends who never put themselves in the fight to take back our country but now in the forefront getting everything. Carnival by any means necessary because red international band and maundy band and carnival entertainment business have to get another huge chunk of the pie whilst die hard soldiers who protested and fought are kicked to the side until yourll are ready to use the again.

  7. This makes very little sense. If this does happen, it will be interesting to see how they will keep the non vaccinated persons out of every event they plan to have. In addition, vaccinated people can still get and spread covid. So again, this makes little sense and comes across as an attempt to encourage persons to vaccinate.

  8. Carnival is what has kept black people in chains of poverty and all them pagan festivals like Christmas Babylon system has to fall who has shares in the brewery when piton and Heineken selling father Clovis, Begasse Chastanet and all them rich man that have millions like the Du Boulay family fire have to burn the system

  9. I will be more than glad to view it virtually.

    This is just another way to get people to comply and take the COVID-19 vaccine.
    To those you are comfortable go ahead and get vaccinated. The Vaval Queen will have her own carnival at home in her costume.

  10. Everyone wants to make money 💰 pharmaceuticals, labs, businesses, vendors, government, physicians, bus drivers, etc. etc. and that is the take home message in all of this.
    There is no such thing as a “free lunch”

  11. To Waiting to Exhale:
    The yellow clowns as you call them, have always done better in government than the red devils Further, it is not you and I who decides who should be in government, it is the people of Saint Lucia, thousands of them. Sometimes they make mistakes but that is their right. If they favour the Green Party, it is their right too to elect them.

  12. Since when this ratid government became so COVID radical. Were they not the people protesting in the middle of the pandemic? Were they not the ones vomiting obscenities against the protocols and seemed anti-vaccine? The same trickery they played to get your votes, is same they are using to lure you to take the vaccine. Like lamb to the slaughter, you shall be lead.

  13. What they call it 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣oh my goodness….vaxx mass. A carnival for
    Les Jab who has been jabbed. I guess they don’t have to wake nor bury vaval because vaval en in favor of a vaxx cult assembly 😂😂😂. I guess vaval 2022 will be a gianomous corona ball holding a gianomous syringe and oh let’s not forget doctor Fauci to complete it. Smh.

    Anyway hurry up and get vaxxed to participate in y’all vaxx orgy. I’m cool,I’ll pass. And oh He-liar don’t blame the invaders or pure bloods for any number or rise in y’all boogyman. We know how y’all like to play Houdini with the masses.

    These civil evil servants need to be taught a lesson. They can not even give the people the 1500$ they promised neither can they create jobs to feed the people they keep branding as malaway but yet here y’all are promoting promiscuity mixed with nuff canal vibrations. I guess them being on TikTok is not enough🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂the pedophiles and perverts have to feed.

    I guess the leaders we elect is a clear representation of who we are as a people. Don’t expect to elect a banana in hopes of getting dashen.

    Vaxx mass😂😂😂😂and the sheeple see nothing wrong with that. Gwan tan.


    #tuwamosiunvccinatedunmuzzledand unafraid

  14. Suzanne I agree that it is necessary. But who will we put in government. The yellow clowns are just as bad. Sure the green party seem honest but will the electorate ever take them seriously?

  15. If this corrupt government can plan a mass event in the name of carnival for the vaxx when they are fully aware and have conclusive evidence that the vaxx can also spread the virus, then I hope many will join me in saying that we can also plan massive demonstrations to express our dissatisfactions of this corrupt government, who has put themselves, friends and families first with high paying jobs, some were specifically created, Jufaalie saga, new surfaced evidence on the Range Rover saga, PJP and speaker of the house outside a court room saga, attorney general saga, jobs being lost left right and center saga, exposed damaging facts about lost of US visa saga and many many more crimes against the people of St Lucia.

    I say mass demonstrations across St. Lucia asking for this entire government to resign and call new elections within 90 days, because, we the people don’t trust, have no confidence, won’t believe whatever they say to us again; and will not wait and see what will happen next.

    How much shame and hardship we may have to go through while our lives and livelihoods go down to nothing. We can also mass demonstrate. Pap-p-show

  16. So by the time vaxx carnival comes omnicron will be a thing of the past an jus watch and see how many more waves “is how it’s put” will be here ……and everywhere….! Go enjoy yo carnival bc it will be your last dance! Hopefully not, time is of the eccence vaxxers…smph

  17. @ Snow Frolic: was thinking the same ‘ting. Can’t people find something better to do? go round the neighborhood meet some people, ask them, if there something I can do for you?( Can’t get that old habit of jumping up in hot Sun out of the system) its beginning to get cold, Christmas round the corner, pritty face want to jump up. Enjoy it Super Spreader fashion, no jab, only papa jab. had both shots about a year now, never felt better, except de ol’ wife keep telling me – boy, behave yourself weee.

  18. St.lucia needs to get her priorities right, that’s pure nonsense. You all just commercializing covid now? Baccanal is not a priority we have more pressing issues to takecare of first. Only one set of st.lucians that does gain from that nonsense we calling part of our culture (women jumping half naked and drunk in the streets)…we can do without that for another year…let’s figure out innovative ways and generate money for this empoverish nation can begin to flourish. I’m sick and tired of us putting fête and rum drinking ahead of nation building.

  19. By July 2022, “fully vaccinated” will probably mean having 4 or 5 jabs in your arm!!! If that’s the price to jump up, many Lucians would sooner jump off a cliff! And by the way, the wealthy pharmaceutical such as Pfizer are making a killing financially (as in billions of dollars) as millions of people are being jabbed into submission to gain entrance to workplaces, restaurants & bars, sporting arenas, airlines, USA mainland, etc. The world is on a flight to a very troubling place, to say the least! Prepare yourself for a very rough landing!

  20. So all of yall commenting on here need to read the article to understand. The article clearly stated “Carnival 2022 will not take place in its traditional form but all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the true spirit of Saint Lucia carnival is preserved.” So that means there will be no parade of the bands. As for those of yall, as Just Saying said “I raather die” everything in life is optional. So allow those of us who took the vaccine enjoy the festivities. I in dat!

    • You playing mas with a few hundred people? Lol. Let’s hope the 6th booster don’t take you out by then. Good luck.

  21. what crap these people talking about there? Strict guidelines and protocols will be implemented and the authorities will ensure strict adherence in an effort to safeguard the health and wellness of all participants.? like really right now there are parties all about the place and no guidelines are enforced, yall just talking a bunch of talk the same way during election parades people were saying oh covid protocols in full effect but there was none at all, saint Lucia is not ready for carnival as yet yall can come with all the guidelines you want.

  22. It’s not mandatory but you must take it…… well here’s my song to y’all ……….. Y’all can shove y’all vaccine mandate….shove y’all vaccine mandate …y’all can shove y’all vaccine mandate off y’all ASS

  23. The fact that I had conversations with my family and friends weeks ago and we ALL saw this coming, down to the NAME is laughable! Just today, my neighbor just tell me how some football friends are dropping like flies since they got vaxxed. One poor girl became paralyzed after the jab this week. Now you want to make fete for vax! LOL So the MOH don’t know the spirit of Carnival? Making a mockery of our tradition to push vaccine agenda? Keep in mind, all you who getting jab, these same people are not going to help you when your jab starts kicking in! If the 3rd jab don’t get you…the 7th one will!
    THIS IS NOT ABOUT HEALTH when you create a super spreader event!

  24. This isn’t about health. This is about communist china social credit system. The government and its corrupt goons controlling every aspect of your life. Some of us realised this 2 years ago. The dumb are still saying it isn’t. Tow the line. Do what the government says. Worship the government OR ELSE…

  25. Daily, the lies used to force leaky vaccines on the citizenry are unraveling, which explains the insane promotion of a Carnival of the vaxxed.

    On the other hand, one of the most rabid of the western empire’s mouthpieces has been forced to admit that the “pandemic of the vaccinated” is here.

    Just visit their website at theatlantic[dot]com, search for the article, titled: “The Pandemic of the Vaccinated Is Here.”

    In the face of increasing censorship by the St. Lucia Times, of my posts with links to real news, I will no longer embed links in my posts; but reference the revealed truth in the manner written above. Let’s see if this post appears, immediately.

  26. Not for that I taking yall share vax. I rather die. Maybe I will consider when manufacturers can be held liable for any injuries. Until then. Stick it up Ur arse.

  27. Ha. And the spectators need to be vaxxed? And the invaders. Lol. The stupidity from these authorities continue to baffle me. Clearly there is something sinister going on. There is no logic to this anymore.

    FYI. Just letting those bands know. as a longtime reveller any band that supports this discrimination will never get a cent from me again. Vaval will indeed be buried.

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