Saint Lucia Announces Updated Travel Protocols

Press Release:- Following a reassessment of travel protocols based on market conditions, The Government of Saint Lucia will introduce several new and updated protocols for arrivals from July 9, 2020.

Travelers will be required to obtain a negative PCR (Polymerized Chain Reaction) test within seven days of travel unless they are arriving from countries in the Travel Bubble designated by the Government of Saint Lucia. 

Visitors traveling only from destinations that have zero or a low instance of COVID-19 cases will be exempt from the seven day pre-testing requirement.

These destinations currently include Antigua, Barbuda, Aruba, Anguilla, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Monsterrat, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago and Turks and Caicos.

Visitors with a travel history from these areas in the last 14 days will also be exempt from quarantine.

Pre-Arrival Registration of Travel

All visitors and returning citizens to Saint Lucia must complete a Pre-Arrival registration form prior to arrival.

Visitors can go to and click on the COVID-19 page to find a link to the form.

Visitors must fill out details including proof of negative PCR testing and indicate which COVID-19 Certified hotel they will be staying in. 

Returning Citizens:

All returning Saint Lucia citizens and residents must also complete the Pre-Arrival registration form as above (insert link). 

On arrival, they are required to quarantine for 14 days at a pre-approved home quarantine address, Government operated quarantine facility or a COVID-19 certified property.

New Testing Protocols:

  • Pre-testing prior to travel is now mandatory. Visitors must provide a negative test result taken seven days or less before travel to Saint Lucia. This comes into effect from July 9, 2020 and will be reviewed after 30 days. 
  • All arriving passengers will be screened, including temperature checks, at the airport. Any symptomatic passengers will be isolated and tested. They will be required to remain in quarantine/isolation at their hotel or Government Operated Quarantine Facility until the test result is obtained. If the test is positive they will be transferred to a treatment facility until they receive two negative test results and are clinically stable.
  • Passengers arriving with proof of a negative PCR test may be exempt from on-island testing and advance through immigration, baggage claim, customs and arrivals for transportation to their COVID-19 certified hotel, pre-approved home quarantine facility or Government Operated Quarantine Facility. 
  • Anyone arriving without proof of a negative PCR test will be subject to immediate isolation and testing with possible quarantine or treatment should a passenger test positive – at their own cost. It is recommended that visitors check their local government websites to identify PCR testing locations. U.K. travelers need to check with an accredited private healthcare provider for PCR testing options.

Hotel, Accommodation and Transportation Updates

A key part of Saint Lucia’s responsible reopening is the COVID-19 compliance certification process for the accommodations sector.  To date, hotels that have received COVID-19 Certification include Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Stonefield Resort Villas and Sugar Beach – A Viceroy Resort.

Several other hotels and resorts are on track to receive certification in July. Visitors can select COVID-19 certified hotels through direct booking, tour operator or airline provider. 

 During Phase One, visitors can stay only at hotels that are COVID-19 Certified. Amongst the required protocols, accommodations must sanitize luggage upon check in; maintain a fully equipped nurses station; observe strict detailed sanitization protocols for housekeeping; maintain required distance with tables for dining; and have hand sanitizer stations installed throughout the property.

Sanitizing stations and showers for staff must also be installed for use prior to reentering the public. 

 Mandatory On-Island Safety Protocols

The Government of Saint Lucia introduced its first Phase One protocols on May 18, including new health and safety rules to protect its citizens as borders opened for international travel from June 4.

Since then, Government and tourism officials have continuously monitored global health updates and have assessed protocol options for reopening. 

To mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19 for visitors and Saint Lucian communities, all safety protocols introduced for Phase One of reopening remain in place.

Visitors will be required to follow the local regulations in Saint Lucia, including the wearing of masks during on-island transportation and when in public places.

Visitors are advised to also check with accommodation properties regarding individual hotel safety and wellness policies.

 To keep visitors informed on the island, health and safety protocols have been reinforced with new signage at airports and other public places. That includes QR codes navigating travelers to a landing page for more information and FAQs. 

 For more information about Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 response, all protocols and details of requirements prior to entry, please visit



  1. Chastanet is a mad man. the tourism industry is done. st lucia finish. no tourists will be coming. hotel investors better give up on their properties in that place. lucians better start planting dasheen and fig in their backyard. no hotel jobs. chastanet finish us. even in places where they make bigger tourism dollars, they not asking for COVID TEST. chastanet insane and asking visitors to do covid test?? he clearly dont know how Europeans and Americans moving because he have little reading and comprehension skills too. they not taking test chastanet to visit anywhere. bajans are educated so they know that. so none of them come up with this insanity.

  2. Dear st Lucia (the land I love)… I will surely miss you this year☹️☹️☹️That virus kept us apart! I guess I’m spending my summer here in the US this yr… I can’t deal with so many quarantine protocols!

  3. These measures are in keeping with what’s happening in the Region. What is the difficulty with quarantining at your home as a returning national.
    Would you prefer that there were no protocols and the Island left exposed? I swear Lucians eh know what they want.

    • .. it would be great if the protocols would allow us to quarantine”at our homes” as you stated in your comment… but that’s just wishful thinking!.. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE AND UNDERSTAND WELL!

      • @Me it does make mention of quarantining at a pre -approved home quarantine address under “Returning Nationals”. Although a bit vague, but it then goes on to mention a certified property and government quarantine facility which are the only other two options. So something you may want to look into.

        P.S – before you go barking at someone to clearly read & understand a document, ensure you’ve done you’re due diligence!!

  4. Why headline saying ‘Updated Travel Protocol’ , I don’t see much of a difference from the previous one other than the 48 hours negative test result. The fact still remain that the individual has to be quarantine for 14 days so my question is why even bother to open for visitors.
    I’m a St Lucian living in NY and due to visit for business (building my house & own a small bar) for 7 days so tell me how can I be quarantine for 14 days. I am willing to do the test and also be screen upon arrival but the quarantine part defect the purpose of my trip, its just not practical.
    Construction on my house is about 80% in completion and its important I physically see what’s going on otherwise the 7 to 10 workers presently working on the house may have to stay home and that means more burden on the government/country.
    In my opinion, if a visitor has provide a negative test result of the virus within the last 48 hours before traveling and still under go screening upon arrival and is visiting for less than 14 days then it should be ok.
    I would love to hear someone else opinion or view.

    • The protocols are simply sayin…it’s pointless to come to st Lucia for a short period of time… I guess the authorities are going all the way in keeping its citizens safe!

  5. These protocol are all in the caribbean Barbados is the same… maybe it’s a caricom thing…. well I guess lucians don’t know what they want… Tourism is not dead I guess travelers will have to take the year off from traveling… well I guess chas will have to open St Lucia… no revenues cut down some government workers that’s my opinion…

      • Are you an idiot so then what is the point in creating CARICOM in the first place. CARICOM was made to have one unified region not separated together we are strong alone we are weak no caribbean country can do something alone without help from the other countries that’s the point of creating these organisations in the first place

  6. Protocols my arse ……protocals or not nothing will change . fact remains we’re facing a global pandemic why rush to open our borders to tourism ? Sis of some decisions chastnent makes …

  7. Well any tourists will be pounced on by the street rats and beach dogs that want to sell their wares … who currently still sit on their backsides watching the world go by Instead of trying a hard days work … tourists hate being hustled … and St Lucia needs to clean up its act …. more security on the beach and on the streets …. cause it isn’t an idyllic holiday Destination anymore …. Paradise not mr PM

  8. My St. Lucian counterparts, I urge you in this situation to put political points of views aside and see this for what it is! Greater countries are struggling right now due to corona. Yes we may have been placed in an unpleasant position as a country financially, however tourism is our bread and butter. Even if it wasn’t, with so many supply chains being broken around the world, I’m not sure we, in any other industry as an island would survive this. So we must do something right now! The GOSL is in dire need of cashflow, we are hanging by a thread. Opening the boarders with strict guidelines and policies in place for travellers is the best way to go right now. SLP would do the same. We have not seen the worst of this pandemic, and with a second wave hitting the U.S (or largest market) we are going to have a very tough time here in St Lucia in the months ahead. So this should already be known but my advice:

    Spend your money wisely, shop based on your needs.

    Try your best to reduce cost at home, electricity, water, etc.

    Continue following protocol

    Stay informed, not just on what’s going on in SLU but globally. These have a domino effect on our island & Caribbean.


  10. I am a Saint Lucian national residing in the UK. I get 4 weeks annual leave per year and would like to come home for a visit as usual every year. No right thinking person will take their entire annual leave entitlement to come home and have half of that entitlement stuck in doors in quarantine. That makes no sense. The country needs all the money it can get and the protocols as set makes no sense. I can understand being asked to produce a negative test result of the virus within the last 5 – 7 days prior to arrival in Saint Lucia and undergoing screening upon arrival. In addition, to making it a requirement for a mask to be worn when out and about but the protocols as laid out is a bit silly. Either you open the borders with some common sense or you don’t. Who is advising the government? Surely we can be a bit innovative instead of following other Caricom states? Do we always have to copy other countries around us?

  11. What if you contracted the virus from somebody a few days later after testing negative. That’s why there is a n isolation period.

  12. This Chastanet man doesn’t know anything apart from tourism although he is a disastrous track record in that industry. He is void of ideas as to how to create a vibrant local economy. His flawed model for development is dead.

    We need a man who understands our local economy, and our local people to lead our 758 at this critical juncture. Chastanet is a threat to St. Lucia!!!

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