Saint Lucia Anticipates Entry Of Approved Commercial Flights In Coming Weeks

Press Release:– The Department of Health and Wellness continues to play an integral role in protecting the well-being of our citizens.

One of the key actions taken at the commencement of in-country cases of COVID-19 was the closure of our national borders to routine travel.

However, even within these restrictions, the Department of Health and Wellness has executed discretion to grant permission for the repatriation of 795 Saint Lucian nationals who were faced with challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic due to global travel restrictions.

In addition, in keeping with Statutory Instrument No. 63 of 2020, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer approved eight hundred and eighty two (882) applications for entry which were granted for medical reasons including return to country following surgery, death in families and the return of students as well as to provide urgent support needed in country.

Fifty applications were approved in March, 28 in April, 450 in May, and thus far, for the month of June, 354 applications have been approved.

The arrival of these individuals is permitted through the written authorization by the Chief Medical Officer.

The Department has also taken steps to facilitate the option of home quarantine in situations where individuals have health complications, small children, are unable to function independently and other sensitive situations.

The applicants for this discretionary accommodation must meet the necessary requirements including inspection of homes by health officials prior to approval.

With the tourism sector anticipating the entry of approved commercial flights in the weeks ahead, the Department of Health has been proactively engaging sub-sectors on the various protocols that should be observed as we endeavour to mitigate any possible spread of COVID-19 into our communities.

Our professionals at the ports of entry have undergone the necessary training required and are equipped and prepared to handle incoming and outgoing travelers.

The Department of Health also anticipates the complete refurbishment of the respiratory hospital by the end of June 2020 which will further aid ongoing efforts to manage the national response to the virus.

As the department responsible for the health and wellness of all, no effort shall be spared to ensure that at every juncture there is consultation with all involved and that the established protocols serve as an added layer of protection for all concerned.


    • Lilly, that is not the kind of state of emergency that causes panic and prevents visitors from travelling. If your favourite party were in power you probably would have made an effort to understand that. That is not a SOE caused by unrest and political upheaval. Visitors know an understand that fully so stop your politicking. You enjoy commenting because you believe your identity is hidden. Don’t forget you will have another term in opposition to continue your childish past-time.

  1. this press release explained nothing. just blah..blah… when will commercial flights be allowed in? from where? ect..ect..? these are the clear answers that people need to know and this is how a government should communicate not this lenghty blah..blah.that is short on specifics.

  2. No Commercial.Filghts will Be Coming to St.Lucia until October 2020 .Whether Airports open or not that’s How it is so no Flights From.America as yet

  3. What about allowing the ferry terminal to reopen allowing trips from the regular ferry route…chastnet stop suffocating our nation

  4. More money for the Racist Pm’s sister. That CMO is a joke. Lucian people DO NOT allow chastanet to fool you all again. He s a racist, manipulative dog

  5. There some of us in Dominica and we need to leave can the government of St Lucia help us in this pandemic. We would love to come home to our families. Thanks you.

  6. I live in Canada, every year I come home, open up the damn country I have my business to do, m also getting married, so covid-19 is here to stay for a while , life goes on CHOOPS.

  7. Some lucians sell their souls and minds to the devil I’m not wishing bad on my country but I’m wondering is the color red or yellow that some of us are so hateful? People there will be a time some of you all will look for chas but he will be far gone.When September 2021 you all will look for the state of emergency because some of you all will eat zan gee canal.Stop letting people letting politicians brain washed you all 🙏🙏🇱🇨

  8. The democratically elected present administration & it’s CMO is doing an exceptional good job in keeping St.Lucia safe.

    And I will support the current local administration in following the protocols of the scientific findings in safe guarding this island despite of being directly affected

    • Are you completely aware of the situation? NO CASES but yet we have a choke hold on the ppl. We are now policed for wearing colour of choice. Stop being spat into the eye and been told it’s rain. Wake up

  9. The State of Emergency is only for political expediency, so now anyone who wants to come to saint lucia must be approved by the government. The Prime minister has consultants on island preparing for the next election while the opposition cannot hire external consultants unless approved by the same government they are trying to overthrow? As well as using the police force to silence dissent in the country.

  10. I am a St .lucian living abroad, most of the the text I see on line it is apauling the things people are saying. I don’t understanding, the prime minister is being attacked on line one daily basis. God will give St. Lucians what they deserve sooner than later. You have someone in government trying his best to improve St. Lucia but nothing is good enough for them.They rather the corrupt government that was in power and cannot give account for all the money left in the treasury dept.I feel sorry for the people of St.Lucia they like poverty . May god help St Lucia.

    • You said it yourself “I am a St.Lucian living abroad” you are not on the ground to experience the inept governance of this administration has doing since june 6,2016. Maybe the PR is working on you from far away but the people on the ground are feeling the hardship

  11. We in St.Lucia on the ground, are getting it good compared to the last administration so don’t mind those disgruntled SLP hacks. our PM is in for another five years. Jump high, jump low.

    • …… must have gotten knee pads for your Christmas; “getting it good” break that down Praytel define “getting it good” If you mean high unemployment yeah I will agree “we getting it good” It’s almost July another US $5 million dollar payment is due on that US $100 million he borrowed out from “our good friends” Taiwan; hint, hint, that’s why it’s so hard for them to pay the disabled People and Civil Servants they have to rob Peter to pay Paul. You read their ridiculous excuse they gave for why NIC Monies are delayed AS IF TO SAY St Lucians are stupid and don’t know that if your PM did not took out EC 43 Million from NIC and gave it to a Canadian for another golf course they could have met the fall out challenges of covid 19. How much has they made on horse racing ?? How much ?? How much was sacrifice ? We under IMF for the first time, even when there was world recession under SLP they never took IMF instead they raised the VAT, people like bitch and complain that they did, but what do you think he will announce tomorrow, yeah we “getting it real good” POOR PEOPLE FED UP Allen Michael Chastanet must go.

  12. Some of my fellow St.Lucians are behaving like children they’re talking out of their poop hole,no matter which party that’s in power they always have negative comments, why waste so much time and the value of your CERTIFICATES, DIPLOMAS, PHD’s DOCTORATES AND WHAT NOTS and come together and bring in alllll the smart brains that u’ll know and work with the government to improve and better ST.LUCIA if u’ll think u’ll can do a better job, stop running u’ll nasty poop hole and stand up and walk the walk and talk the talk then ull will know who’s holding the iron to the fire.Mr trump raise war on OBAMA for his birth certificate then he said OBAMA didn’t do nothing but play golf, watch ur step right now LOL but when he got yo the oval office in the white house and felt the HEAT what did he say, those were his words HE NEVER THOUGHT RUNNING A COUNTRY WAS SO HARD watch ur step their now, just remember at some point u will look for those words u spit out to eat them back but u will not be able to find them and I say AMEN

  13. St.Lucians should be ashamed of them selves to behave in this manner. They should realize the island is not a rich place and the prime minister is trying his best under this economic condition to keep us all alive.The Coronavirus is destroying the US which is the richest country on Earth and StLucia is still standing tall.For heaven,s sake please pray for the PM,help him,encourage him and support him so we all can benefit in the end.

  14. The US recorded 35,000 new cases of COVID 19 in 1 day. The European Union is about to place a ban on US travellers to Europe. St. Lucia is about to welcome US flights.

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