Saint Lucia Appoints Newest Goodwill Ambassador

The Government of Saint Lucia has appointed Mrs. Claudia Edward-Ladner as its newest Goodwill Ambassador.

A talented musician, Claudia Edward is a household name in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean. She is popular in Asia where she does her annual jazz circuit; and has been the headlining act at the Jazz and Creole Festivals in Dominica and the UK.

She has also performed in the USA and Europe.

As an actress, Claudia has held major roles in plays like that of Nobel Laureate Sir Derek Walcott’s, and has also starred in a Canadian (Lifetime TV) and a Caribbean film.

She is one of Saint Lucia’s most accomplished performers and remains one of the few musicians who perform internationally.

Despite her hectic schedule, Claudia also finds time to give back to her community. In 2010 she founded a charity-based organization called “Edward4Education.”

The foundation launched on Nov. 22, with the aim to provide the capital needed to facilitate effective teaching and learning in schools.

With the endorsement of the Ministry of Education in Saint Lucia, Edward4Education undertakes a yearly project to improve working and studying environments for teachers and students.

Projects undertaken by the Edward4Education Foundation include the construction of a sick bay for the Corinth Secondary School, the hosting of Shakespeare workshop sessions, equipping a Special Education Room for the Ave Maria Primary, and the construction of a Theatre Arts Room for the Ciceron Secondary School.

As a newly appointed Goodwill Ambassador, Mrs. Edward-Ladner plans to continue activities and projects geared toward the benefit of Saint Lucian youth.

“This appointment will open more doors for me to continue the work that I have been doing,” Mrs. Ladner said. “In addition, it will be a pleasure working with the other Goodwill Ambassadors on future projects.”


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  1. I am not her biggest fan, but she has earned my respect regardless of her past, her personality or whether I think she is talented or not…the girl is working for recognition!

  2. Not a fan but she has made great strides and is deserving of whatever accolades that she gets. Show the world that you are not as stupid as Boo Hinkson who thinks our country owes him everything.

    • Excuse me! When did Boo say that? Besides there’s no comparison between Claudia and Boo. Why would you bring him into the picture?

    • You have the damn heart to call yourself great and make that nonsensical comment. If Boo thought he was owed anything he would not voluntarily give up that title. As a matter of fact Claudia only receive that because the government attempted to find someone who would step in and accept it after Boo rejected it. Had Boo kept it, Claudia would not be in the news today. So Claudia’s accolades are only as a second thought and a rejection.
      Now I had no intention of commenting on this article, but when Great fools make stupid comments, somebody must step up and put you straight. And Like Concerned Citizen correctly stated, there is no comparison between Claudia and Boo. Trust me, Claudia has a century to go to catch up with Boo. So like Concerned Citizen I ask: Why would you bring Boo into that picture? The answer: It is because you are damn stupid.

  3. Don’t really know what the hype is with these ambassadorial posts, but congrats to you my lady. Soar with the eagles.

  4. As much as I don’t agree to the comments made by Great, but national too often we chastise people when they mentioned certain names in society. I wouldn’t put Boo and Claudia in the same conversation but really with the wealth of knowledge and talent that Boo has can you say how much he has done to improve or bring other St Lucians to the heights that he has attained. Quite a few of our national heroes have been found lacking there.

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