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Updated on May 30, 2020 6:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 6:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 6:20 am

Saint Lucia Approves Parking Meter Installation

Press Release:- After a long running sensitization campaign, the Government of Saint Lucia has taken another significant step toward addressing vehicular traffic in the capital city.

According to Minister for Transport, Hon. Guy Joseph, a bill was passed to authorize the Castries Constituency Council to install parking meters within the city of Castries under the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Cap 8.01.

It is hoped that the installation would help alleviate traffic congestion, not only in the City of Castries but in the north of the island as well.

According to Minister Joseph, paid parking has been on the cards for years now, however it has never been implemented. He noted that there are several advantages to the implementation of the initiative being undertaken by the Castries Constituency Council.

Without the amendments to the Motor vehicle and Road Traffic Act, Minister Joseph said the Castries Constituency Council would not be able to introduce the required parking regulations within the city of Castries.


  1. Yet another revenue maker for the Gov’t. Tell me, where has all the money gone to or being used for? By no fear, within time, the fee’s will be going up. Years ago, before Road Tax and all other revenue making money by both Gov’t’s to fix thebroads, there was a budget for road improvements. Where has that money gone? Now you’re using Road Tax money to fix roads. There should be an annual oversight of ALL monies spent by the Govt, regardless of who’s in power. Too many officials using tax money for whatever benefits them and family members.

  2. another revenue stream for the Government hopefully it can be used to help the firefighters, teachers and nurses of the country.Instead of paying contracts to the party faithful

  3. To the first comment asking about where the money gone he/she didn’t remember that money would spend on Mama
    You didn’t know now you know idiot

  4. St Lucians we should be ashamed of ourselves by the way we treat others with disgraceful disrespect when we disagree with an opinion.

  5. If we putting parking meters fine.make sure you eliminate all those special parking lots all over town so that we ALL pay,and not just a few.Walking is healthy and good for the body our ministers getting to fat,they need to walk from parking lot to town,or are they afraid of facing the people?

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