Saint Lucia At UN Urges Recognition of Taiwan, End To Cuba Embargo

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Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet called for recognition of Taiwan and an end to the United States economic embargo against Cuba in an address to the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday.

“It is time to lift the economic embargo on the government and people of Cuba,” Chastanet declared.

He told the UN that the embargo has not only affected the people of Cuba but the entire Caribbean region.

Chastanet also observed that it is time to, once again, give states like Taiwan recognition so that they can meaningfully engage in global processes and share their best practices.

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He noted that  even as China and Taiwan have their own differences and while this is being addressed, Climate Change and the Covid-19 pandemic are stark reminders that Taiwan should not be left out of the discussions.

“Taiwan has its own elections, its own currency, controls its own airspace and has its own military force. A population of almost 24 million people is too many to be left off the table,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister observed.

“As we mark 75 years, the continued exclusion of Taiwan calls into question the very principles the UN was established on. We must also recognize that as the world grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, Taiwan has demonstrated impressive leadership, not just by their own success with managing the spread, but by coming to the aid of nations such as Saint Lucia and many other countries to provide medical resources and technical advice.”

According to Chastanet, the pandemic, which has touched every country, is a potent reminder of the interconnectedness of human societies and more reason why in building the new world economic order, “we must leave no one behind, no people, no country should be allowed to fall through the cracks.”

He told the UN General Assembly that  Saint Lucia would never have done as well as it did with managing the COVID-19 pandemic without friends like the people of Taiwan and Cuba.

Chastanet explained that as he spoke,  Saint Lucia had only recorded 27 cases with
no deaths.

” Like many other nations we are thankful that despite their own difficulties Taiwan and Cuba have reached out to help the world,” he said.


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