Saint Lucia Backs UNGA Resolution Demanding End To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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Saint Lucia was among 141 Member States of the United Nations which voted today in favour of a United Nations General Assembly resolution condemning Russia for its invasion of the neighbouring State of Ukraine. 5 countries voted against the resolution while 35 abstained.

The resolution, among other things, called upon the Russian Federation to “immediately cease its use of force against Ukraine and to refrain from any further unlawful threat or use of force against any other UN Member state.”

It further demanded that the Russian Federation “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.”

Last week Saint Lucia had joined other OECS and CARICOM member States in a declaration reprimanding Russia for its intervention in Ukraine and on Monday 28th February 2022 issued a separate condemnatory statement of the Russian action.

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Source: Ministry of External Affairs

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  1. Woe to those who depend on flesh (man) for help (strength)
    When they falls down,no one can help them up !
    glory to Ukrainiens !
    gloire au Ukrainiens !
    Well,let their god defend and save them
    from their troubles !
    It please the LORD
    for the sake of his righteousnes
    to make his law great and glorious.
    But this is a people plundered and looted,
    all of them trapped in pits
    or hidden in prisons.
    They have become plunder,
    with no one to rescue them ;
    they have made loot.
    Who handed Donbass, Kiev, Kharkiv etc etc to become loot ?
    and Ukraine to the plunderers ?
    Was it not the LORD,
    against whom they have rebelle ?
    For they would not follows his ways ;
    they did not Obey his law.
    So he poured out on them his burning 🔥
    the violence of war.
    It enveloped them in flames 🔥,yet they
    did not understand ;
    it consumed them, but they did not take
    it to heart.

  2. The UN has now become a dog park! Yesterday, we were treated to a dog show, which featured 141 poodles taking turns to sniff the arse of the American Bully (yes, that is a breed of dog).

    Notwithstanding my utter shame for St. Lucia’s participation in the “next”; after I read this…

    “A black woman speaking on behalf of the US in front of the entire UN.
    And she’s ultimately defending the cause of Nazi remnants and neo-Nazis.
    Disgusting doesn’t begin to describe it.”

    …I got an instantaneous flashback to Colin Powell (may he never rest in peace, while roasting forever in hell) waving his vial of WMDs at the very same UN!

    Then, I relax and remember Malcolm X’s admonition about house negroes.

  3. Saint Lucia has no business making and backing statements of that sort. Better learn from Indian diplomacy, they are among those not getting drawn in the mess. We can guess that China will back Russia because they want to go into Taiwan. But CARI-GO also known as CARICOM, the ineffective bureaucratic mess in Guyana, should not be getting involved in this. Best bet is to stay neutral. I will explain in simple terms so that everyone understands.

    Let me say exactly why. The West meaning the US and the EU have been extending their membership to former Soviet Union territories for decades now in an effort to get them more under the American /Western European alliance. This offcourse made Putin very uncomfortable. It means that the US and EU can place troops, weapons ect.. at any time just next door to Russia, if lets say, Ukraine becomes a member of those organisations. Offcourse Putin will feel endangered because the EU and the US people don’t trust Russia from times and Russia dont trust them either. Russia spoke to them about the fact that they were feeling un-easy about the situation several times. The people did not sheet on Russia basically. I imagine Putin felt that the only way to show them that they should not be extending so close to his backyard is to show some fire power. So he went after the big neighbour Ukraine. Now Ukraine politicians want the Americans and the EU people in their country so that they can play big and bad with Russia. Now some Ukraine politicians are not like that and they just rather behave themselves for peace. But that present crop is different. the new ones they have there now want to “stick it” to Russia. So they went to EU asking for membership and maybe wanted to join NATO. So Putin decide the only way to settle this is with a fight. The Russian people don’t want war with Ukraine. They are a similar culture ect.. But the problem we will have is that some Russians will feel that Putin wanted to “preserve” Russia’s standing and he did not have a choice.

    Now I blame all of them for the mess we in. Stop with the siding with this one and that one. Just make a general call for peace and reconciliation on all sides. P.S. just one of Russia’s bank is bigger than Iran’s economy. How you can sanction that forever? The British already buying their oil on the sly. Dont be stupid St Lucia! Say little and be general!

  4. Y’all never condemn the US when they invade other countries and cause irreversible damage. But y’all quick to jump on the ‘bad Russia’ bandwagon

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