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Saint Lucia Banks Announce More Changes To Their Operations

Press Release:–  The Bankers Association of Saint Lucia shares the concerns over the spread of COVID-19 globally and in the region.

In the time since the Honourable Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s announcement of a partial scale down of all non-essential economic and social services under the Heightened Protocol and Social Distancing Regime, the number of COVID-19 infected persons and associated deaths globally has continued to escalate while the number of confirmed cases in Saint Lucia now stands at three (3) persons.

On Monday March 23, 2020 the Government of St. Lucia declared a State of Emergency in order to respond more quickly to the pandemic.

The Bankers Association of Saint Lucia is committed to supporting the Prime Minister’s call for persons to stay at home and exercise social distancing.

In this regard, the Association, with the endorsement of the Prime Minister, the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture (CCIA) and the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association (SLHTA), has announced further changes to its operations.

Effective Monday March 30th to Friday April 3rd, 2020 the following adjustments will be made to the banking services available to the general public:

Services Offered – ATM dispensing of cash only – The following transactions will be fully available electronically: – Wire transactions /online transfers – Electronic payroll processing – Processing of urgent temporary credit facilities

Services NOT offered – All in-branch and face-to-face transactions and interactions – Night depository services – Processing and clearing of cheques – ATM deposits
The Association wishes to emphasize that while it will be closed to the public, it will continue to facilitate customers’ banking needs via email, telephone and online channels to the extent possible.

Customers are also encouraged to avail of alternative banking channels such as mobile and online banking, and the use of debit and credit cards.

The Bankers Association is again adding its voice to the call for persons to stay at home and support the effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

It is also appealing for the public’s support and co-operation with law enforcement personnel and health practitioners, for it is only through our collective efforts that we will overcome the threat posed by this virus.

– 1st National Bank St. Lucia Limited – Bank of Saint Lucia Limited – Capita Financial Services Inc. – CIBC FirstCaribbean International – Financial Investment And Consultancy Services Limited – First Citizens Investment Services Limited. – RBC Royal Bank – Republic Bank EC Limited – Sagicor Finance Inc. – Saint Lucia Development Bank – St. Lucia Mortgage Finance Company Limited


  1. Y’all are doing all these changes but not thinking of customers and clients pockets. Not thinking of us but yourselves. Only thinking of payment. By all means pay pay pay. That’s all these busniess care about.

  2. This is so ill conceived. How does not accepting deposits help anyone. How do the thousands of people who get paid by cheque deal with this? How do the people who don’t have bank cards deal with this? This has not been thought out thoroughly.

  3. So you will stop night deposits but continue with online services, really where are the funds coming from? How will I pay my workers electronically if I can’t make a deposit via the ATM nor night bag. Are you guys really using your brains. Or what is the hidden agenda here, can’t believe u guys are so dumb. What is really going on?? How do we clear goods off the port, or pay for anything if cheques can’t be cleared, deposits can’t be made. Are business suppose to keep all that cash in their possession? I can understand a closure to customers coming in, but deposits needs processing

  4. So what are you guys really saying? So if my boss pay me month end and is with a cheque you guys are not going to process or clear it by the normal way of coming to the teller which is a face to face transaction and also even if I deposit my cheque in the special box it won’t be cleared ad well? So what about the people who don’t have atm cards how are they getting money if you have to deposit a cheque? Are these measures only for these few days that was said? This is confusing y’all need to come on the media to say something and explain properly.

  5. These Banks Managers just playing the Fool with Customers .All Customers should Close their Accounts and Deal with the Credit Unions

  6. You know what’s going to happen now. All the people that don’t have atm cards will flood the banks from today till Friday to get money to help them for the whole of next week. So much for going to the bank only when necessary and social distancing.

  7. Hmm
    So I assume that’s the new move to digital banking under the illuminati because now……..we have no choice but to go digital.
    Signs of the time yet they say they do it to help u. Yeah right help us commit to a system which always wanted everyone committed to it.
    I understand we have to take counter measures but ….wow this…this is ..this is a hidden agenda

  8. Cashless society
    Pay with chip in your hand
    Scan forehead for identification
    Practice session now
    Force us to be dependent on the countries withholding the food. All plastic foods that were laughed at will be a luxury but it cannot be bought or sold without the mark.
    Be wise and prepare don’t be like the foolish virgins in the bible. They went on carelessly knowing they had to prepare and was left without
    God have mercy

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