Monday, November 18, 2019

Saint Lucia Begins Trial Shipment Of Bananas To French Market

A three-week trial shipment of  bananas from Saint Lucia to the French market began last week.

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet made the announcement on his official Facebook page.

One thousand boxes weekly will be shipped during the trial period and once the trial is successfully completed, 3000 boxes are expected to be shipped weekly, it has been reported.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister recalled that a few weeks ago he and Agriculture Minister Ezechiel Joseph led a trade mission to meet with strategic banana partners in Europe.

“During our trip we were able to identify new markets and opportunities whilst forging partnerships to ensure that the Saint Lucia brand of banana will have more visibility on the UK market,” Chastanet stated.

“Another success from this trip was the commencement of supplying bananas to the French market,’ he disclosed.

For his part, the Agriculture Minister explained that while the government is committed to ensuring wider market access for farmers, the farmers in turn must take steps to keep production consistent and up to standard that would make the exports competitive.






  1. Can we believe this? Soufriere people said Chastanet has a MOM degree, that is Masters of Mantee degree. I strongly believe this is another lie. Chas stop telling St Lucians lies.

  2. I thought this was suppose to be done in the Week of June 7th 2016. So why is a trial being done in 2019 ?

    • Bob, member of the 43% preschool Club, which comments are you reading? I have not seen one comment that says that any such initiative is bad for St.Lucia. People are asking questions which they have a right to. Since you are a lover of progress you should tell us (a) why it did not happen in 2016 as promised, (b) why after so long it is still “trial”, (c) why is it so difficult to believe anything said by PM Chastanet, (d) why is this announcement coming just as we are about getting into election mode.

  3. People hating on that wow, are they even reading what they type to see how sad they have become. I guess you all are hoping the trial don’t work out. Guess what it will work so St Lucia can continue to rise

    • We are hoping it works….but you and I both know it won’t , and if you need an explanation as to why…then you need to get informed about trading globally..

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  5. St.Lucians need to appreciate little things .progress always start small and then grows bigger. This is call progress. Lucians eh know what they way they are their own enemy

  6. Why was this first shipment botched? Why wasn’t Winfresh consulted? How much per pound will be paid to the farmers? Would it be sufficient to sustain the farmers? Why are we looking for new markets when we can’t even meet our current quota on the UK market? Questions, Questions, Questions? Could someone please answer?

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