Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Saint Lucia-Born Lay Minister In T&T Says He Resisted Urge To Steal From Collection

Trinidad Newsday:-  CATHOLIC Lay Minister Bro Gregor Florence, in a candid homily, confessed to wanting to steal from a church collection and expressed concern that Trinis were “toting” too many feelings.

He delivered the homily at the funeral of former newspaper editor and chess columnist Carl Jacobs at the St James Crematorium.

He told the gathering he was St Lucian by birth, had lived in Trinidad for a long time and most of his life had been :in the arms of the Catholic Church.: He explained as a priest he received a house, a car and food, but his stipend was $800.

“And as a young man I would want to ‘bling bling’ too. But I could not bling bling with $800.”

Florence said he loves French colognes, which were not cheap, but could not buy them with $800.

“And when I say to people, when you put the collection in the collection basket, you think I did not want to thief it? Serious thing. And if you afraid to answer, let me answer for you ­– Yes, I wanted to thief the collection, because I could then bling bling, and I could then buy my French colognes. But ask me, ‘Did you do it?’ and I will tell you, ‘No.'”

He said he did not steal because he realised when he put the collection basket money into the safe alone he needed God’s strength. He added that he would pray each time straight from the heart.

“Give me the grace, God, just for today not to do it.”

Florence said he did not have to steal, as God supplied his every need, and he now has so many bottles of French cologne that he used to give them away.

“Because I trusted God, I stood on his word. He said, ‘I would provide.'”


  1. Temptation is not a sin, yielding to temptation is sin. We are tempted everyday, we need Gods grace and strength to overcome our weaknesses. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I commend you my good brother. This has been a blessing to me. I rather suspect it will make me a better person.

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