Saint Lucia Breaking Records With Visitor Arrivals, Local Events & Hotel Developments

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Tourism is growing and thriving in Saint Lucia as the winter vacation season approaches, according to the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

This year to date has seen record-breaking visitor arrivals, the return of events, and a significant number of tourism developments.

“Our record-breaking tourism figures from July, paired with our successful Carnival events this summer, have set the stage for what is shaping up to be an incredible winter tourism season for Saint Lucia,” said Tourism Minister Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

“Our local community is engaged and we’re welcoming visitors with new tourism opportunities, our renowned cuisine, and most importantly, our famous Saint Lucian hospitality.”

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Breaking Records with International Visitors

In July 2022, Saint Lucia recorded more than 39,000 visitors, the most outstanding performance and the largest number of stayover arrivals in any one-month period since the Covid crisis began.

By the end of July, Saint Lucia had recovered 80% of 2019 arrivals from global markets.

● The U.S. had its highest ever arrivals, surpassing 2019 levels for five out of seven months from January through July, four of which were record-breaking. The final August figure is expected to be similarly strong.

● The European market has been eager to return to Saint Lucia as well. The UK surpassed 2019 levels in March and April and was shy of July 2019 arrivals by just 3%.

● These arrival figures are significant because they illustrate that tourism in Saint Lucia is not only back, it is indeed growing and thriving.

● In addition, the Saint Lucia independent culinary and restaurant sector reported that July was their best performing month this year.

Airlift from international markets has been exceptional, reflecting the airlines’ confidence in the recovery of our island.

This summer, Saint Lucia had 72% more seats than in 2021 and surpassed 2019 levels by 9%. Since 2019 was a record- breaking year, this signals that Saint Lucia’s airlift is extremely strong.

We continue to work closely with the airlines to increase the frequency of flights from our key feeder markets – and to also introduce airlift from new cities.


The joyous sound of Saint Lucia Carnival was heard around the Caribbean and the world this summer.

Saint Lucia welcomed more than ten thousand visitors during Carnival festivities, soaking up the return of this beloved cultural event.

This was the first major international event since the pandemic, and it set the stage for the return of other events, such as the much-anticipated Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts festival.

As previously announced, the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival will return from May 5 to 14, 2023 after a three-year hiatus.

The festival will return to its original format, including R&B, hip hop, reggae, and Latin music – as well as a showcase of local artists. The lineup promises to be exciting and will be announced to the public soon. It will be a must-see event for all music fans.


Saint Lucia is continuously providing new vacation options for visitors and developing experiences that showcase Saint Lucian culture and also involve our local communities in tourism activities.

We’re thrilled that our rapidly expanded adventure offerings recently landed us the designation as the Caribbean’s Leading Adventure destination by the World
Travel Awards.

We recently added more ATV Experiences, and off-the-beaten-path activities like our Three Peak Challenge which involves the climbing of both Piton mountains and Mount Gimie.

Saint Lucia is a hot spot for hotel growth, with several international brands committing to new hotels, and developments in our locally-owned sector and hotel expansions.

A few highlights include the new Sol Sanctum boutique resort; Zoëtry Marigot Bay St. Lucia opening on December 1 as the first AMR Collection resort on the island; and in March 2023, the East Winds resort will debut a major expansion with 48 new rooms and a renovation of 26 cottages.


Our teams in Saint Lucia and around the world work 24/7 every day of the year to market Saint Lucia to international audiences.

Saint Lucia attracts visitors for its renowned diving and adventure, romance experiences, weddings and honeymoons, and family travel.

Our sales, marketing, public relations, and advertising teams study the tourism trends in our key markets and develop creative programs that make Saint Lucia stand out among the crowded Caribbean and warm-weather vacation market.

These programs inspire first-time and repeat visitors to experience our diverse and authentic activities like the rainforest, the mud baths, and our beloved Pitons; our truly one-of-a-kind resorts; and our welcoming people.

For example, our sales road shows were back in force this summer in the U.S., Canada, and UK.

These immersive experiences brought the island’s culture, music, and cuisine to major cities.

As the winter tourism season approaches, Saint Lucia Tourism Authority will continue to work with local and international partners to enhance the island’s reputation and grow visitor arrivals.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

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  1. The goods news from @The Crow is soon we will see record breaking arrivals from the Middle East because I know the St Lucian people are still waiting for a return on their tax money which was spent on the expo over there also I am sure @the most honorable Lucian highgrade will agree with me.

  2. When god will come for the slp administration for the misleading the people of ST lucia Peter will pay for all don’t like a white man you want white man money..Worthless pm putting the youth first

  3. “Allen Chastanet is the only Prime Minister who thinks that tourism will return to normal” Apparently only PM with foresight. Now look at this government taking credit for the speed at which the tourism industry has recovered! They need to give credit for these numbers where it is due!

  4. Ya’ll not seeing PIP and The SLP Government are just STUPID. They want to boast about RECORD ARRIVALS AND INVESTMENT IN TOURISM but yet still thy want to go back to the PPP Plan of building The Airport when Chas calculated all this and showed how we could do it on our own with an airport development fee lower than the PPP Investor. PiP is a real shate.

  5. Lies and more lies ……gosh this government which by the way I supported wholly at first had shown that it is not trustworthy…….camapigned on lies which fooled people like me and now governing on lies. So disappointed that I voted for them especially the useless starbatch who I wasted my vote on. Never again.

  6. SLP is really insulting lucian people intelligence!! What record u breaking? An increase in arrivals for the first time since covid? Boy u are a forking moron! Or u take us for fools? Off ourse arrivals will increase after covid. This govt has broken no records. By early june they scrap covid protocol so people started travelling. I know cause i travelled then and well regreted i had taken their jab when it was no longer required. No one ask for covid test or certificate nowhere. So it is no surprise that more people showed up here in july. Lucians do not be fooled by these jokers in the Slp

  7. Apparently y’all didn’t expect to start recovery. SINCE COVID, SINCE COVID. Gosh, it is not our best numbers hence y’all are saying since Covid. The public should expect that there would have been an increase in July since we have Carnival. Now tell us why are there low occupancy in some hotels and people are working on rotation. Why are the restaurants empty and owners are renovating and are waiting for the high season in November.

    • All the real time reports from the aviation industry is that airline traffic ALL OVER THE WORLD is reaching pre pandemic levels. The far east, europe, caribbean , usa ate all seeing improvements.
      In other words St Lucia is doing no different than other destinations. Put simply as we all know the SLP has NOTHING to do with any recovery. There is an amazing pent up demand for travel from all the Caribbean’s main destination.
      In spite of that St Lucia had no cruise ships for summer and even with the increases economic activity our workers are catching hell with inflation killing us.
      So the administration has nothing to do with Increased economic activity and have done nothing, nada, zilch about alleviating the suffering and poverty facing our people.
      Governance by Press Release, arrogance and hubris!

  8. Hahahahahahah! I told you (UWPs) that there was more good news coming. There you go. You’re WELCOME! Now, go cry me a river somewhere else because there will be no sympathy for you here. And by the way, more good news soon the come. Bwahahahahah!


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