Saint Lucia Bus Drivers To Elect National Executive

Saint Lucia bus drivers will meet on Sunday to elect a new nine-member executive of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT).

The new executive will serve for  period of two years.

Bus drivers say the election will be critical for the public transport sector.

They say the new executive will be called on to address some of the operational issues facing the sector.

These include the much-touted but still to be introduced cashless system, scheduling of buses and a bus terminal.

The election will be held in Micoud and will involve one vote for each of the 28 associations that are members of the umbrella NCOPT and affiliated associations, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.



  1. Godfrey is a waste of time. Among other things he needs to learn how to speak English properly. Also he needs to properly account for the funds received from government for the rebate

    • Regardless of what executive you all have, minibus drivers will continue to be unruly and indiscipline on the road.

  2. There is a definite need for a change of president. I believe the current president have outlived his tenure!

  3. why dont you all in authority make it mandatory for all these bus drivers to pay NIS, every 3 months or so. If they don’t pay, they should not be able to run a vehicle. they have all kinds of representation, but they don’t pay a dime to NIC. soon in the next decade or so when they get old is family that have all the trouble with them because we all know that most refuse to properly manage their money.

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