Saint Lucia Carnival 2020 Postponed

Press Release:- Taking full account of the economic and public health implications associated with the spread and containment of COVID-19, the Government of Saint Lucia held several consultations with representatives of the carnival community, regarding the best possible strategy for Carnival 2020

In so doing, the Government sought a broad consensus which would serve the best interests of the festival’s presenters, promoters, participants, producers and partners.

It was generally agreed that the global environment was still highly unpredictable and that nothing should be done which would compromise local efforts at containment. Among the issues shaping the discussions are:

• International travel restrictions • Competing regional events • Reduced disposable income of patrons • Availability of Government funding for Carnival 2020 • Availability of sponsorship support • Preservation of brand and product standing • Carnival Stakeholders responsibilities.

Considering these issues, the Government of Saint Lucia, while recognizing the cultural and economic importance of the festival, has decided that it would be in the best national interest if Saint Lucia Carnival 2020 is postponed to July 2021.

In keeping with this decision, the St. Lucia Carnival Bands Association has agreed that its members will present their 2020 portrayals in 2021, and indicated that prepaid purchases, deposits, and other similar payments will be honoured.

Individual stakeholders are expected to communicate directly with patrons and revelers regarding the rollover to 2021. Consistent with this decision, the Government of Saint Lucia will continue to monitor the global and domestic situation with a view to staging alternate events later in 2020 which might create economic opportunities for affected carnival producers.

Meanwhile, the Government urges all Carnival Stakeholders to take full advantage of the extended lead time in anticipation of an enhanced Saint Lucia Carnival experience in 2021.

The Government thanks all our various carnival organizations, bands and creative industry persons who have used their platforms to assist, in sharing information on COVID-19 to the public.


  1. High grade shut up, u are always the first to put ur two cents, give people a chance. Go find something to do.

  2. I had a good laugh. Postponed or cancelled. Watch the date it is postponed to. One year after. That is a good one.

  3. This disgraceful filth of the degrading of humankind is one of the factors our maker is grieved with
    us; so we have not learned our lesson in these dark nights of the soul, so we are not sent Locusts
    yet to devour our crops, or our waters are not yet worthless, our fish is still healthy so we do carry a
    tradition of the flesh, blinded by our common enemy at a time such as this.I fear that the foolish virgins
    of this generation could easily be surprised, when like a thief in the night,they could be called to account
    for their investment of their given Talent, not such as seen by the naked eye, but that instead of the Spirit.
    Year after year we mock God with the flesh, young men steal, kill and destroy – your joy. Are we so blind
    that we cannot see all around us what ‘He’ is trying so hard to say to us? simply put, ‘The End is near’
    call someone, tell them you love them, swallow your pride, call the ones you hurt, bless them in Jesus’ name.

  4. Imagine them people money(deposits) held in another man’s pocket..I mean bank account for a whole year gaining interest….lol. lmfao!

  5. I can see that many of you still cant see the image that this war is casting on all our lives Now many will learn what it is to make a line outside in the rain to enter a super market or enter a bank .Very educational for many.Keep smiling and be happy think of Carnival Then think of the thousands that dont know from were the next pay check will come and we havent even started yet.

  6. In the end it will all boil down to being on lock down in your own house..then you wont have a choice but find God.I love it…Reflect..Repent..Love God..thats all he is asking…

  7. This year’s carnival is not postponed. It is cancelled. Next year’s carnival is next year’s carnival. Enough with the postponement, nonsense. This year’s carrnival is cancelled and for good reason.

  8. Dam’mit! Now where I have to travel to get my fill of “brown sugar”? This party was a “p****’fest. for me.

  9. No carnival for 2020 cancelled. Postponed is to push back to a later date. So…Lucians, no vaval for your health, safety and others. Be grateful the virus is still in the air

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