Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Saint Lucia Celebrates 2021 As A Progressive Year For The Tourism Sector

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The year 2021 welcomed continued efforts by the Government of Saint Lucia towards the sustainable stimulation of the tourism economy.

The destination embraced a total of 199,347 stay-over arrivals, surpassing the projections set for the calendar year by the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), by 12%.

During 2021, the destination noted several record-breaking months and an increase in air service from key source markets. This culminated with December ending on a high note, as the destination welcomed just about 30,000 visitors.

This represents more than double the recorded arrival figure in December 2020.
Seventy-six percent (76%) of the visitors recorded in the calendar year were from the United States, where the market arrival figure stood at 152,248.  The UK contributed 16% with 32,640 arrivals.

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During the last quarter, the Caribbean and Canada reflected an upward trend, contributing 3% and 2% of visitor arrivals, respectively.

Targeted efforts also reflect growth in the wider international areas, with the destination welcoming 3,917 visitors from non-traditional markets.

The Cruise sector resumed in June 2021, and by December 31, the island received over 80,000 cruise visitors. Yachting maintained a positive trajectory for the latter half of the year, and with the recent hosting of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), December received the largest number of arrivals by yacht for the year.

“We celebrate Saint Lucia’s resilience which is at the core of the tourism sector. The growth
experienced in 2021 is attributed to data driven, well-performing flights and the reintroduction of services from key markets.

The destination was also bestowed four major accolades and ancillary service providers were also awarded. This adds to Saint Lucia’s prominence in the global marketplace
and solidifies our mandate of marketing and driving demand for our island”, said Honourable Dr. Ernest Hilaire- Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information.

With Saint Lucia progressing towards a full recovery from the global pandemic, the SLTA notes that for the year, the total number of stay-over arrivals was up 53% from the same period of 2020.

The inaugural ‘ARC January’ has set the tone for more visitor arrivals in 2022 and the Authority is optimistic about projections for the remainder of the year. In July, Saint Lucia Carnival is expected to make a return with the highly anticipated Vaxx Mass.

Brand Saint Lucia’s efforts at the ongoing Expo Dubai are promising, as we seek to propel growth from non-traditional markets. In addition, Saint Lucia is currently represented by a four-member delegation at Routes America.

This is a critical platform for stimulating the continued recovery of Saint Lucia’s tourism, through a hybrid event that sets a stage for destinations to highlight cost-effective route propositions to airline decision makers, as they look to rebuild networks and reintroduce market capacity.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. When will you repair the Marigot Road? If nothing is done in the next week, I will have no other choice than to call the media.

  2. Dr. Ernest Hilaire- Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information. before you come and talk about vax mass look how you all are excited on the increase in tourism can you at last fix up the roads especially to the marigot hotel?. Honestly the season is in a good motion and the way it looks there might not even be a closed/slow season for this year

  3. So what have the SLP done to assist the tourism industry?
    All we see here is the unleashing of pent up demand post Covid . As is happening with ALL tourism destinations around the world. Europe, far east, other Caribbean countries are seeing the same surge.
    What are the SLP doing about crime – nothing.
    What are they doing to upgrade the quality of tourists and their spend – nothing.
    Are they seeing that the vendors get more for their efforts- No!
    Where is the $1500 promised to assist post Covid?
    These perennial mismanaged are at it again with assistance from a lousy local media and their enablers.

  4. And the lies continue with mister liar and deceiver. When this man is finished with this ministry he will leave a trail of destruction… broken and traumatised staff that he would have undermined and told lies on to make himself look good, bad governance, no accountability and as usual financial impropriety as he has done in every post that he has held. This is what happens when people are handed positions which they are unqualified for, on a platter and have to resort to taking credit for other people’s work. I am sorry for anyone who ever have the misfortune of working with this man. He will undermine them just like he did the hard working staff in London.

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