Thursday, September 29, 2022

Saint Lucia Chamber Pledges To Work With Government To Stimulate Economy

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The Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture looking forward to the upcoming budget presentation in parliament, has expressed that it will work with the government to stimulate the economy.

“The business community is prepared to work with the government to see how they can participate in jump-starting the economy and getting it out of the doldrums caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Executive Director Brian Louisy told reporters Thursday.

Louisy said there needs to be an attempt to continue stabilising the economy and policy to catalyse and stimulate growth, especially activity in the local business community.

The Chamber official indicated this would see a positive impact on employment levels.

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He also highlighted the need for a serious attempt to tackle poverty created by the COVID impact with the loss of so many jobs.

In addition, Louisy disclosed that chamber representatives had discussions with the Ministry of Finance and received preliminary data on economic performance and projections.

As a result, the chamber Executive Director said that the private sector grouping is digesting the information.

“We believe there’s room for some innovative approaches to stimulating the economy,” Louisy explained.

In giving a preview recently to reporters, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre described the upcoming budget as very exciting and interesting and a measure that would please the people of Saint Lucia.

“We are going to be speaking about the youth economy in detail. We are going to speak about our plan to get St Jude (Hospital) back, our plan to get Hewanorra International Airport back – our plans,” the Castries East MP said.

“We have solutions. We are not going to be speaking too much of what was left behind. What was left behind was a complete mess,” Pierre, responsible for finance, noted.

He indicated that under the former United Workers Party (UWP) administration, there was poor financial management, ‘horrible administration’, and wastage of money.

“The people of Saint Lucia voted for us to change that. We are going to change it. We are not going to get involved in the negative. We’re moving forward,” Pierre declared.

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  1. There are some of you who are blindfolded with Party Politics and so myopic with localized ideas, and can’t see the difference between what’s good for St.Lucia and what’s bad. You have caused yourself to be blind, whereas(and you know it) there have always been corruption in Local Politics irrespective of Party, you name it. One would argue, ‘which was worse’ but it dose not matter, corruption is corruption, Whether you stole a Penny, a Pound or a Dollar stealing is stealing, they all steal, the past is gone, who do we have today.
    Your 4 horsemen – the unholy trinity plus one – There isn’t a bigger taker than the one who went for the higher bidder, 30 pieces of silver, Nuff said about Jufalli and the Drug Baron, and to seal the ‘DEAL’ ye own beloved P.M. so who the hell past & present is not a taker, find one, & I’ll show you a LIER.

  2. Let us save our useless breathe ,I have done well under both administration and was sadden to see how our people both UWP and SLP was mistreated and victimised under Chastnet Because of their perceived Belrose Doctrine .

    But that corruption under Chastnet in the last six years in the name of progress had to stop. My last endorsement is to remove Chastnet and all supporter of the Belrose doctrine from our party. I Jack Skill member of UWP endorse this advertisement. And is willing to pay for this advertisement .

  3. You could Not stimulate pussy, so unless you guys are blind and dumb, tell us something we do not know. Your Tourism Industry is done, finished, kaput, as for your Banana Industry, you better say a prayer. Pray God war don’t start in Europe, for if or when that starts, head for the hills and back to home grown foods, you will feel better for it. Your so called economy is on the skids downslope, not that I wish, but its the reality of the times. BEHOLD, A PALE HORSE:- the first of the others to come

  4. Snow Frolic, I agree with you. I really cannot understand how an administration can say it inherited a broke treasury, but can produce a magazine depicting millions of dollars spent on various projects in just one hundred days. So they paid the debt, pay utilities, paid public servants and did everything else while the treasury was broke. SMDH. You only make these claims when you know that you will fail so you lower expectations by claiming a broke treasury. Unfortunately that stupidity work on some.

  5. Pierre needs to shut up about the last administration until he can begin to produce results for the people. All this talk about things being in a complete mess is nothing but an advanced excuse for his upcoming failure. I say failure because the St Lucia Labour Party has no record of ever stimulating the economy. Its record has always been to take St Lucia backwards.

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