Saint Lucia CIP Doing ‘Better Than Before’

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Minister for Investment Dr. Ernest Hilaire says Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment (CIP) programme is doing well. At the same time, he disclosed that there had been a ‘downsize’ in Russian applications.

The Castries South MP spoke on Monday to reporters in response to a request for an update regarding CIP applications since this country participated in the Dubai Expo last year.

“I can tell you that the CIP is doing quite well – better than it was doing before. Part of it is because of some strategic alignments that we have made. Part of it too is the extra coverage we got from Dubai Expo,” Hilarie, whose portfolios also include tourism, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information, said.

He disclosed that a report on the Dubai Expo was before the cabinet on Monday.

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But Hilaire explained that Dubai represented one part of the world while at the same time noting that there has been a downsize regarding CIP applications from Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

“We can no longer accept Russian applications which were quite
significant but we are still doing well because of the natural improvements in the programme due to increased marketing and outreach and other forms of activities,” Hilaire observed.

“We are really hoping that the situation in Ukraine can be resolved and there can be some normalcy with our applications from Russia,” he told reporters.

Hilaire recalled that the Dubai Expo was a ‘tremendous success’ for Saint Lucia, helping to place this country at the forefront in that part of the world.

Nevertheless, the Minister told reporters there would be phased benefits, some of which the Island is already seeing.


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  1. Can we use some of that money to Acquire an MRI machine for the hospital. in 2022 patients still have to travel to martinique or barbados for MRI scans.

    Use this money to bolster the health system.

  2. I am not buying that shit. The European union have already ask all countries from the caribbean to stop selling passports by 2025. They have already stop handing out Visas to none Caribbean nationals holding a cc passport. The u.s and Canada has made is even harder by not allowing mid easterners to present a c.c passport and you out here telling people that the cip is doing better than before. Saint lucia have not sold a passport from the time the war started. Man go back with your lies.

  3. looool isnt that the same cip he was criticizing chastanet about saying he putting foreigners in front of saint lucians? now hear him give it praise, if you people dont read between the lines about these politicians yall so stupid. let them mamaguy and trick yall.

  4. Ok Doc but I know that you know the proper way to give an update on a money generator like CIP.

    Am sorry but “I can tell you that the CIP is doing quite well – better than it was doing before.” doesn’t update a sophisticated mind.

    The first quarter of this financial year has just elapsed, so wheel and come again. We the people demand you disclose the nos of applicants and they nationality and return (money, la jean, ching ching, £$£$£$£) generated within Q1 2022 – 2023.

    We’d also like to know the trajectory of sales for Q2,3 and 4.

    You can go one step further to disclose what the revenue generated from Q1 will be allocated to.

    Actually we should be getting “real time” updates on every sale, just like the COVID updates. The data is available so be transparent this is way to important to give us the above as an update.

  5. Dr. Hilaire, there is a missive in circulation asking Mr. Allen Chastanet to disclose to the nation the number of passports sold from June 2016 to July 2022. He has not responded to this, can you tell this to the nation, please.


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