Saint Lucia Cites Threat From ‘Internal Breakdown’ In Venezuela

Saint Lucia highlighted the threat posed to the region by the situation in Venezuela, as it joined Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, Guyana and 14 other members of the Organisation of American States (OAS) in voting for a resolution denying the legitimacy of the second term of  Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro.

Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Suriname voted against while Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, and Belize abstained, according to news reports.

The OAS resolution was passed minutes after Maduro was sworn in on Thursday.

It called for a new presidential election which would be free and fair and attended by international observers.

Saint Lucia’s representative, Anton Edmunds, described the situation in Venezuela as a political, economic and humanitarian crisis that ‘threatens us all”.

“Contrary to the thoughts of some, this is a regional issue and not merely a national or domestic one,” Edmunds asserted.

He told the OAS that Saint Lucia has seen an influx of arms and drugs with Venezuela origins, as well as the illegal entry of Venezuelans.

“An internal breakdown has influenced this,” the Saint Lucia diplomat said.

He explained that the situation had caused Saint Lucia to implement visa restrictions, since the influx of “bad actors’ has the potential to destabilize “our already vulnerable nation.”

Venezuela’s Maduro  has said that his country is fighting “an epic battle, singular and heroic” against those who want to destroy its “socialist revolution”, the Miami Herald reported.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro flashes a victory sign after being sworn in for his second term in Caracas on Thursday.

Maduro first came to power in 2013 after the death of his mentor and predecessor Hugo Chávez, and has led the country through some of its most tumultuous times, the publication said.

The once-wealthy nation is saddled with the world’s highest inflation, according to reports.

CNN quoted Maduro as saying that he was the victim of a campaign of lies.

“We’re a real democracy and I, Nicolas Maduro Moros, I am a truly democratic president,” Maduro said in a televised address, according to CNN.

The United States described his election as a sham, while the European Union has declared that the poll was neither free nor fair.


  1. What is that Anton Edmunds talking about. Imagine first time I hear of the man and is that type of nonsense he talking. Doesn’t Anton Edmunds know that the suspicion of situation of drugs and guns between St. Lucia and Venezuela has been around for decades. If he ties the situation to the recent elections in Venezuela, then is it not reasonable to conclude that St. Lucians are involved because St.Lucia has a blatantly CURRUPT GOVERNMENT.

  2. While some of you are criticizing Venezuela’s government of all sorts of things; did anybody try to find out why the situation escalated? Take it from the start; who gave the opposition full support and why? food for thought!

  3. This sad article of “news” harkens back to the days of “The Student’s Companion”, to wit:

    ‘Staff Writer’ is to ‘Presstitute’
    ‘Diplomat’ is to ‘Escort’

  4. 01/12/2019

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  5. It is sad that St Lucia will take such a stand because Venezuela has been more of a friend than the US. During our darkest finincial crisis, who was there? Venezuela and not the US. They ( the US) only give us heartaches. Example? They killed off our banana industry!

    Who started the crisis in Venezuela? The US! They and their rich friends have made life in Venezuela extremely difficult just like they have made life in Cuba difficult.

    I can never support Chastenet and his cohorts for wanting to subvert the government of a sovereign nation. They must burn in hell for that!

  6. This man make no sense, the United States is the peoples biggest enemy with they enbago on the people country. The so call human right watch does see this as human abuse the U.S. should be held accountable for their action. This enbago is inhuman. Who suffers is always the common people

  7. Edmund is an ahse, just like the majority of those who call themselves ambassadors for this country . they are an embarassment everywhere they go election in election out. I am shocked that jamaica became a moron on this issue. the pm make himself look like a damn fool over there. the US is the one causing all the problems. for you ill-educated fools; it has asked saudi arabia to pump as much oil as it can to keep prices low which has affected venezuela. it has placed sanctions on the country, meaning that it is now illegal for its business even food companies to do business with venezuela. this is all intended to do one thing- bring down the government. this dirty trick by the US has been played out in latin america over and over. and the region has suffered. offcourse, the US also learnt that it can use the corrupt leaders in the caribbean and latin america to get its way, so its a two-way street. its much like the Brits did with the corrupt africans who participated in enslaving and selling their own people. The success of these strategies often depend on help from within and can’t succeed without it. At a time like this, we should never turn our backs on Venezuela. And our government and the people who represent them remain as clueless as ever.

  8. Freedom people freedom,thats what Venezuela needs,stop bashing big brother,because they are following what the real fighters are asking for.Why cant a Venezuelan go to a bank and buy dollars? Why cant a Venezuelan move around the world,with his money,that he made with his sweat and sacrifice? You want to turn Venezuela into a Cuba,dont be ignorant,you havent been around these countries,to understand what they want and need.Just give them freedom,dont try to dictate,how to live,how to work,how to think.Tirants have a short life,in these days

    • I suspect “Castries Fisherman” and his ilk are representative of “Western” citizens’ willful ignorance of the world around them, as the following snippet relates:

      “I know that many people here will likely be triggered by Andre Vltchek’s article below, but he raises some Politically Incorrect issues that citizens of the (snicker) [fake] “democratic” West would rather spin-doctor away.

      Namely, the citizens of the West–especially major imperial predator nations like America, Britain, Canada, and Western Europe–are not so much ignorant of their countries’ crimes against humanity but rather *choose* to be ignorant out of self-interest.

      And they choose to be ignorant because their own way of life and economy are based upon maintaining Western imperial dominance of the planet–and the crimes required to maintain this dominance.

      This contradicts the self-serving alibis that many American/Western apologists peddle that Western citizens are innocent and only the elites are guilty–or even more laughably, that Western citizens are “victims” themselves.

      No, the morally bankrupt Euro/American elites are only a reflection of the morally bankrupt Euro/American [and WANNABEs] people themselves.

      They are ALL guilty.

      This is the Gorilla-in-the-Living Room issue that most people–including supposed Alternative Media(TM)–seek to obfuscate.

      Indeed, the more these Euro/Americans sanctimoniously run their collective mouths about their cherished civilizational lies like Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, the Rule of Law, blah, blah, blah … the more the Euro/Americans rape, loot, and colonize the world.

      That’s not a coincidence.

      The ideologies of Freedom and Democracy in reality exist as propaganda deceptions to justify Euro-American plunder and pillage.

      Freedom and Democracy are the 21st century ideological version of the White Man’s Burden–the newest mask of Euro-American (neo)colonial exploitation and genocide.

      Western Crusaders of the past often invoked Christianity to justify their wars of aggression and colonial pillage.

      Today, Western neo-Crusaders invoke Liberal Democracy and Human Rights.

      from: Western Public “Does Not Know”, or “Does Not Want to Know”?

      “Mostly, the fact is not always that the ‘population in the West is brainwashed’. That would really be quite a good scenario: and something relatively easy to correct.

      The problem is much greater: The inhabitants of the West do not want to know, because deep inside, they do not want the system to change. They don’t want the world order to be modified.

      They intuitively feel that if what is being proposed by Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and other countries were implemented, their personal privileges would vanish. Their countries would become equal to all other countries on earth; they would have to obey international laws, and their people would be forced to work hard for their living. Plundering the planet would be banned. Privileges would stop.

      Therefore, it is better ‘not to know’, not to understand. This way, the ‘pie’, or call it ‘carrot’, would not be lost.

      The ‘ignorance’ in the West, I believe, is subconsciously ‘self-inflicted’. With knowledge, comes responsibility. With responsibility, an obligation to act (because not to act would be clearly immoral). All this could only lead to the loss of privileges.

      The propagandists of the West are very well aware of the situation. I was told by some leading psychologists, that both psychiatrists and psychologists are employed and used in the process of ‘shaping the public opinion’, therefore, working for propaganda-makers. They study and analyze the ‘mood of the public’. They know public’s desires and aspirations.

      All this is not as easy as it appears, is it?

      Sadly, there is a silent (unpronounced and unsigned) agreement between the Western public and its establishment, as well as the corporate world, that the status quo should be maintained at all cost (paid for by “the others”); the West should be controlling the planet, and at least some part of the booty has to be shared among the (Western) masses.

      What they are fighting over on the streets of Paris and other European cities is ‘how big the part of the pie that goes to the pockets of the common European people’ should be. There is absolutely no struggle to end the plunder of the world by the West.

      Unfortunately, the world cannot count at all on the European or North American public for support in the struggle to destroy and end imperialism, neo-colonialism and the continuous deadly plunder.

      It is not because the public in the West ‘doesn’t know’, but because it does everything it can in order not to know. Or if it knows or suspects, it makes sure to act as if it is ignorant. For its own selfish interests. For its own privileges.””

      Castries Fisherman would have us believe that he is ignorant of who is really the cause of the suffering of Venezuelans – the US – who have been stopped from stealing the patrimony of the people of Venezuela (the greatest known reserves of oil on this earth).

  9. Nudge man please you have a short circuit of proportions.You still dragging the slavery thing around you.Get real,reach a solution or a conclusion that makes sence,you are to young,and you have a problem with history and politics.When you want to fix a building,you plan and fix step by step,floor by floor,with order.If you tackle all the problems at the same time,you building will fall ontop of you,and you will have nothing left to fix.The past is gone and we cant change that,the future is in our hands for us to shape and mold,so we all share the benefits.Never listen to those that preach,listen,analize,think,study and then reach your conclusions.The political sistems of Cuba,Venezuela,are dead.Travel all around South America then go to Cuba,then go to Venezuela,ask Maduro the 2 billion dollars they get every day from the USA,were do they go ? Talk with Cubans that have been here for many years and the same to Venezuelans,see what they say it helps you know.Keep reading,you have the material

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