Saint Lucia Clears Air On Continued Detention Of Female National In The UK

Saint Lucia diplomatic sources have been clearing the air in response to accusations that this country’s High Commission in London has not done enough to assist a female national who has been detained in the United Kingdom.

The accusations have come from persons related to the woman and just this week from Human Rights Advocate and Attorney at Law, Mary Francis.

Francis blamed the situation on lack of adequate representation by the Saint Lucia High Commission in London.

The woman in question, who is in her late twenties, was held in 2016 at Gatwick airport with cocaine and jailed for five years, but served about two, it was disclosed.

The young female, although released from prison to return to Saint Lucia earlier this month, is still being held at a detention centre in the UK.

A diplomatic source who spoke on condition of anonymity, told St Lucia Times that everything possible has been done by the Saint Lucia High Commission in London to provide assistance to the young lady.

According to the source, this included visiting her in December last year and buying winter clothing for her to wear while behind bars at the Peterborough prison.

The source, who is familiar with the case, explained that although toiletries were also bought for the young lady, prison authorities said they were not allowed.

But it was explained that matter is now out of the high commission’s hands.

The incarcerated female, who has a young child in Saint Lucia, is supposed to have spent her last day in prison on March 6, 2019.

It was explained that the policy is for the British Home Office to request an Emergency Travel Document (ETD), since the inmate’s passport was lost while she was being moved from one prison to another.

According to the diplomatic source, the matter of getting tickets and returning non-nationals to their countries of origin after they have served their sentences in the UK is controlled by the Home Office.

The source said officials at the Saint Lucia High Commission in London were in constant contact with the Home Office to try to ensure that the young Saint Lucian female did not spend a day longer than necessary away from her homeland.

“The thing is that in Saint we are a small nation and everybody knows everybody. We may think we have one, two nationals in the UK, but the department that deals with that is responsible for sending home some 300 people in any given day, spread over a number of countries,” the diplomatic official told St Lucia Times.

Nevertheless, the official explained that Saint Lucia was able to get a confirmation of a flight on March 14, 2019 for the young female to return to this country.

But the official made clear that Saint Lucia has no control over how the person leaves the UK.

The official said information was received that the woman would leave Peterborough prison and be taken to Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre.

But the Home Office later said that they had no transportation with the two required officers to accompany her to Colnbrook and as a result, she could not travel, St Lucia Times was informed.

It was reported that a British official offered to use his private vehicle to transport the Saint Lucian female, but the problem of getting the two required escorts to accompany her could not be resolved.

The diplomatic source said the fact that the young lady could not return home has had a big impact on her family in Saint Lucia, as they were preparing to welcome her back.

But the official said there was nothing this country could do about the situation.

The matter is said to be due for investigation by UK authorities.

In the meantime, efforts are continuing to get the young Saint Lucian back home as soon as possible.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, another Saint Lucian national who was due for release from a UK prison on January 31, 2019 and was eager to return home, is still in detention.

“There is nothing we can do about that,” the diplomatic source explained, adding that although an offer was made by the man’s family to buy his ticket, it has made no difference to is situation.



  1. Am totally ashamed of mary francis who want to go on national air to talk about this 1 the young lady is at fault to transport drugs to a next country an to laugh at official to say she get in i am a family man an if any of my kids whom i paid education for should do that believe that they are going to do their time an i will not look to blame no departments

  2. Cant you give the name of the lady,so we can print some banners,to prepare a welcome party for the day she arrives at Hewanora Are we OK on this? or is there something wrong ?

  3. Francis you forget why the lady was put in jail? you defending the criminals now? Mis Francis you are a piece of…….cow dunk to me and many.Good for nothing old hag,you have to know were you are standing in this world.and be more responsible of your actions and deeds.

  4. I mean no harm but the lady should be extremely grateful that she only spent two years of the five for which she was sentenced.

    In some countries when an individual is found with drugs and convicted of said crime they can be sentenced for 10 to 20 years and more.

  5. You all should be ashamed and this young lady left her child to do bring shame on her kid what kid of parenting is that and whose fault is that Mary you lucky you don’t have kids cause they would be a mess

  6. Lady was asked by big man,if she could deliver these two packets of a special flour,to a friend of his in the UK.Friend could only eat bread made of this special flour,or else he could die.his arteries would explode and his peanus would fall of.He gave her some money and the rest she would get when she delivered the flour.Proves the point that they the drug dealers can still find dum people,we call them mules willing to get involved in things that are against the law in exchange for money.

  7. This is pure nonesense . you decided to be a drug mule , now your ppl want to involve government in that shit . Mary Francis you’re a wreck . ppl dying in st lucia and you keep silent .

  8. Mary Francis this is an appropriate time to use your ‘human rights’ influence (if any). Go to england and talk your human rights b/s. Or does it only apply to St. Lucia? Let the UK authorities release her. Until then,shut the ….. up!!!

  9. Can any of you offer her a job to feed her family would you. Be able to pay her a proper salary ??..she did her time she wants to come home. to all the comments berating her or those trying to bring her home shame on you heartless media piranha hope all your kids get locked up😊

  10. Well well,,,looking for something to say that would make sense. But as if I can’t. Oh,yes found something. She still has 3 years left to spend in jail. so please allow her to finish then send her home.

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